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  1. I don't think it's possible yet. I've check for my 2019 silverado, and nothing yet. I've been waiting for LinksWell to release one for the new gen Chevy/GMC
  2. If you're not ordering from a reputable tuning distributer (Accutune.. etc), you're up ****** creek w/ FOX if you have any issues, and prob looking at longer than the 40 week wait times Kings is currently having. FOX suspension is all manufactured in China. I heard the same from a buddy of mine. How many miles you get out of the Delta Joints before you needed a replacement kit/joint?
  3. Good luck dealing with Fox customer service. IMO both are great, but Kings are US made and have phenomenal customer service. Really no noticeable performance difference
  4. https://steel-it.com/#:~:text=STEEL-IT protects chassis%2C suspensions,while making them look fantastic!&text=Use STEEL-IT anywhere you,You'll be amazed! only the best
  5. You can with alot of trimming, tie back wheel liner, and you can do 37's if you do a crash bar delete
  6. I think the Comp Adj. is an option for the 2.5's, otherwise they are just resi's
  7. BDS makes a great 4" kit with their FOX 2.5s. Id check them out. You keep the factory warranty as well
  8. That level kit would come out, and the Kings would give you the same 2.5" lift (same as factory pretty much)
  9. Love em! I got my set from Filthy Motorsports w/ the Deaver Leaf Springs. The Delta Joints have been great as well. They’ll get the job done till I upgrade to a long travel setup. Accutune are awesome at what they do as well, you won’t be disappointed!
  10. If you do the LT grill/headlight swap from the dealer, Stealth makes some good stuff. I personally have the one with 4 LEDs https://trexbillet.com/c-1174376-stealth-all-blacked-out-grilles.html#!submodel%3DLT||model%3DSILVERADO 1500||make%3DCHEVROLET||year%3D2019||brand%3DT-REX Grilles
  11. I’m rockin’ the ICON delta joints. Been great so far
  12. Just curious, but why go 3" for the increase in power if you are not going to go headers and custom tune? To me that seems the only reason why I would go 3".... Otherwise you're not getting the full potential from it. I would think going 2.5" true dual would be a little cheaper and be what you're looking for. But, what do I know? Haha, im not the smartest guy on here. Someone will know better prob
  13. https://www.rocky-road.com/rock-sliders.html
  14. Anything lifted that much will ride terrible, doesn't matter what coilovers you throw on there.
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