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  1. Glad you figured it out. I was going to try and help. It looks like this youtube vid shows the info at 1:58. Maybe will help give a visual reference for someone else.
  2. I agree. I had a 19 LTZ and like you said, would have to turn it lower after a bit. My 21 HC hardly can tell it's on and seems much lower. It's almost like setting 3 on the HC was setting 1 on my LTZ. It's pathetic output.
  3. Good job on the battery. Makes sense. Was trying to understand what that solenoid was for. Thanks for posting.
  4. Yes. I think I'll buy maybe one of these and rig it like he did with my maintainer. I was just thinking about why this plug is for an inverter which I do have but after thinking about it further I can see where it would be somewhat handy if you don't use the plug in the truck bed. Except for camping you'd have to be careful to keep the battery charged or be stuck in the middle of nowhere unless you have a jumper of course.
  5. so on the 7 way 1 o'clock is pos and 7 o'clock is neg. I get 12.65 volts touching the two with a multimeter. I'm thinking this might do the trick or what Jay previously posted will work as well. I'm trying to understand what this is actually used for in real life. Why would you need to hook up an inverter to the 7 way on the truck? I'm sure there is a purpose.
  6. Good job. I'd be interested to see the battery connections. How you handled that.
  7. Jay, Thanks. That's what I was thinking mainly. My only concern is feeding amps backwards through the wiring to the battery through whatever harnesses and wiring are in the loop back to the battery. It's not a direct battery connection obviously like you would hook up a charger/maintainer to.
  8. Looking for details on this. I've got a good idea, just curious your setup details if you can share.
  9. GM did a buyback on my truck. I now have a 2021 High Country. No further issues, except the rear window leak... Good Luck on yours.
  10. you ordered from dealer? If so, how much are they charging? Also, does the hardware come with it? Any part number(s)?
  11. Keith. Curious why you're looking for the fuse. Is lane assist not working? I don't know the Suburban is the same or similar, but my 2021 High Country Silverado had the lane assist button on the dash that wouldn't light up at all and also intellibeam, which I don't use, didn't work, and more importantly my cruise control stopped working. It turned out to be a code thrown in the BCM, dealer cleared the code and all working again. I posted here somewhere. If I can find it, I'll edit this. But it wouldn't come on because of the code if that's what you were checking for. If you want to disable it or something, sorry.
  12. So clarification if anyone knows. I have the build date on mine. But is that when it started the line or finished the line? I would think started and maybe not even on the line, but when they assign the VIN number and the build options is when the date is set. Then I wonder when it actually hits the assembly line and how long that takes to completion. Do they push a truck down the line from start to finish in a single day? It would be interesting to know or see some of the details on start to finish actually. Like this truck gets the LTZ package and is a Black truck so so they paint it while going down the line or do the black painted parts just show up on the line and get stamped with the correct VIN after the fact, etc. Would be pretty cool to see a truck from start to finish to see how they build and assemble it and all the details involved.
  13. Agree with buying a generator/inverter. What I find funny is the dang commercial that kicked off the new Silverados was really cool. Apparently they were able to power some serious lighting at the time when all the lights started coming on. Or at least that's what they wanted you to think. What you get is something to charge batteries and the like with.
  14. Just wanted to update in case it helps anyone with this issue. Trip to the dealer said it was this. B3623 - Steering Wheel Controls Distance Sensing Cruise Control Gap Up/Down Signal Circuit Found my circuit was good. Clearing the code resumed functionality. A bit more detail to my issue was actually the Lane Assist would not turn on and also Intellibeam would not enable. I don't use intellibeam (automatic bights) and the lane assist didn't bother me really (I can generally keep between the lines even at my old age) but the cruise control not working was a PIA.
  15. Anyone out there know how cruise control works on these trucks? I got the cruise symbol when I press the cruise control button and when I press the one to turn it off, it turns off. However, when trying to set cruise, I get nothing. I was thinking a fuse or something. But I can find no fuse associated with cruise. It must be something in the BCM I guess, but that will have to be dealer. I made the 1st available appointment for next Monday. Just checking if I missed a fuse or something. In the old days it was a fuse you could check. It was working until last weekend. So I know how it's supposed to work.
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