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  1. There are a lot of post about the DRL turning blue on FB groups. I didn't see any post on the forum so thought I would start one so everyone could share if they are having same problem. I have 2020 AT4 with 22K miles. Just had dealer replace both headlights because of them turning blue.
  2. I have a used set of Weather Tech floor liners, carpet mats and under seat rear storage bin for sale. I would like $50.00 for everything. These should fit 2015-2018 trucks. Took them out of my Sierra. I'm in Grapevine Texas and don't really have a way to ship them so this would be for pickup only.
  3. SOLD I took these tips off my 2020 AT4 after installing aftermarket exhaust so I dont need them anymore. Asking $50.00 + shipping unless you want to pick them up. I'm in the Dallas area.
  4. I don't mind selling them separately. Would you be able to pick it up? Not sure what it would cost to ship it.
  5. I have rear seat caro storage bin and front wether tech mats out of my 2016 truck. Asking $50 for everything. Not sure what shipping cost would be but I'm in Dallas area if you want to pick up.
  6. Set of 4 20” OEM chrome GMC wheels, tires, and TPMS sensors all for $800.00 Goodyear Wrangler 275/55/20 No damage no scratches tires still have good tread left on them Take off from 2015 Sierra Located in Dallas area
  7. I think this model works on almost any GM truck. I had bought one with my 2008 ( sold it when I sold the truck) then bought a new one for my 2015. I think i was the same model.
  8. I had one in both my 2008 ( put 210,000 miles on it before I sold) and one in 2015. In my opinion in runs better and if you have a after market exhaust it helps with that back and forth note change when switching from v4 to v8.
  9. I am selling my Range technology AFM disable out of my 2015 Sierra. I bought it new 3 months ago. I have a programmer now so don't need it anymore. Would like $120.00. I'm in Dallas area if anyone wants to pick up. Paypal would be great.
  10. I have a 2015 SLT Z71 4X4: Truck has bad hesitation when accelerating from low speeds. It feels like truck almost stutters when going from 25 mph and up. Once it gets going it runs fine. I have had it back to dealer a couple of time but always get the “performing as designed”. Has anyone purchased a program that will help with the low speed performance? I have driven a non 4x4 truck as a loaner and didn’t notice the hesitation as much so not sure if it is related to the 4x4. Thanks for any input.
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