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  1. Mine has full corners not tapered like this one. When folded in it holds grocery bags from sliding.
  2. Welcome Dave...I'm fairly new myself but have found many helpful and skilled members on this board.
  3. I'm one of many I can say have driven GM's all my life and never had issues to warrant encouraging others not to buy a GM vehicle. My last vehicle bought used I just sold I drove for 22 yrs 1996 Sierra and currently drive a 2012 Sierra used and could not be more pleased. If you are able to own all those 3 vehicles which I consider high end in my books...your repair bill I would consider packet change.
  4. Ha-Ha...he will post the same thing on a different forum after buying a Ford and again buying a Dodge. Sounds like a spoiled dude that was late getting to the country club.
  5. Everyone flipped out when I filled up at 80.8 cents per litre 2 days ago 87 grade. I guess it's not so great when it's converted....$3.78 per gallon Cdn. $3.78 USD converts to $5.25 Cdn. Why do we get shafted
  6. I think Cameron summed it up well... Are you doing the work yourself but looking for step by step instructions? You got a free truck so you may consider selling it and looking for a 5.3 or 6.2 of same value if it suits your need.
  7. Thanks Area51...your unit seems to have a pretty good review over-all. I was thinking of just getting the a TomTom or Garmin so I will see which direction I will go.
  8. Just thought I'd start this thread in search of anyone that has installed an after market in dash radio/gps screen unit to replace the radio only unit. I bought a 2012 GMC Sierra last year that didn't come with GPS option. Are there any reasonably priced after market unit with good reviews that compare to the factory units? Thoughts on if it's worth the money? I'll throw out that I'm in Canada which may narrow down my options.
  9. Wheatland Yellow....have yet to see one on the road but IMO not my cup of tea and resembles to much like the municipality work vehicles
  10. My good friend enjoys his new build...If I remember correctly it's a '65.
  11. I would think a good quality premium oil is well worth the extra money when considering the amount of coin we drop for our new rigs.
  12. Mother nature always finds a way to complicate peoples lives. Super glad you and the family are fine. Although what is damaged is replaceable...I only hope you get a good value return from the Insurance God for your truck.
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