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  1. Ahhh. Maybe that’s it. We don’t have power up (or at least don’t think so... lol) It’s like unlocking the doors when your truck is parked in a shady area. Sure you forgot to lock, but you can see the cap sticking up, so there’s a way to check. With her bag hitting the button there is absolutely no way to tell until the gate dropped while driving. I’m not starring a lawsuit or anything, but these trucks warn me there might be ice when it’s 34, tell you when the fluid is low, tell me when the multipro is open (because long boards are sticking out), they tell me a kid might be in the back seat because I put my backpack there - it simply sucks that it doesn’t say the gate is open. If there was a way to defeat this stupid button, I would - to prevent this
  2. So does anybody have a GMC with the tailgate open warning or is that only Chevys?
  3. Took a video - there’s nothing when the button is pushed. And the tailgate is still up, but will fall after I hit a few bumps driving. FullSizeRender.mov
  4. Mine are both Denalis. Not Ultimate package but still not work trucks!
  5. Ya right. Especially since the button is there. No button, no idiot light needed. Lol
  6. Lol. Believe it or not, it’s what happened, I’m not here to sell you anything, just asked if anything similar happened to people here. She did not go in the truck bed at all that day (didn’t have the kids with her, so no need for the stroller). I confirmed with both of our ‘19 trucks that there is no liftgate open chime or message. I also confirmed that it doesn’t open while in D (of course I tried that one with an empty bed...)
  7. Woah! That is EXACTLY what I’m asking for. My 2 trucks DO NOT do that. That’s how this whole mess happened. Thanks for the pic! Now I have something a to say that is actually wrong, not just a complaint.
  8. So did anybody else ever have this happen: Short story: the button on the center counsel got bumped by my wife’s purse before the truck was put in drive. No dash light, no notification, it just unlatched the tailgate. Our $650 double stroller slid out of the bed and got ran over. She didn’t know the gate was down until she got to her next destination, where she called me in tears. We found the pieces in the road where she pulled out. So far GM customer care and GMC executive service have been of no help (financial or that this will get fed back to engineering). If it was something heavier, it could have done serious damage to the cars behind her. Heck, the stroller could have done some damage to the cars that hit it, but we’ll never know... More details for guys like me that have questions (lol): Because it has a tonneau cover (dealer installed) it doesn’t even open when you hit the button - but as soon as she pulled out the main tailgate opened and there stroller slid out of the bed and got destroyed. How is there not a light or something that says the gate is down - especially with a button inside the cabin now?? We had a K2xx Denali and currently have 2 T1xx Denalis. The extra stupid thing that if the tiny top piece of the MultiPro Gate is open (you know the one that nothing that could fall out of...) the dash lights up like a Christmas Tree.
  9. That’s an OK idea if it works for you, but it means that you can’t change the ringer volume of you phone with the buttons anymore! Most people (that I know) use those buttons regularly. I’m not bashing your suggestion at all, just bitching that we still don’t have a fix for this!!
  10. Exactly! The truck lowers the phone volume to almost so low you can’t hear it once you get out of your truck. Wifey and I both have iPhones and trucks and both do it.
  11. We noticed this too, but it seem to be only after we got out while the keys were still in the truck. Thought maybe that was a safety feature ?? I’ll keep paying attention and report back
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