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  1. Looks factory. Very nicely done and well documented! GM engineers could use some tips like this. I would do it, but I opted for the center console...
  2. Can you share the installation quirks? In channel snap in only? Any adhesive to deal with? I've never had these, so don't have any experience on installation. Edit I just downloaded the manual for these. I guess my concern here is the weathertech ones had hard time (long time) they weren't available for the LTZ model with the chrome trim, which I don't understand as it doesn't appear to be in the way of the channels. So, not sure why there would be a difference between the models with chrome or the black.
  3. Must not get hot where you are. That's what I call an air blocker. I have an iottie for a few years. Great device and I use the suction cup to the windshield. Doesn't restrict airflow from the vents. It's raining hard out or I would go snap a pic.
  4. Interesting the accessory photo shows sensors. You would think they thought of that... I'd like one too, but. I notice Newdude has parking sensors too. Maybe he will chime in.
  5. Yes Speed Turtle 3.0. Works pretty well. Just got it installed and have some questions for their tech support. They've been very responsive. I just copied and pasted the youtube link into the text box here on a separate line and hit enter. it entered full screen. Wish is wasn't so big in here and a sort of a diminished size, wasn't trying to be obnoxious, but it works.
  6. Very nice of you. I actually got GM customer service involved fairly quickly on mine, but frustrated that the only thing you could do is try and contact my dealer and get someone to look at the issue. I can contact the dealer to have them look at it. If only I could talk to someone knowledgeable at GM about the issue, a tech maybe, who has first hand knowledge of the blue screen issue and see what they've been seeing on this. I have suspicions as I'm a software tech support level 2 rep for my company and troubleshoot stuff like this every day. But it's either all a hush hush secret that could result in a safety recall or something or nobody at GM actively knows what is happening here. Frustrating for sure. They're ordering a wiring harness for my truck which is on backorder, but I don't expect it to solve the issue. I think they are spitballing either to delay for more testing or to delay past the warranty. Next when that doesn't work, they'll replace a different component in the system and do a bit more diagnosing between the dealership tech and the GM tech... Sigh.
  7. I like!!! Very well done. Here's mine so far. Not going to do much more.
  8. I was skeptical for the fix. It has returned this morning. Shot off an email to the dealer General Manager and updated. Waiting to hear back on a reply for next steps. Am I the only one still having Blue Screens?
  9. I'm a vol firefighter and have visor lights on my LTZ. Looks like I see them on this one too. These are white and do wig wag? By default? Then you can use them as scene lights as well? I'm interested in the setup. Can you provide any details? I would like a red and white setup, but might be able to do white only.
  10. So I was playing around today with Paint. I could have done better, but using the stock image, I blacked out the chrome to match the LT grill. With the LTZ grill being a bit different design, I'm wondering if I could get the chrome areas wrapped. I've been looking at some guys do some amazing things with vinyl wrap. I might look into it. That way I shouldn't have to worry about getting the camera attached to a new grill. But I bet the design of the LTZ grill will be a bear to wrap if it could even be done.
  11. Cool. Let us know. To the OP. Looks good with the black. I like it. I guess I just like the reverse a bit better.
  12. I’m in Raleigh N.C. I have the entertainment package with the front camera so I need to see how that works. It might not accept the camera which would be my luck. Let me check into it or maybe someone here knows the details already.
  13. Interesting. I have an LTZ with all the chrome. Would love to blacken it up in the front. I basically like the LT trim front end. I think it's about the right amount of chrome. I realize the LTZ will have more chrome on it in other areas, but I'm interested in trying to duplicate the LT front end look. If you're not going to use the black one, and might be willing to part, I MIGHT be interested,but I'm with JQcitizen on this, even though the High Country I don't think has that much chrome. I could be wrong. Maybe the painted bumper offsets the chrome... In any case, here's the diff between the look I'm talking about. I wonder if I could get it with this grill someway, but I have the front camera to deal with too.
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