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  1. So, I’m just moving my kid from a harness seat to a booster seat and I bought three Britax booster seats, with backs, for our vehicles. I put one in the back passenger side of my 2021 crew cab custom and it’s a pain in the butt to pull the seatbelt through the belt positioning device doohickey, under the armrest, and buckle it. It’s hard for me, so my daughter will struggle with it. Yes, it’s all adjusted properly. It doesn’t help that the buckles in the rear are damn near flush with the seats. Anyway, I’m sure this is probably a booster / truck compatibility thing, and there are other boosters that may work better. Anyone using a booster seat, with a back for the belt positioning, that works well in these crew cab trucks? Looking for recommendations. thanks all
  2. I don’t even understand why you’re here talking about your Toyota unless it makes you feel good or something. Kind of weird that you’re not over on that awesome Toyota forum you’re speaking of. I had a tundra that I had to replace the tranny at 100k, all the break lines shortly there after, and then by rear dif rusted out, leaked, and needed replaced around 150k. That was after I had to replace the head gasket. This was a 2005 tundra. At that time I also had a Toyota Matrix that I ran to 300k. That was a good car. I traded them both on a 2017 Honda Ridgeline. In the tree years and 78,000 miles I had to replace the transmission, main computer, all fuel injectors, front wheel bearings, and the back up camera, twice. That was enough, so I traded it in and bought a 2021 Silverado. I’m hoping for better luck and really like the truck so far.....300 whopping miles, but fingers crossed. Toyota’s do have a good reputation, but I’ve seen em fail, and have had em fail, so I’m not gonna be wanking off to them on another brand’s forum.
  3. That’s crazy. Only 2.5 years worth of wheels fit these trucks. Factory that is. Guess I’m not junkyard shopping
  4. I’m only considering these two products, and I’m not doing it myself. Anyone have experience with these products? Can you recommend one or the other for any reason? Does it work? I have a fluid film place about 20 minutes away and a krown place about an hour away. So either would work for me. Does this stuff piss off your mechanic cause everything is a wet mess underneath or does it dry eventually? Does it drip on your garage floor or driveway? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions.
  5. Any opinions on the Husky version vs the factory ones in the post above? Husky Wheel Well Liners
  6. What’s the consensus on those wheel well liners / guards for the rear wells that are unprotected above the tires? I see these getting dinged with gravel and dirt, leading to paint chips and scratches and then rust. Never had a truck that didn’t cover this area. Thoughts? Thanks.
  7. Yeah, they’re gonna help me out. Appears that there may be a mfg issue in the last month or so that needs to be resolved. Customer service was great and we’re gonna work it out.
  8. Looking to purchase a second set of wheels to mount winter tires on. I usually go the junk yard and find what I can and have them power coated.....I know a guy. What year(s) past wheels will work with my 2021 Custom 1500? I’d like to stay with the 20’s even though it’s harder to find tires and more expensive, but may go with the alternate 18”. Either way, anyone have any idea what past years will for this truck? Thanks.
  9. Yeah, I actually emailed the mfg twice in the last couple days with pictures to show the issues I’m having. I plan to follow up with a phone call today. The width issue is really noticed at the wheel wells. If I push the floor down flat, like it should be, it pulls the walls down and the wall / wheel well seam out and then doesn’t sit flat on top of the wheel well. Something is definitely off. Hope they can help out.
  10. First post, first GM product in a while. Trucks have been a early 90’s dodge dakota, 1998 Nissan Frontier, 2009-ish Chevy Colorado, 2006 Tundra, 2017 Ridgeline, and now 2021 Silverado custom with the 2.7....really like this truck...fun to drive! I just bought and tried to install a bedrug and it didn’t go very well. It seems that the bedrug is not wide enough. Anyone else run into similar issues with the bedrug and their newer GM truck? I’ve had bedbugs in the past and haven’t had any problems with installation, this one just doesn’t seem to fit properly. thanks all!
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