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  1. Interesting! Why would they replace the pads then if it doesn't remedy the issue? Note: The pads were on a later revision of the Service Bulletin also.
  2. I had inserts put in about a month ago, noise went away initially but is back now. What gives???? Question, how many new inserts should I have put in? 2 in front and 2 in rear? Are they indeed gray vs black so I can easily tell if I look at the springs?
  3. Hey friends, A little history - Been having hard downshifts since day 1 with my 2016 Silverado 5.3 6 speed and I am now at 42k miles. Dealer has done the following: 1. Replaced Valve body 2. Replaced transmission under customer satisfaction memo at 34k miles. 3. Reset adapts, reset transmission, etc... I am still getting somewhat hard downshifts when slowing but its better but here's a new issue. Ever since getting the replacement transmission I am noticing the following: * Especially when cold I notice when I get to approx 32 mph at a light throttle it will abruptly drop into 5th gear rather hard. This gets better as it warms up but it still doesn't feel right. Also if I drive in M4 and in about that same speed I'll tap the + on the gear shifter and it will drop into 5th but what I notice with the RPM's is they will drop, rise and then drop down. This isn't normal... I brought this concern up to my service manager a couple days after getting the 2nd transmission and he just said to give it 5-6k miles to learn my driving. We''ll, here we are at 8k miles later and its still doing it and he basically said we've done all we can by replacing the transmission. Is there anything else I could possibly do to entice them to look at it again? I have a good rep with the dealer (Not who I purchased it from). Thanks for any advice.
  4. Tried this several times this past weekend and it did nothing for me.
  5. I'll be damned if this fixes mine that I've had issues with since new, now at 40k miles. I'll try it this afternoon and report back.
  6. I noticed this from day 1 of ownership (New truck). Now I have 39k miles. On my second transmission and it still does it but not as bad. Now I have an abrupt 4-5 shift under slow acceleration. It hits hard at slow throttle but if I'm heavy on the throttle it seems ok. At the moment that is now more irritating to me than the jerky downshifts.
  7. Thanks for the honest feedback on the product. I guess I won't be trying it. Funny thing is though, my downshift jerks aren't random as they occur all the time.
  8. Im filling mine with Dr. Colorchip as well. Like Olvim said though it doesn't do a good job of filling them but it sure hides them good. My truck is black too. From a distance you cant tell but up close you can pin point them. I think you'd be impressed with the product.
  9. Good question, as far as I know the dealer was only replacing the fluid in the 8 speeds not the 6. If you switch it out on your 6 speed let us know if it works.
  10. I've always wondered about this stuff and had heard good things. I just wanted warranty to work for me but it hasn't. Might be something I need to try.
  11. My lockup isn't harsh or jerky either upon acceleration. The only issue is upon decel when it goes 4-3, 3-2, 2-1. There is a tie up sensation when it downshifts and what I've read and been told is TCC is engaged during decel and at each downshift it unlocks and locks again but yes I do feel the "let go" at almost stopped and it feels like someone bumped into you from behind. If the TCC wasn't locked up during decel I dont think I'd be bringing up this issue but apparently its just how it is. It's really hard for me to acknowledge this I guess.
  12. Mike - Sorry for not seeing this until now. I am certain I feel it locking up while accelerating. Does it feel like some torque is being added somewhat? I wish I could drive it once without it locking just to feel what the downshifts would be like. I'm pretty sure what I am feeling is the TCC unlocking and locking again during downshifts when coasting but its rather harsh and jerky when it occurs. In town driving sucks to say the least. Interstate travel is great of course since it stays in 6th. Wish I knew if this could be resolved or not. It appears not though...
  13. I have never had my cooling fan run after a turn off of the vehicle. I have noticed it come on directly after I start the vehicle if its warm then it goes off after a short time. This is on my 5.3. 6.2's might have other metrics as to when the fan runs?
  14. So about 3500 miles ago GM put in a reman transmission as a customer satisfaction for me. I still feel the firm downshifts but not as bad. The one thing I notice now ever since the 2nd transmission is the upshifting seems a bit firm. If its cold and I increase throttle and hit 33mph it abruptly upshifts into 5th gear. 1st - 4th seem fine just when it hits 5 it feels like it drops into 5 vs a slow ease into 5. I'm not heavy on the throttle either. I talked to the service manager right when I first noticed it, a few days after getting it back from repair. He said to give it 3-4k miles and let him know if it still happens as the transmission has a learning curve. One thing I've also noticed is the trans fluid (when checked cold) is way up on the dip stick overfilled. My question is what can the dealer do now with this abrupt upshift into 5. Would a tap reset, or any other reset possibly correct this? Thanks for any info
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