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  1. I have the following items from my '17 Sierra Crew Cab Short Bed for sale. 1. Leer 100xl Topper - $900 - I believe it is a 2017 model . Professionally painted Summit white by local body shop. was that snowflake/off white when purchased. Carpeted interior. Sliding side windows with screens. Excellent condition with wiring harness for 3rd brake light. 2. Extang Encore Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover - $ 400 - Excellent condition. 3. Full Bedrug with sides and tailgate cover. $175 - Some dirt and stains that should easily wash out but I don't want to fool with it. Buy it ALL for $1200 cash! Located in Greenville, Mississippi. Will ship Tonneau on your dime. Will get photos posted soon. Only photo i have of the Topper at the moment
  2. What wheels are these? I have the all chrome "Y-bar" but love the black? accents on these!!!
  3. Was looking on Warn's website and they dont show a trans4mer for 2014+ models, but their new Application Guide PDF does show the part numbers. Anyone have one yet? Dying to see what it looks like, specifically on a Sierra!! They have a photo of a HD Silverado, but nothing from Sierra. Also curious to know the difference in the "tall version" grille guard tube (see caption under photo) and standard. C'mon, surely someone has this on a Sierra!!! Give me some pics so i can go ahead and order mine!
  4. Question, has anyone tried tinting (either spray or film) the lens of their light bar? I want something very light, just to take the shine/glare off of the bar so that it isn't so noticeable... I have seen where people have put a light coating of Rust-Oleum Tint Spray (or the VHB version of the same) on their headlights, tail lights, etc. with varied levels of success. Obviously, I don't want to block much of the light, but with the brightness of these bars these days, I don't see how blocking out a little bit (5% transmission loss maybe) could really be a big deal.... Installing a 32" Curved light bar behind my grille this weekend and would like to try to tint it before I install it! Has anyone out there tried this?
  5. .40, and I love it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Its hard to reach for my EDC gun in my pants at the 4:00 position when buckled in, so here is what I do/did... I took a Blackhawk Serpa with belt slide (these are great holsters, btw) and screwed it to the housing of the lower center console (I have split bench seats). I chose the Level 2 retention so that it cannot be (easily) grabbed and removed from the holster by a passenger, or child, but mounted it in a way where my finger naturally falls on the release lever when I reach for it. In regard to it being in plain view when the vehicle is unoccupied, I drape a ball cap over it, or remove it from the holster and lock it in the console that the holster is mounted to. Now, in case of emergency, I have 2 guns instead of one! For those with bucket seats, I have had this holster in my three previous vehicles and mount it the same way, except for it is under the steering column, and angled so that it naturally fits my hand when I reach for it. Also, if you have a dark grey/black interior, a black gun in a black holster is VERY hard to see when mounted here, almost invisible from the exterior of the vehicle.... If you are worried about drilling holes, just use small screws and large washers, the holes will hardly be noticable when/if you remove it, and they are in places that most people probably will never notice them. P.S. I am from Mississippi, where we (arguably) have the most gun-owner-friendly gun laws in the country. Everything I have stated above is totally legal where I live and travel, but may not be where you are. Know your local laws about weapons in vehicles! EDIT/TIP: use a heat gun to mold the the belt attachment to fit whatever you are mounting it to!
  7. I am interested in this also! Also, does anyone know if the 2014 Sierra comes with the slot for the cabling that is described in step 1 of dgriffith's post above?
  8. Nevermind, found this, and it is AWESOME! http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/164156-cargo-lights-on-with-reverse-lights/
  9. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR ALSO! So that you could light up the bed for up to 2 min (maybe longer depending on your settings) simply by hitting unlock on the key fob Searching for an answer to #2 also! New member here. I have tried searching all over the web for answers to the above questions/statements, to no avail. Anyone out there that can hep?
  10. Been stalking for a few days. Lots of great info here! Thanks in advance!
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