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  1. There is a tilt switch integrated into the wiring harness so that it automatically shuts off when the inner tailgate is closed.
  2. I am in the south (Mississippi) but travel a LOT of dusty/muddy roads and have had no issues. All of the components are marine rated, so you should be fine!
  3. Yes, That is all you need! If you want to add LED lights, you will also need this: https://multiprorocks.com/products/led-lights Thanks!!
  4. Thank you for your purchase!! I am glad that you are enjoying them!
  5. I used Polk DB522, but you can use really any speakers up to 5.25” (max size). The step clears and closes fine without the speaker grills, but I liked the look and protection with the grills. I have since painted the washers black and it looks fine, only noticeable if you’re looking for it. Photo attached of step closed, with grills on and washers/spacers in place
  6. Thanks so much @Unwrntd!! I am glad you like them! @Tyler1199I'll try and get a video up today! In the meantime, here is a quick video that gives you a little overview of the the install process. It is super easy!
  7. The truck accessory/switch does not need to be on. The trailer power is always hot, hence the need for the tilt switch.
  8. The step easily closes without the speaker grills, but I wanted the grills on so i stacked some fender washers in under the step and grabbed some longer screws from Lowe's.
  9. Thank you!! there is not an manual switch but there is a tilt switch integrated into the harness that automatically powers the amp on (but doesn’t automatically play music) when the inner gate is fully deployed (down) and automatically powers it off when the gate is folded up. A manual switch could easily be added if someone preferred that. let me know if you have any other questions!
  10. For those of you looking to setup your own MultiPro tailgate speaker system, well HERE YOU GO! Wiring harnesses and amplifier brackets to make your project super easy!! No splicing or hacking away at your expensive factory wiring! I have a limited number of the items in stock, 10 or so of each, with more that will be ready next week! When I did mine, I used the Soundstream ST4.1000DB bluetooth amp (and I am very pleased with it so far), so all of the options are available as plug and play with that particular amp. Or you can just get a harness with a pigtail that will give you 12v+ power and ground in your inner tailgate, so you can wire it up to whatever you want. Don’t forget to check out the options for adding lights and the speaker wiring harness to make the whole system truly PLUG & PLAY. so much better sound than the Kicker system for a lot less money! All items come with complete installation instructions (with pictures, ha)! Let me know if you have any questions! www.multiprorocks.com
  11. No problem. In the installation instructions it references a replacing the rear emblem on the last page, but only talks about removing it and adding the new one with self adhesive tape... So i am assuming that it is referring to just replacing the emblem with the black inserts instead of the factory red inserts. Not adding a lighted emblem (for the rear). See attached screenshots to see what i am referring to. Hope this helps!!
  12. If you are referring to a lighted emblem for the rear, I dont think they make one. Could be wrong though... Happens occasionally
  13. I was successful at removing the G & M, but broke the C. Could have probably not broken the C, but i started on that end and it was the first one i did. Small, thin, flat bladed screwdriver is what i used.
  14. Mine is a 2019. The lighted emblem (GM Part # 84741557) works for both 2019 & 2020 year models. Personally confirmed. Yes, basically the harness has a dual ended pigtail... Unplug headlight, plug in one end of the pigtail into the headlight plug, then plug the end you removed from the headlight into the other end of the pigtail. Super simple. Here are a couple of photos of it at night (not mine)
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