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  1. This has been talked about / debated on here in many threads. Its the DFM on the 6.2 engines. Trying putting yours in L9 and drive around (this turns off DFM). You wont hear the noise anymore. There is no fix that I know of except for purchasing the Pulsar LT module for $500 to shut off DFM.
  2. Mine used to do this when brand new. I have 5500 miles now and its mostly stopped. Still hear it from time to time but it doesn't bother me much.
  3. This^^^^ Also had both. The 6.2 with the 10 speed is near perfection. Others are just fine.
  4. I have a 21 Trailboss, and I have noticed this as well. I saw it in a reflection as I was parking, otherwise I probably wouldn't have seen it. However, it does appear the one blueish color light has returned to its original bright white as I type this. Not sure how/why, but I'm going to keep an eye on it.
  5. Yes its the DFM. To test it, instead of putting it in Drive but it in manual and click the gear up to 9 and drive around...solves it.
  6. Yes this site is a mess. Its a shame.
  7. My 21 TB 6.2/10speed shifts smooth as butter. 3300 miles on it. It might have had 1 or 2 shifts at low speed since I bought it that weren't ideal, but not clunky. I came from a 2015 6.2/8 speed so I know clunky very well.
  8. Mine works really well and I enjoy it. And no, you don't need a GM data plan to use it, it connects via Bluetooth.
  9. I have a 2021 TB with a 6.2 and have read several threads in these forums about it. Seems like its something that happens with varying degrees on all 6.2s. The belief I have after reading and doing some testing is that it has something to do with DFM. People have tried addressing it as a starter issue, exhaust issue, flapper issue, etc with no success. These noises don't happen (on mine at least) when you override the system by putting your gear shifter down to L, and switching to gear 9 - drive around and check it out for yourself. I plan on purchasing a Pulsar LT when they a
  10. I have a 2021, discovered the leak due to this thread at 200 miles on the odometer (guessing it was always there). Rained pretty hard the last few days and the leak is pretty bad on both sides. Should I have the dealer repair now, or wait until a potential better solution is found? I am inclined to get it repaired now because it seems most likely that GM will continue to band-aid this situation for eternity. Thoughts?
  11. I ordered this exact Amazon Trim-Lok product, but I cannot get it to fit into the upper gap of the spoiler. I even tried lubricating it with some silicone spray. How did you guys do it?
  12. 10 speeds are without question the best transmission I've ever driven. Just do it.
  13. I have owned both the 8 speed and now the 10 speed, and I can't say enough how much of a difference this 10 speed makes. I love it. I would go TB route on that difference alone.
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