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  1. I have a Lomax and it has hands down been my favorite tonneau out of the 5-6 I’ve owned over the years. It has very high quality latches, is weather tight, works with the power up tailgate, and looks better than other covers in my opinion.
  2. I had that same thing and they replaced my weather stripping on each door under warranty. They told me that has taken care of the issue and that they were aware of that problem. Haven't had it come back.
  3. Did you ever figure out what was going on? I have the same problem!
  4. My dad just had the same thing happen to his except at 15k miles. His is a January 2021 build. He has lost faith in his truck over it. Dealer will only replace one bank. Mine is a 2021 (October 2020 build). Fingers crossed mine doesn’t have any issues.
  5. Hopefully they send you a replacement. You'll be happy with one that fits correctly. They are awesome!
  6. I have a bed rug in my 2021 Silverado and it is a great fit. It might be worth asking the manufacturer about that.
  7. I have had several Tundras all with 5.7L. They are awesome trucks but are certainly dated compared to newer offerings from their competing brands. I think that the current 1500’s will hit a nice balance for you if you want newer tech but still appreciate a true V8 and a proven design. The newer models actually remind me of my Tundras in ways just by the way it feels size wise. You’d be pleased making the jump, as I have. Definitely go with the 6.2l!
  8. I just added the ADD W1 catch can to my 6.2l. I’m very pleased with the quality of it, and ease of installation. I put the drain kit on it as well and ran the drain hose down along the frame close to the oil filter so i can drain it without having to take the can apart.
  9. What kind of prep work did you have to do to recoat? I just did my first ceramic coating g and am curious how to go about doing it again down the road.
  10. I suppose that could be the case at some dealers. I have managed to buy 2 6.2ls in the last 5 weeks this way though. Both from Salt Lake Valley Chevrolet. There is definitely a shortage though, that is why i had to drive 400 miles to find one.
  11. I'm in southwest Montana, and had to travel to Salt Lake City to find one. The best way to find one is to use the shopping tools on Chevrolet.com. You can put in exactly what you are looking for and it will show you which dealers have what truck. It saves a lot of hours of searching especially if you are after something specific.
  12. Looking at possibly getting some rear axle suspension helpers. I'm curious if anybody has experience with the Timbren helpers? If so, how do they ride? How do they handle under load? I have some experience with the Firestone air bags as well but saw the Timbrens and liked the simplicity of them.
  13. I have experienced the same thing. In stretches it works really well, but sometimes it can skip bad. I’m looking for a fix...
  14. Looks awesome! I’m gonna get a set ordered. Thanks for the help.
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