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  1. Agree, it didn't downshift and was 25mph pulling the hill at points. I think 10 speed would of been a huge improvement.
  2. Good review that came out a couple days from fast lane truck.
  3. Have had 4 6.2's and always run 87, Runs no different for me
  4. It’s been tested through and through, showed no loss what so ever. Do a search was a very detailed thread about it. conclusion is your wasting your money.
  5. I’ve owned 2009 6.2 which I replaced with a 2014 5.3... never again, honestly horrible power and towing. I tow max weights. Now have 2016 6.2 8 speed Yukon denali and 2019 6.2 max tow Sierra. Will never drive a 5.3 again. Also the 6.2 mpg was better than the 2014 5.3 6 speed. Best $2-3k option you’ll ever spend. As far as reliability, never touched the 5.3 in 125,000km. 2016 6.2 had collapsed lifters which ruined the cam at 25,000km. However fixed in 3 days all on warranty and good as new. Like it never happened. Bad luck? Could it happen to the 5.3? I don’t know.
  6. Yes think it should of run 13.9 without the limiter. Would be nice to beat the raptor or limited ford. Power feels more linear with the 10 speed much like a diesel compared to my 2016 8 speed.
  7. Just swap the muffler. Waste of money getting a cat-back in my opinion. Cut out the flappers and replace muffler. It already has 3.5" pipe split to duals. Catback is just basically replacing good pipe.
  8. Ran today: 6.2 /3.42 rear hits 98mph speed limiter before 1/4 mile. looks like high 13's possible
  9. Mic drop!!! There you have it folks. I had the same opinion hating on the turbo but after checking the numbers they are very respectable. Torque will also be made down low, bet it pulls within its capacity better than the 5.3.
  10. oh wow, i didnt realize it was rated that well. Guess it is a strong little motor. More power than earlier 5.3's. I assumed 200 hp and 250ft.
  11. Wouldn't the costs of those mods be about the same as upgrade to 5.3? Just don't understand, leave it stock or buy the 5.3. Your wasting your time.
  12. With the k2's people were saving tenths shifting from 4x4 back to 2wd after launch also. Read the new ford limited and raptors run 5.2 0-60. 450hp/510ftlbs
  13. Awesome information. Anyone have any rule of thumb for losing 2 tenths with a 5500lbs truck to hp comparisons. Ex. 15 whp result in 1 tenth. Either way awesome gains
  14. FYI for 6.2 owners: clamped open both my flappers valves and noticed zero difference in sound. Seems to do nothing on the 6.2
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