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  1. Chemical Guys All Clean+ diluted 20:1 with a short handled grey brush to clean, Chemical Guys leather conditioner followed up after.
  2. Honestly I have nothing against e-core, but the traditionalist part of me says this is better.
  3. So I got a case of these from one of my local parts suppliers on the cheap (about $2/filter), but I've been kind of sceptical about their internal construction. Tonight, I was able to partially open one up to take a peek inside. Plain Jane el cheapo Chinese packaging Cross reference chart. Replaced AC Delco PF63, Fram PH10575, Purolator L2500, etc. Bottom of the filter. ADBV appears to be of urethane construction. Core is metal Mangled case reveals metal end caps, and neatly constructed media pleats. Yay, no cardboard end caps, especially at this price point.
  4. Kinda surprised nobody mentioned BMW yet. But what do I know. My fast sedan is a 2010 Infiniti G37S 6MT with some breathing mods and a tune.
  5. Obligatory "that'll buff out". Glad everybody's OK.
  6. Yeah, over in Sylmar off San Fernando Road. It's called Sunshine Canyon Landfill. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  7. Alright. It's 1:40 in the morning. I picked up 10 storage bins from Lowes and I just finished loading up and tarping down the bed for a dump run in the morning. Yay garage purge! I think all that's left is to organize, and put stuff away in bins. Nearly everything that was in cardboard boxes have either been thrown away (in the truck bed), or stowed/will be stowed into bins. I have 5 racks coming in from amazon mid-week. I also gotta find some time to head to IPS for some metal so I can start fabbing up my work benches.
  8. Inverted monotube. I'm used to it on my sports cars. As far as the ride quality, by far better than the factory Ranchos. The ride is smoothed out, body motion control is better, traction has increased and obstacle negotiation has gotten better (tested by climbing the rear of the truck over a curb). Later this week I'll see about load carrying capabilities since I still have more stuff to move from my old warehouse to the new. The ride is firm, but not harsh. By far a more refined damper. The Ranchos felt stiff and harsh unladen and bouncy and uncontrolled loaded down.
  9. I put a rear pair of these on today Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  10. For me on daily drivers, 10 years or 250k miles on average. Toys seem to cycle faster.
  11. C25A1guy

    Chit chat

    Time for me to introduce my 2 day old daughter. Evelyn Mae
  12. Took my wife to labor & delivery. Daughter born.
  13. Yes. Why do the vehicle manufactures keep infotainment updates so secretive? It just keeps making me want to change to a tablet based head unit install.
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