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  1. Right now I'm driving a 2016 z71 double cab. I would love the truck if it weren't for a few quirks and the dreaded highway vibration between 75-85. If I cant fix the vibration I dont see myself keeping this truck very long. Kind of toying with the idea of grabbing a discounted 2019 2500 when the 2020s comeout. I've seen a few posts about vibration issues with some 2500s but it seems to be different than what I'm dealing with. Is this true? Is the vibration mainly on the smaller platform? Any other big concerns with the 2500s I should be aware of?
  2. It may be normal and there may be a reason for it. All I know is that out of all my vehicles this is the first that I really feel the downshifts. I can live with it and I've even gotten used to it. Some days it still catches me off guard and feels unusual. Especially , like I said, when I'm just trying to go around 30-35 it's very noticeable.
  3. Same thing on my truck. Not a jerk. But feels like someone taps the brake on downshifts when I start to coast into my 25mph town everyday. The most noticeable one I feel is at about 33 mph. Very annoying. Especially if I give it gas right as the truck downshifts. Kind of throws it out of whack.
  4. I've had mine on for about 2 months. Ordered it directly from range. So far so good, no codes. Made the truck feel more "normal" to me. I had a lot of hesitation and lack of power because of afm. My transmission felt like it was messed up. Pretty much the same stuff most people complain about. So far I love the range device.
  5. I have a 2016 tungsten metallic z71. Right now I've got the oem 18 inch alloys on it. I've been toying with he idea of getting the 22 inch all black oem 6 spoke wheels. Found a lightly used pair on craigslist. I have a slight "chevy shake" from 75 to 84. Its not bad enough to bother with the dealer and I dont really go on the highway much. Will the 22s make the shake anymore apparent and will they make day to day driving that much stiffer? Anybody that has switched from 18s to 22s let me know your opinions. Is it worth it or will I regret it?
  6. Thanks for the responses guys. I've got an appointment to take in next week. Still doing it. Truck seems to be driving fine tho.
  7. I just walked to my truck after auto starting it from inside my house. I walked up and stuck my head near the gas tank and sure enough it's still doing it. So it's not just when its warmed up.i just don't know if this is normal.
  8. Yea. I have a warranty. Looks like I'm going to have to it in on top of a few other things I need looked at. Was just wondering if anybody else can listen to theirs and see if they if they hear anything like this going on.
  9. I believe it's around 3/4 full right now. I rarely ever let it get below a quarter tank and only use top tier. I'm not sure if it does it all the time or only when warm. I just noticed it today. I'm gonna be paying closer attention to it tomo morning and throughout the day. I didn't try to restart it or anything.
  10. Yea it did get louder closer to the fuel tank. But should it be that loud? I wonder if it's failing, the truck only has 19,000 on it. It's pretty noticeable just walking near the truck while it's running.
  11. Does anybody know if this is normal or not? Got home today after driving for about a half hour and walked around my truck while it was still running and heard this odd sound. It's most noticeable inside the driver side rear wheel well. It's kind of like a whining or pumping type of sound. I'll post a link to a video I took. Make sure your volume is up. Thanks.
  12. That truck looks great man. I really like the wheel/tire combo. What size tires are they and do you have a leveling kit or is that all stock suspension?
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