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  1. 6.6 gas

    Why the 10 speed hate?? Seems to make sense. Can have a 3.23/3.42 rear end with 3 overdrive gear for running empty with increased fuel mileage. But have a lower overall gear range, better than what 4.10’s can offer with a 6 speed. Effectively could be equal to 4.56 6 speed. 10L90 tows great and drives great. Stays in the power with out the huge drop when shifting. Linear power output. Change isn’t bad guys.
  2. 6.6 gas

    No, it’s 2020. I expect my truck to perform and evolve. My 1/2 ton is great and am amazed in the advancements made between my 6.2 LS based engine I previously had and now 6.2 direct injection engine. Mileage greatly improved and performance. Why is it wrong to expect the same out the of the new 6.6. The 4.10 gearing comment. That’s why these trucks need a 10 speed. Better overall ratio for highway cruising but still have a lower first gear than the 4.10’s You guys are living in the Stone Age. I expect 2500 hd’s To evolve as the half tons did. The 2500hd gas market desperately needed a refresh. Hopefully 2021 gets the updated trans.
  3. 6.6 gas

    If this is true then this wont be the engine to get me into a 3/4 ton. Probably 1000lbs difference between 1500 and 2500, expect better than the 12mpg empty I get currently driving 6.0 trucks. My 6.2 gets 20mpg pretty easily. I wish I had the option to build a 2500HD 6.2 with 10 speed. My AFM direct injection engines hold up fine to the abuse I put them through in the past.
  4. 6.6 gas

    I just want 6.2 towing performance and fuel economy in a 2500 hd truck. I do realize this will be a heavier truck than a 1/2 ton so wont perform quite as well, but the 6.0 now does not suit my needs for power and fuel economy. Hoping the 6.6 will be the engine to put me in a 3/4 ton. I haven't drove a ram 2500, but I do agree on the reliability and will never personally own one due to this. Our company claims the same cost of ownership between ford and gm so those are the choices when it comes time to order a truck.
  5. 6.6 gas

    Excited for gm to finally replace the old 6.0. Funny some saying gm should keep it as it’s tried and proven. With this mindset we should still be using small block tech from the 60’s. I want a gas HD truck but the mileage and low output kept me from buying a 6.0. I personally want AFM and direct injection. This will also be my daily driver so mileage is a huge factor and reason I don’t have one now. I currently have a 5.3 and 6.2 in half tons and am amazed with the 6.2 mileage for the power output. Pull a 8000lbs trailer so that’s where I would like the HD. Now for the commercial fleet side, I keep hearing that mileage isn’t important. I work at a company that runs 100’s of trucks with the option of using the gm 6.0. All I hear is underpowered and to hard on fuel and I agree. I don’t want to fuel up everyday and not have the range. So when it comes time to order a new truck hardly anyone orders this option. We get a choice.
  6. If it happens again I will post a picture. Sure it will over the life of the truck. I have the standard black shocks.
  7. Took the truck in to the dealer, everything checked out perfect. Must of just had some sort of bind with the shocks and equalizing hitch not sure. Also one would think shocks would be toast. But truck rides perfect and no rear bounce over bumps like I’ve had with worn shocks. Not going to change them. Rides as good if not better than my new Yukon with magnetic ride.
  8. Standard shocks with 100,000km. Taking to the shop today. Also hooked the trailer back up and rides normal height while hooked. Also so to make things better the truck burnt 1L of oil during the 2500km trip towing the trailer.
  9. That’s what I’m thinking also. Shock would not rebound. Trailer weight never changed as it’s a travel trailer and equalizing hitch was all hooked up correctly. Really not sure what caused this. Will inspect more today.
  10. While pulling my 7000lbs trailer today with my 2014 Sierra Denali with regular suspension (not magnetic ride) the truck rear suspension would not return after hitting a bump. The truck must of bottomed out and it would not return. I pulled over as I thought the trailer fell off the hitch and noticed the truck on the bump stops and would not return to normal height. I use an equalizing hitch and have pulled this trailer 10,000 km without a problem in the past. Any idea what caused this? Did something break? Everything seems normal now after towing the trailer home 20km and unhooking the trailer and jumping on truck. Don’t see any noticable cracks in the leak springs. Hooked the trailer up again and all appears to be normal now instead of bottoming the truck. Ideas? Anyone have this happen.
  11. Same thing happened to my 6.2 2016 at 15k miles. Needed all lifters and cam plus oil pump they did too
  12. 2014 oil consumption 5.3

    Thanks for the information. I did check my oil after sitting all night on level garage floor multiple times and it just touched the bottom of the dip stick. Below the lower dot. Dealer told me when I took it in for an oil change it only took 300ml to bring to full which they then dumped everything for an oil change. I’m assuming it was at least a litre low based on the dip stick being below the lower dot. This was after 5000km. Started consumption test after this oil change so everything is now documented and I will verify oil level with mechanic during check ins. However acceptable consumption from gm is 1 litre per 3200 km (2000 miles). Mine seems to be 1 litre per 5000 km. If deemed acceptable I would still think that is a lot.
  13. 2014 oil consumption 5.3

    I’m pretty sure there is a oil level monitor for level in the pan. Not pressure based.
  14. Many post on this but have a few specific questions. My truck seems to be burning oil with 90,000 km. Took my truck for an oil change today and started a consumption test. 5000km since last oil change and oil level was just touching bottom of the dip stick. Previous oil change was at 10,000 km interval and oil level was off the dip stick and oil low light would come on. So today i was told it only took 300ml to bring it from the bottom of the dip stick to full when they added oil with the automated gun, Is this true? Thought dip length would be more oil volume. That would mean my truck is only burning 300ml per 5000km. Would be off the dip stick if left to 6000km. To me this is unacceptable. How low is the truck on oil when the low oil light comes on? What is gm’s acceptable consumption?
  15. Repurchase program? GM said eligible...

    I got offered $1000 off the purchase of a new vehicle on trade. Yay! So if not offering anything on trade im going after extended warranty and extended free maintenance and keep it. However really happy with my dealership not so much with gm. Never return calls, don't no anything when talking to them. Hardly speak English. Every time you call they just want you off the line.

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