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  1. Thanks for all the great links, I'll definitely check them out.
  2. Found these https://www.texas-speed.com/p-5227-msd-super-conductor-spark-plug-wires-for-2014-gen-5-lt-based-engines-black.aspx Doesn't say anything about adjustable but it's the only result that came up when I searched. I appreciate all your responses!
  3. Thanks! In the above picture it shows 6 bolts on the manifold and the correct bolt kits for my truck have 10 versus 12 for the one in the picture. Did they just use that manifold for illustration? I also noticed what looks like aftermarket/upgraded spark plug wires. I've heard that people have had to swap stock plug wires for MSD's to take care of fitment issues with headers. Wondering if I'll have any issues with just my set of shorties or if I should just go ahead and order a set. Don't have any problem putting them on if need be, but it wouldn't hurt my
  4. Thanks for the input. I see on the gmpartsdirect site that the exhaust maniflold's are the same for the 5.3 & 6.2, so am I correct assuming that the hardware would be the same for the install on both? I'm finding all the ARP harware that comes up for my truck says, "SBC 6.2 LT1" on the packaging, but should be same/work fine for my l83? Also, have you (or anyone reading for that matter) replaced the collector bolts when installing your headers? I see 3 different ARP part's depending on thickness of flange. The JBA website lists "3/8" machined flanges", so would that refer to th
  5. For now, going to just leave it alone. Going to be relocating where there's no emissions in the near future. When that happens I've already got a buyer for the shorties when they come off, and I'll be going with a set of LT's and a cat-less Y.
  6. Got a set of JBA cat4ward shorties coming for my 2015 5.3 and am trying to get some better hardware to put them on with. My mechanic says ideally it would be 2 studs and the rest bolts for each side, but I don't see any kits like that and while cost isn't a concern, I'd rather not buy 2 kits/piece meal it, but certainly will if that's the best way forward. So it looks like Stage 8 and ARP are kinda the 2 choices, with Stage 8 looking better initially, but concerned if the locking tab will always have something to rest against? I'll post links to the 2 kits I'm eyeing, and any input or other su
  7. I experienced the same thing a couple times (wet weather,engine light turns on) and when I scan it I get an evap code, can't remember exactly which one but I reset the light and its good for a long time. Only had it 2x in 170k.
  8. I use opti-bond from Optimum Polymer Technologies. They make a great waterless wash/wax also.
  9. Had the same problem on my 2006 rear drums after replacement and it ended up being the adjusters. New ones had different amount of teeth.
  10. I once tried to put a set of 96 or 97 16" silverado wheels onto a 00 Silverado and they didn't clear the calipers if I remember correctly.
  11. Was wondering if anyone could give me specifics on the Northern VA meet such as time and place. Truck is already Blackbear tuned (best vehicular dollar ever spent) and need my tow/haul returned to stock. Was told by Blackbear to come to meet and would get it taken care of but didn't get specifics like time and date. Just trying to get info ASAP so I can make arrangements with my work cause I gotta get this done. Any info is greatly appreciated!
  12. Had a similar noise in my 03 and ended up being a bad idler arm.
  13. I've been wanting to order the 55W 6000k kist from DDM but my ? is, does anyone think there is a chance of melting the headlight housing with the 55w, or is this only really a problem with the smaller fog light housings?
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