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  1. you will be fine my truck came with 18s with the 3.08 my last truck had 3.73 and 18s and the only major difference I can tell is I get a little more to the tank thank I did with the 3.73s and on long grades I have noticed the 3.08 will downshift sooner with my trailer loaded but does not struggle. some people on here make a big issue of the 3.08 in these trucks - the 3.08 was used by GM back in the late 70s and early 80s as the corporate gear in those days then the 3.73 came into favor again. It was like it was the gear of choice then it died off for the 3.73 but the nice thing about today is you have all these choices and no standard which would be nice with the 3.42 imho.
  2. known fact the F450 is what ford puts up against both the GM and RAM 3500 series trucks. The RAM 3500 series being the king of the pullers when it comes to the class. Just a FYI the same month GM went into Bankruptcy (June 2009)- Ford borrowed 5.9 Billion from the Government to stay afloat. I believe they asked for an extension to 2022 when they borrowed it as well on other loans they had taken in 2009.
  3. Chrysler on the other hand helped pull Diamler Benz out of their crappy production methods and was robbed in the break up, and so far have been the bright side of the FIat/Chrysler Merger in the US. The FCA stock in which I currently own is being driven not by Fiat products but by designs that were in place when Fiat bought Chrysler. Just go to the FCA website and it will give and read the investment reports and you will see what I am saying is fact. As for product, the company I work for has a fleet of trucks that beg to differ with you on crap, some with 240K plus and still pulling loads on the highways without any thought.
  4. it would be a BS move on the dealership to cry you modified your emissions system and void it but it could be possible just get to know your service writer and you can usually figure out what they will and will not tolerate
  5. I have skimmed through this entire thread LOL. Just a couple of things that are of concern - Someone asked if there were any warranty issues concerning the reengineering of the PCV circuit - while it would be a BS move yes there can be - the emissions warranty can be voided because you are modifying that system. I have noticed a lot of moisture in some of the collections being confused with oil -the lighter the gray the more water less oil you have and you need to warm those engines up more and quit short tripping - those short trips will kill an engine more so than the oil you are trying to trap - sludge will build up in that motor from short tripping. And the last thing the design of some of those "catch" tanks imho would necessitate a vacuum guage to ensure you are not creating a resivoir for the vacuum in case a line were to get plugged or some other internal failure. Also what is being done for backfire protection on these designs - I have not saw any that I can verify. Diesel engines and PCV recirculation are a mess all in themselves as most are pre - turbo reintroduction and create all sort of issues from contaminating the charge coolers to caking up the turbo. I am pro catch can btw on DI/CRD but just want to make sure everyone is given correct information.
  6. I live about 30 minutes north of Williamson. Small world indeed. I have several friends in the timber industry and it seems it is making a comeback since coal is on the down turn around here.
  7. check out last post on this page http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/155567-led-front-light-bars-pods/page-34 he had custom brackets made for his so he would know what you need to take it apart but I am pretty sure the bumper has to come off to remove the bolts
  8. Also not PI1375A also covers 14 models as well it was just PI1375 the A was added in Feb of this year http://vitalysmobileautodiagnostics.com/6368/blank-display-nav-screen-audio-content-is-unavailable-via-speech-recognition-display-screen-is-stuck-on-incoming-call-view-after-phone-call-finished-rear-view-camera-display-blank-usb-issuesbluet
  9. actually recall fits the bill - marketing can call an issue anything they want and fanboying does nothing http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/recall
  10. http://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/604/UI%20Bulletin_110h.pdf
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