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  1. Use a trim tool to remove the plastic center trim piece that surrounds the mirror. There is a torx screw that can be tightened. When the dealer did my headliner they did not tighten the mirror all the way. The tech came outside and 5 minutes latter it was done.
  2. Just got my 2019 back after the update big difference. The screen can be seen at night and its not blinding. Pete
  3. Had some dumb a** in a FORD F250 with Trailer mirrors taker off my D/S mirror on Black Friday. Parts just came in last week. Off to the shop on Tuesday,
  4. I asked the same question about 5 months ago. I went with the GM mats and could not be any happier with the fit and protection. Pete
  5. I think the interior in my 2017 Yukon Denali is nicer than my 2019 Sierra Denali. The leather on the seat is softer and the seats themselves are more comfortable. The knobs on the radio have a rubber grip; they just feel more high end. No adjustable pedals and no auto wipers. Manual tilt really and the steering wheel feels thin and like plastic compared to the Yukon. The side pockets on the Yukon console are about 6 inches longer than on the Sierra. The window sill should be about a 1/2 wider as I like to rest my arm on the sill as I drive but I find it difficult to get comfortable in both trucks. The mirrors on the Sierra are 10x better the the Yukon though. They did get the wireless charging pad correct this time as the one on the Yukon is small and does not work with my Otterbox cover. Pete
  6. They sell clips now that bolt on. I have read the reviews and the handfull of bad reviews are the issues that I see as a big no, no. I'm torn down the middle. Thanks Pete
  7. Looking for a Tonneau cover for my truck. I like the idea of a metal roll up(BAK Revolver X4 Tonneau Cover)or the Pargon folding cover for security. Looked around for reviews and pics and I'm torn. Please post your pics and reviews if you have one of the above covers. Thanks in advance Pete
  8. I just returned the GM lock box for the center console. You lose a good 1.5 inches of room and you can not use the GM organizer as it is to deep and hits the top of the lock box. I must say the quality did seem very good though. Pete
  9. Picked up my GM mats on Friday. The fit and quality surpasses my WEATHER TECH on my 2017 Yukon. Thanks, Pete
  10. I decided to go with the GM mats. I will be using my rewards point to purchase them. Thanks for the input. Pete
  11. Good afternoon, First post as a new member. I will be picking up my 2019 Dark Sky Sierra Denali this week to match my(wifes) 2017 Yukon Denali. In the past I have always used Weathtech full floor mats in all my cars and trucks from my 99 Sierra, to 04 Ram to my 15 Jeep Grand Cherokee and my 17 Yukon and have been very happy with them except for the fitment on the 2017 Yukon front passenger. I have searched the topics here and I'm still torn on which mats to get, GM or Weathtech. Thoughts???? Thanks Pete
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