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  1. The main reason I'm running a lower degree Mishimoto thermostat is to help lower engine oil temps.
  2. Waited a month for these to come in. 5100's for the front and 5160's for the rear. I'll be installing these this weekend.
  3. Thanks! I will not be doing the pill flip YET. The only issue with pill flip is the transmission never warms up to the preferred operating temperature from what I hear. People are seeing typical condenser temps. I will be doing something better down the road. I wish GM didn't put the OEM cooler built into the condenser. I prefer having it in the radiator like the previous generations. I get it though. GM put the thermostat in place to heat the trans faster. Then when the thermostat is open, the condenser cools it because it runs at much lower temp. It's a good idea, just not efficient for anything other than daily driving it. I prefer the previous method of routing to the radiator to warm the fluid with the engine coolant. With this method, I ran external cooler and a lower degree thermostat. This is what I plan to do once I figure out how to make it happen. If you're running the pill flip, are you seeing temps under 175 within 10 minutes of normal driving? I would definitely be willing to have open ears if others have opinions on this.
  4. HP Tuners and transmission cooler came in today! Parts are starting to come.
  5. I love floor mats. That's always one of my fist things to upgrade. What do y'all think?
  6. Hello, my name is Regan. I am new to this Forum but not new to the LS world. I am creating this thread because I'd like to share my upcoming mods, along with some how to's. For now, this will be a boring thread full of parts but as time allows I will be installing them. A little back story on me, I have made the mistakes in my past of never creating build threads or videos in the past. I've done many big builds. Many for others but some for myself as well. My biggest build was my 2001 S10 Extreme fully built LS. It was a frame off complete build. Now that I just recently purchased a 2015 GMC Sierra Crew Cab with a 5.3, I hope I can help and entertain others with what I have in mind. I bought this truck in August 2021 with 112K miles from Gay GMC dealership in Dickinson, TX. I drove about 2 hours away to purchase due to it being so clean. This truck has never towed a trailer and was a daily driver for a 65 year young man. The man didn't plan on trading it in. He took it in for routine maintenance, tires and brakes. He received a 2021 sierra as a rental and ended up buying it. Anyhow, that's the story behind "Old Bue" Follow along, there's a lot in store for this truck... Parts listed in thread: * Smart Liner custom floor mats. * HP Tuners * Transmission Cooler * Bilstein 5100's (front) & 5160's (rear) * Traction Bars * E85 Conversion * Mishimoto 169 Degree Thermostat * Much more to come!
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