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  1. Mother nature always finds a way to complicate peoples lives. Super glad you and the family are fine. Although what is damaged is replaceable...I only hope you get a good value return from the Insurance God for your truck.
  2. I would be a little patient since you only posted recently. I would say that since the entire dash is apart could it be possible that switched or wires that function the ignition are not powered.
  3. That's a lot of miles at this point and if it's running good why sink the extra money into it.
  4. Love these tires... Geolandar A/T G015 - Size: 275/55R20
  5. Welcome Jesse...I too come from a harsh climate here in Canada and can tell that I've seen my share of rusty underbody frames. I would think your moms ride being only 4 yrs old is mainly surface rust. I bought a 2012 Sierra shy of 4 months ago and first thing I did was lift that sucker onto a hoist and air-blasted all loose rust. Krown sprayed black on the outer frame and visible exterior areas and Krown oil sprayed everything else. Not sure if this helps to convince mom.
  6. I got myself a tank full of gas to drive all over the city to buy presents for everyone else. Happy Holiday's H0-Ho-Ho fellow forum friends and their families. Play safe and don't drink and drive.
  7. Our OPP police is nowhere near hard core like your State troopers. If he was not impaired and had a legal licence then he just got a hefty fine and called his buddy to pick him up. His rig gets impounded.
  8. I thought we were the kind, silent type...never knew some of us Canucks were that dumb-assed. Very ballsy to have even attempted it.
  9. I had a stripped/rounded caliper bolt where vise grips did not work also. I used my hand grinder to flatten either side of head bolt and used an open head wrench which came out with ease.
  10. I may think that this video will direct you in the right path. My wife's 2006 Honda Pilot was exactly the same set-up.
  11. I'm in Ontario and found a bargain filling up at $1.06 L , $4.24 US gallon. Christmas came early
  12. Not for me thank you...don't want my garage and house blown up or even worse in a collision with my wife and kids on board for this to happen. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/22/tesla-investigating-apparent-explosion-of-parked-car-in-shanghai.html
  13. Glad to see your ok Dave...I'm not 100% certain but always thought all AWD or 4WD need to be suspended when being towed via flatbed or dollies.
  14. Across the border we get hit with 15%. I cry when I see what you guys pay for a new truck which is why I can only afford used.
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