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  1. That makes a difference IMO. I’ll keep that in mind if I go away from Bilsteins.
  2. I talked to the guys at Accutune. They recommended Fox over Kings saying the bushings and joints were a little better. I’m personally going to ride with the Bilstein 5100 setup. I may swap out the coils later. I think I’m sold on the Icon Delta Joints too. They look solid and I think they will hold up well. Plus they are fully serviceable. If I went anymore than what I’m doing I’d probably go with the BDS 4” kit. I’ll put some pics up when I get everything installed.
  3. Nice setup. How many miles do you have on it so far? Are the ball joints replaceable on those?
  4. I have a 2021 AT4 with a 3.0. I'm looking to upgrade my UCAs but I can't decide on a particular brand or type. I've looked at everything from BDS, Zone, Cognito, Readylift, etc. I have Bilstein 5100s coming in to go all around and plan on running the fronts at full 1.1" height. I'm not looking to raise anymore than that or I'd just go 4" kit. I talked myself out of a level kit after hearing about all the ball joint and CV issues. I plan to run at least 34s when my tires wear out. ( I run 295/55R20s right now) It's my daily driver and don't plan on plowing thru mud holes on the regu
  5. I just ordered some 5100s for mine. I put my 295/55R 20s on my AT4 until they wear out. I keep reading about UCAs and can't decide which ones to go with. I'm pretty sure I could go 34s like it is. I talked myself out of a level kit after reading about all the issues with ball joints and CVs.
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