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  1. You may need to do minor modifications or just look for direct fit. I would look at Flowmaster but you have to be certain on the exact inlet size. 2.5", 3", 3.5". Exhaust work is possibly one of the only tasks I just bring in to the shop. Just a simple muffiler swap should not cost that much more then a DYI...
  2. Had the same problem with rock chips on my White Tri-coat pearl 2012 Sierra seen in my avatar so I just went chrome bumpers front, rear and grill. Took the advise from others that color match attempt will be noticeable.
  3. I did not find it very difficult when I replaced plugs and wires last month on my 2012 5.3. Yes that #8 was somewhat of a pain because of the a/c canister/lines but managed it all from the top. Message to the poster...unless you have the patience you can easily brake off plug ceramic tips on old and new if your socket angle is off while torqueing. My recommendation is to pay out the install unless your set on taking a chance DYI option. I shopped RockAuto ACDELCO 41162 Plugs and ACDELCO 9748UU wires.
  4. www.rockauto.com I have used PowerStop brand with great results. Rotors are coated and you can buy the complete front/rear kit for under $400 Rotors/Pads and Calipers Front and Rear. The only downside is the core $$$ added that you need to send back for refund.
  5. This is my first post since joining this forum but could not agree more with UGAreb. I was on strike for 6 weeks and had to suck it up. That's the way it goes...
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