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  1. I live in Canada and the process is a lot harder than the US from what i have read.
  2. Have all the problems in this thread. Picking up my truck tomorrow after the 5th attempt to repair. Will post repair details and updates. Anyone else have a permanent fix?
  3. That’s similar to what I’ve noticed. 2014,2016,2018 all better then this 2020. Not by a little bit either. Hoping with mileage it will improve.
  4. This is my original thread that totally got derailed. Ive had multiple new trucks, 5.3’s and 6.2’s. I’m not new to driving trucks or fuel mileage with them. Aerodynamics, speed, blah blah save it. My point was this truck is getting significantly worse mileage than other 6.2’s I’ve owned or any other truck for that matter.
  5. Yes I’ve had 4 previous updates and have all the latest as gm comes out with it. They have no fix I'm told until gm gives direction. Ive never lost my brakes just my power steering and having parking brake apply while at stop lights. Also service esc.
  6. Received the new recall today. Did absolutely nothing. Dash flashing like a Christmas tree before even leaving the parking lot.
  7. Im starting to think the truck may actually be programmed to run rich for initial break in. Truck hit 5000km recently and mileage has started improving. Right when it hit 5000 i noticed the change so not sure if there is any science to this.
  8. I live in Canada. Truck bought new in Canada. I switched the display for the picture so Americans would understand haha. Runs 17-20 L/100km and this is on the highway for the whole tank. These tanks are so small I get horrible range. Can’t imagine towing. Also the picture above is using American 3.78 L to gallon. Canadians use 4.54 L per gallon, which I never use when calculating mpg and hate when ppl do. As it gives a false higher mpg.
  9. I no other trucks are getting better results as posted. So I’m not asking what you get. I want to know what the deal is with this specific truck.
  10. What can possibly be wrong with my truck. 100% stock, 22” stock tires. averaging 12-14 mpg on the highway. This is all highway no stops, 75 mph cruise. Many trips show the same result. Both direction neglecting wind. All the same. All past 6.2’s with the same driving habits get significantly better mileage. Not impressed with my 2019. Past trucks and Yukon 6.2 get 20mpg without even thinking about. Thought with the 10 speed and new fuel management it would be better.
  11. The middle row of seats that happen to be buckets. Behind the front seats. Anyways, Took the retractor apart and my kids have gum stuck on the belt causing the problem. Cleaned it all off and will put back together once it dries. Hopefully solves my problem.
  12. Seen that also when looking for solution. Mine wont budge at the moment. In or out, its locked solid.
  13. Anyone have an issue with the seat belts. The middle bucket seat, 2016 Yukon Denali wont budge. Pulled out 12" and move wont from there, out or in. Anyone have any ideas? or how to pull the interior panels off to get at the retractor. I'm sure warranty wont cover this being a 2016 and past the basic mileage.
  14. Yes, Any exhaust shop will be able to fit just the muffler. Cut out the flappers and weld in the new muffler, they will have to fab a little extra pipe due to shorter muffler. These trucks come with larger diameter pipe which is free flowing unlike from years past where more benefits were had from full cat back system. The restriction is in the muffler and flapper valves and is where the gains will be had.
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