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  1. Located near Houston, TX, prefer local pick up for heavier items. All prices OBO not including shipping:
  2. $700ish for the pair I think. Only issue is the wiring harness is too difficult to remove, so it wouldn’t come with.
  3. I’ll sell you my oem steps, not sure what it would take to make them work though
  4. I don't know how I didn't see this sooner, but thank you! thats perfect!
  5. It was very light offroading, driving the primitive roads in big bend, the main issue I think is the lip on the back side of the wheel catches on things and bends easily. Though a wide enough tire might help. I've switched to 35x12.5/17s now
  6. haha, sarcasm doesn't read well through the screen..... I need wheels now... stock AT4 wheels don't like going off road FYI to everyone lol
  7. It's from Alpha Foxtrot Designs. Honestly I can't recommend it, it has issues staying tight on the roof. I actually have it off currently.
  8. Does anyone know if 17s will fit on my 19 denali?
  9. Hi All, I'm looking to upgrade the brakes for better feel and performance on the trails/mountains anyone know of anything that will fit a 18" wheel? Thanks!
  10. That’s the first day, I think the second day might have enough dirt but haven’t looked at those photos yet haha
  11. You will only be able to fit 1 gallon cans on the panels
  12. I've got a stock rear bumper but it's Smokey Quartz metallic off a Denali. I'm near Houston if you're interested.
  13. Not to resurrect an old post, but can you share some details about how you mounted the second battery to the Frame? I haven't found an elegant solution yet.
  14. I have one, actually a whole bumper off a 1500 Denali if anyone wants it.
  15. Hello, Hoping someone has experience with this. I installed a steel rear bumper and moved over everything. However, the blindspot monitors seem confused, if something is detected on the right side the left mirror rapid flashes the monitoring light with turn signal. Wiring harness is in correctly as the parking sensors work appropriately. Anyone run into this?
  16. ADD just came out with a diesel version of their bumper but I can't remember if it is winch capable or not.
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