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  1. I'm over 22k miles and it's still the same. Drove my neighbors 2017 LTZ and his does it. Drove a 2018 Suburban with a 5.3 6 speed, it does it too. Same with the 2018 Silverado regular cab the dealership loaned me while mine was in for an oil change. This is I guess how they are now.
  2. AFM problems

    I have a range and mine hits 99 all the time while decelling.
  3. My 2016 shifts a little hard from 1-2, 2-3 in the morning until it gets up to operating temp and then the upshifts feel fairly smooth.
  4. Range device

    I need to get the firmware updated on mine. I'm running Firmware 7.8 on my 2016 and its thrown a code 2 times since I got it around Christmas. EASY to clear the code and the check engine light. Unplug device, start vehicle with it unplugged and then plug it in after a couple minutes. It will send an ALL CLEAR and the check engine light will go away. Like I said I need to send it in for the free updated firmware. Great unit and works awesome killing that V4 crap.
  5. What do you guys think my next plan of attack should be with the dealer? Would you have any reason to believe its the torque converter causing it? I am not feeling a shudder while cruising at all, in fact I prefer driving it on interstate but stop and go its terrible. The best way I can describe the feeling I get when it downshifts is obviously the RPM's rise a couple hundred and there is a brief hang up switching between gears and there is a sudden little jerk. It happens like clock work on the 5-4, 4-3, 3-2, 2-1 shifting while coasting to a stop. If I am heavy on the breaks I really dont notice it too terribly much. Ugh
  6. Do you actually hear a clunk while the downshift occurs coasting? I don't actually hear a clunk but I have a firm bump when mine happen. My first 1-2 shift of the morning is somewhat harsh but that is the only time I notice anything odd with the 1-2 on mine. Hope you get things figured out. Keep me posted.
  7. What is your next plan of attack? How many miles do you have? I'm at 20k now. One thing I tried was this: I put it in M5, accelerated until it hit 5th gear and coasted to a stop manually downshifting on the shifter and all I noticed was a blip of the RPM's, never once did I feel the harshness of the downshift like I normally feel. What does this explain???
  8. Update: Sorry for the delay in writing this. Last month I had the valve body and TCM replaced. It's still doing the same thing. It's been a couple thousand miles now. Is this just the nature of the beast?
  9. Search on this forum for hard downshifting and odds are you'll find a few of my posts. I have a 2016 5.3 6 speed (bought it new and currently have 19k miles). I had it in several times for the downshift concern and sadly there is no fix. I've had it drilled into my head that it's a characteristic of the transmission. I even had the valve body with TCM replaced a few weeks ago, this did not fix it. Sadly, the issue is in the programming and GM will do nothing anymore with the 6 speeds. Love the truck, just hate the downshifts when coming to a stop. In town driving is stupid, on highway its awesome. BTW I see you are in Tampa. I love Florida!!! Fargo, ND here.
  10. My 2016 5.3 with 6 speed has very firm bumps when it downshifts coasting to a stop. I feel it at 40, 30, 20 and almost stopped. Irritates the heck out of me. Same thing happens after they replaced the valve body and TCM.
  11. I just had the upper and lower valve body and TCM replaced because of this and it has not fixed my downshifting when coasting concern. It's still there. It's a firm bump when going from 4-3, 3-2, 2-1. Irritating. I'm at over 19k miles now.
  12. Horn went out

    Mine does this too and its a 2016. My only thought is condensation getting into the horn and freezing. Seems to work better when its warmer out. Same thing for the steering, mine is stiff when its cold but is normal when its warm out. These are poorly designed IMO
  13. Thought I'd post an update. This morning I dropped off my truck to get the valve body replaced as they suspect that may be causing the issue. I will update when I know more or have had sufficient time to test it out.
  14. The Rancho ones? If so how do you tell there is a problem with them. Just the shaking?
  15. Intake clean. WOW!

    I thought I had read somewhere where an oil change is recommended after doing this? Can anyone tell me if this is true? I just had an oil change but I would like to try this. Thanks

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