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  1. wondering if the independent rear suspension will be available on the ltz. might be worth waiting
  2. i like that the 6.6 doesn't have the cylinder deactivation. I am shopping for a new truck and the 2500hd is just so big
  3. what is the likelihood 2021 silverado will get new color options and an updated interior to match the tahoe and suburban I would like to see the 6.6 gas option in the 1500 as well, maybe in the wt model. anyone know when orders for 2021 will be able to be placed? I was reading mid summer somewhere. what options would you like to see on the 2021? thanks, Chris
  4. Good to hear. this has been one of the things keeping me from getting a new truck. I currently have a 4.8 because it was the only engine option without AFM at the time. I am anxious to see fuel economy numbers without the DFM on 5.3L and 6.2L trucks. I was leaning toward the 2500hd to get a non AFM/DFM engine. Please update us with numbers. Thanks for your efforts testing this. Chris
  5. We looked at some of the yellow and black camaros back in 2010 when I bought my current silverado. My kids love the yellow and black. I do as well. I am not worried about resale value as I tend to keep my vehicles until resell doesn't matter. I have 190k on my 2007 silverado that I bought in 2010 with 75 miles on it.
  6. the body style is growing on me. I don't usually go for black wheels, but the trail boss is really starting to catch my eye. If they drop the price on that Yellow LT a bit more, I will be very tempted to buy it. It has almost every option. I am also considering a 2500hd so I can get the 6.6 and a 6.2 trailboss LT. Thanks, Chris
  7. I think I will be disconnecting that button when I get my truck.
  8. Well I like the yellow myself. I also considered orange. The salesman I am dealing with was supposed to find out the process, since he had never ordered a fleet optioned one before. I like having the ability to spot my truck in a crowded parking lot I wish the sea foam green or light blue was still an available option for the trucks, but a yellow trail boss LT with the rst rally stripes is sounding pretty good to me. Thanks, Chris
  9. I am trying to get my dealer to let me order a yellow trail boss LT. Has anyone gone through the fleet order process? Thanks, Chris
  10. does anyone have the part numbers for the z71 skid plates. I am looking at buying a 2019 LT and plan to add the 2" lift and skid plates. Thanks, Chris
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