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  1. Out doing a little work on this morning. Clouds were out, snapped a photo.
  2. Not that this is normal, but my truck (2020 6.2 RST) wasn’t charging the battery on my dump trailer. I removed the fuse and saw that it was good. All I can say is that putting the fuse back in fixed the problem. I bought a 7 pin connector tester off of Amazon for 8 bucks. It was delivered the next day, so quick turn around. Now, the pin has power to it continuously, as it should. I know it seems impossible, but I’ve seen crazier ****** having been an electronic technician in the NAVY for 11 years. 90% of electrical problems are cabling. Fuses are considered part of that in my book.
  3. I have scoured the internet and even this forum and have only found one post that really addresses this issue on the 2019-2021 Silverado/Sierra 1500’s. One person here said they found the fuse that controlled it, but didn’t elaborate as to which fuse so I went and checked every fuse I saw under the hood and was unable to figure out how to fix this issue. Fuse #63 says trailer power, but has nothing to do with the 12V Power Pin on the 7 Pin connection. If anyone can shed light on the solution to my problem, it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Would you mind taking a look at your panel and see if you can remember. I check #63 for trailer power and my fuse is good. Just not charging trailer battery and I am at a loss.
  5. Took another photo of my truck today. Just can’t get over how thrilled I am that I went with the 20X10’s and lift kit.
  6. It is a 9500 lb. Winch by Rough Country. It fits nicely inside my Fab Fours bumper. I think it was about $400 if I remember.
  7. Just picked my truck up this afternoon. I had a 4” Rough Country Ready Lift installed. I still have a very minute amount of rub so I’m probably going to remove the mud flap bracket and push the liner back a tad bit. I only need a 1/4 inch to not have any rubbing at full turn. My wheels are 20x10” -18 offset with 305/55 R20 for anyone wondering. Have a good weekend everyone.
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