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  1. https://www.rocky-road.com/rock-sliders.html
  2. Anything lifted that much will ride terrible, doesn't matter what coilovers you throw on there.
  3. Going through filthy Motorsports? I’ve been happy with mine so far, I got the Deaver leaf springs as well
  4. Yea, I already had the readlift UCA's, so im just going to waer them into the ground before going with mazzullas The mini pack U182's for the trail boss gave me 1" of lift
  5. Why buy trail boss if you’re going to lower it?!
  6. Get rid of the garbage RC lift and throw some eibachs on there (if you’re going conservative - pro truck lift system). And of course 20’s/22’s w/ mud tires going to be loud AF.
  7. By the way, just an update. Loving my FilthyMotorsports kit. Also, no rear block was need with the Deaver U182's. Thought I would need a 1", but wasn't necessary to keep truck level
  8. I’ll be going with mazzulla or kibbetech UCAs
  9. I Had the level kit with UCAs on mine. Took a few hundred miles to settle. And you can use 4 auto with the level kit and 4Hi
  10. If I had gone with a BDS coil over setup, I would of definitely gone to them. They are a licensed dealer and installer for BDS, and I've heard nothing but good things... (at least their Grapevine location).
  11. Got my filthy motorsports OEM kit w/ deaver leaf springs put on today. Will have a thread up after I put some miles on it!
  12. Had my rear window leak fixed at the dealership I bought my truck from.... Huffines Chevrolet Plano, Texas Still having no leak issues yet with the new fix
  13. with that setup, you should have no problem running 35's
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