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  1. That was the ticket, for me it was on the 3rd screen, I didn't realize that you could swipe screens, awesome, thanks.
  2. I have a 2020 Sierra SLT, it has a towing package, but not the one with all the extra cameras. I just have the single camera in the tailgate. It is possible to turn that on while driving?
  3. just in case you're like me, and didn't know about the new style of covers that fold up and out of the way (I learned about them last month and bought one) There are a few types, both solid and vinyl tops, that fold up out of the way and are designed to be driven with them folded up too. example: https://extang.com/xceed
  4. @Dave Cabets Oddly enough, it's both. It is a vinyl covered hard cover. A hard cover made to look like a seamless soft cover. https://extang.com/xceed
  5. I have the Extang Xceed, I can drop the whole tailgate manually or with the remote, and put the whole tailgate up without touching the cover, but just opening and closing the upper multipro part, does require opening the cover first.
  6. I'm hoping a reliable universal adapter comes out at some point. Leave the adapter plugged in, and connect wireless to it when desired.
  7. Haven't used it in that position yet, but when checking it out, I though it was odd that you could not lock it open with the hinge arms. Also would have been great if they figured out a way to make it slide a couple inches so 8' boards fit. And of course the hitch issue, as now my month old truck has a chip in the paint because I forgot I left the hitch on.
  8. Any updates to a working picture of the lift points?
  9. My old truck was a 4x4 with a seemingly beefier rear end. I now have a 2020 Sierra 2/RWD. I towed a trailer of dirt last weekend and the truck squatted more than I liked, so I ordered a set of helper springs. I just took a look under the truck, and wanted to be sure it was safe to jack up the rear end from the differential in order to put jack stands on the frame rails for the install. Can anyone confirm if the differential on a RWD model is a safe jack point for the rear end?
  10. Thanks all, I have ordered a cargo bar. I did look at altering the existing gate, but it was almost 8 inches too short. Was leaning towards the 2x6 or 2x8 solution but with the bed being wider than it is long, storing it out of use would have been an issue. Hoping an adjustable bar works well for the best of both worlds.
  11. Yes, it was on and powered up, the tester used supplied power to function and test.
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