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  1. Where is the Work Truck? Seems on all reviews and pictures they never show the base model.
  2. Update: May 2018 Received mailing. My points/dollars were upped to $3,742.37 Expires: 07/02/2018.
  3. One year GM Card upped my points/dollars to $3,000. Made the deal then waited for finance guy/gal. Then showed my points.
  4. Me. I had a new GMC Sierra - 2008. New Colorado 2010. New Colorado 2012. Nice trucks but waste of monies for what I use a truck for. Picked up a nice 2002 Silverado 4X4 with 38,000 one owner miles. Zero rust. Rides like a new truck. New is nice. But so is old.
  5. Worlds apart (literally and figuratively). The Chevette was an American car. The Chevrolet Spark is an updated Daewoo Matiz. I don't care for any Korean cars. No matter what the youngsters state about the "quality" of current Korean cars. And that 10 year/100,000 mile warranty on some Korean cars is a joke. South Korea never made cars. When the industry began in the 1980's they used older tooling purchased from the Japanese. But the build quality was awful. Yes, it has improved. But some of the supplier components are still junk. I still see some newer Korean cars with a headlight out. Windshield wiper arms rusting as well as wheels rusting - prematurely. GM may be leaving Korea. Korean labor costs have increased 50% recently. I once rented a Chevrolet Aveo. What a piece of junk. No comparison to the original Chevrolet Chevette. I had 4 Chevettes. Two new and two used. Loved them.
  6. Seo Colors

    I ordered a Woodland Green truck. Very nice color.
  7. Ford F-150 Awards Just Won't Stop

    For all youngsters . . . . all beer cans used to be steel. Later the industry switched to aluminum for beer cans.
  8. GMC's Desert Fox Sierra Is Too Cool To Miss

    Huh? A pickup truck with a bed that cannot haul anything? What's the point?
  9. What does Chapter 11 bankruptcy mean?
  10. Can also be used as a battery tender as has 2amp setting.
  11. Get rid of those hipster doofus LED headlights/running lights ! Those teeny tiny odd ball shaped LED lights must be something that the kiddies like.
  12. Me too. I really hate car payments. When I was in my 20's - I had 4 new vehicle (not at the same time). I just loved ordering new vehicles - the old menu style when every option was offered on any vehicle (almost any). Different colors on interior. Yes, you youngsters, there used to be something other then black cloth. My 4 Chevrolet Chevettes all had vinyl seats - and loved them. Vinyl is gone (almost). Try to get vinyl seats in a Silverato (other the WT). But back to payments. Today, the payments are obscene for those who don't put down large amounts. Either cash or trade.
  13. What type of bulb was used in 2006 - 2008? And why up to 2009 for the Trailblazer and Envoy? What happened after 2009 in the Chevrolet/GMC? Bulbs that is.
  14. Difference in Tire Size Question

    Thanks. I found this link LINK

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