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  1. Thought I found a solution but don’t know it it’ll work with 2019+ models. I reached out to AMP for their input. Boy the trouble we make ourselves. https://www.amp-research.com/product-detail/AMP75150-01A/powerstep-85in-chr-trim-strp-works-with-boards-75146-76147-76247-76151-76235
  2. Why’s that? Before I go through any trouble I’d live to hear your opinion. I really just want a chrome power step. I can’t seem to find the aftermarket.
  3. I would definitely appreciate any and all parts, numbers, prints etc that you have!
  4. Couldn’t it somehow be wired like the Amp aftermarket? I’m more about the chrome look (over the black) than the functions that the Denali has with these steps. Just want to open and close with the doors. Thanks for the feedback so far.
  5. I just did the same…2” leveling kit in the front and 1.5” blocks in the rear. I ordered from eBay as well. Not this exact part referenced above (although I wish it was because it’s cheaper than the one I bought) but same deal. Lifted leaf springs with a Jack and installed. Didn’t touch the shocks. There’s another thread here with different pics and info. That’s where I got the info before I did mine.
  6. How much? I don’t see why they wouldn’t work same as aftermarket if wired the same way. But that’s just me thinking. I really have no clue.
  7. Awesome. Thank you. I’ve never used the alert feature on eBay before. Been a member since ‘99!
  8. Thanks. I looked around eBay with the GM part number and didn’t find any. That would be the best price so far. Mind sharing a lil more?
  9. Looks so much better. Don’t know why they don’t come this way from the factory. where did you find this good deal? I’m ready to pull the trigger as well.
  10. Good morning guys. First time poster but have lurked for a while. I searched for this topic and did find some information but not for this body and year so I figured I’d ask here. I want to install power steps to my 2019 SLT Crew Frost White 4WD. I would like the chrome power steps and can not seem to find any aftermarket other than black. I’ve seen some on a local white vehicle and to me the black stood out a lot when folding up and I did not care for the look. I’d like it to be more clean/sleek looking. Are there aftermarket chrome powers that I’m overlooking? My salesman told me that the Denali powers can not be put on the SLTs because it doesn’t have the RPOs? I’m certain that someone has a work around for this. Has anyone done this? What special wiring is needed? What is the part number for the Denali Power Step package? Any and all photos and information are welcomed.
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