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  1. https://chassisunlimited.com/truck-products/gmc/sierra-1500/19-20-1500.html You're practically my neighbor lol. I live in Panther Creek. They have a Silverado bumper too, but it's a bit more aggressive.
  2. Wait, do you want the chrome GMC logo or the Red ones I took off? The chrome part number is 84388431, but I got these on ebay for much cheaper. If you are looking for the gloss black with red logo, PM me and I'll sell you these pretty cheap.
  3. Glad to help! Also I used a suction cup phone mount to pull out the old ones instead of taking the wheels off haha
  4. So there are OEM ones that are like $35 each, I got all 4 on eBay from the seller in the screenshot for $40, the quality is just as good as the OEM ones I took off.
  5. Put stake pocket covers in and swapped out my red center caps!
  6. They haven’t completed the design yet but it’s the winch version of this bumper, gave me $200 off for pre ordering
  7. I have the bakflip Mx, it does have rails that run the length, I added some weather stripping. they don’t use the stake pockets, the flat section of the bracket sits on top with a a piece than hangs into the bed, then it has clips to attach it to the inner rail similar to how the bedcover rails attach. I can take a better pic for you tomorrow if you like. This design allows you to place them anywhere on the bed that you like it’s hard to see in my picture but you can see the two nuts that secure the clips of the bracket to the inner rail, those are for the bars and not the cover
  8. I got mine for bike racks and a cargo basket. heres the cheaper option: https://www.deezee.com/product/universal-hex-cross-rail/ in both cases the bracket hangs into the bed and clamps to the rail:
  9. I have the metal locking box and it fit great with the oem liners!
  10. Thanks for the info guys, you've given me a lot to think about!
  11. I preordered a new winch ready bumper, trying to decide on a winch, been spending too much so I was wondering if you all had any experience with brands other than warn that are good quality but not as expensive. I’d like a 12k synthetic with a wired/wireless remote!
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