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  1. I got the sPod bantam because of more connections, programmable, ease of installation. I like the look of the upfitter switches but they weren't quite what I wanted.
  2. I saw these too and liked them the best, will get them whenever I get new tires
  3. not sure why some of those are upside down and sideways, they look right on my phone
  4. Thats awesome! good to know if I ever want to go to 6" These are the stock 33s from the AT4, I want to get 35s but will probably wait until these wear some more
  5. I really like it, the quality is great and I think it looks pretty good too. Can take some additional shots if you like.
  6. https://chassisunlimited.com/2019-2020-gmc-sierra-1500-octane-front-winch-bumper.html
  7. I ended up installing a bumper to fit a winch
  8. 4" BDS Lift Chassis Unlimited Bumper: https://chassisunlimited.com/truck-products/gmc/sierra-1500/19-20-1500.html Thanks!
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