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  1. Steve, That's what they also replaced on mine, but still had the errors and blue screen, so they swapped the rear camera again. Glad to hear you're still doing good. I mentioned last time to you my wife is from Long Island. Went to a Hurricanes - Islanders game back in January and she was stuck on who to root for. Hurricanes won though. He he.
  2. Thought I would take time to update my issue. Was at the dealer for almost 2 weeks with maintenance and other miscellaneous, AND service rear vision system. Told them I didn't want it back until it was fixed. Got it back on Friday afternoon. So... I'm skeptical it's fixed now, but so far so good. Camera wakes up immediately, like it's supposed to. I honestly don't think I've seen it work this good before and took a little getting used to since I've been watching blue screens for so long. Getting the hang of it after a few days. What bothers me and why I'm skeptical is the initial time last year I took it in for this, dealer ordered a rear camera, (tailgate handle one) ... and it proceeded to blue screen the next day after I got it back. Long story short, they worked with GM and replaced the same camera again after replacing the video processing unit which they say didn't fix so they had to regroup on the issue. After working with GM they decided to replace the rear camera and I was like, go ahead (waste of time). But since they replaced it, they said the codes cleared and haven't returned as of my pickup last week. Keeping fingers crossed. I realize things happen with parts and so forth and maybe it was a bad new part or something, but I'm just skeptical right now. They'll be the first to hear if I see the blue screen again. Anyway, wanted to update it appears for now fixed. Hope everyone else gets theirs fixed. Unfortunately, it looks like there are different fixes for the same issue out there on this, so it's not a one fix issue from what I can tell.
  3. Thank you for that info. Took mine in yesterday and dealer reproduced issue, not hard to do... Tried the service bulletin, 19-NA-076, but still reproduced, Sent me home saying they will replace the control module and have ordered it. I assume same module you got replaced. I checked the part number 84624987 and got only a couple of hits on Google which only confirms it's a genuine GM part... Anyway, will see if this finally fixes the issue. It sounds like they contacted GM after the service bulletin didn't take care of it and this was the recommendation. Patiently waiting. Edit, after checking my invoice shows they ordered a different module part number, 84691752, module 9.680 with no (N) like yours. Wonder the difference. I have the technology package with surround cameras.
  4. Can you describe the camera module? Any idea where it's located, etc? I don't plan on working on it. I'll leave that to my dealer, but I wanted to give them some information to go off of. Just in case they don't call it the camera module or something. Is that what was listed as a description on your invoice? Thank you for this info. Dealer replaced my rear camera in the tailgate before and did not fix. I suspect the camera module is a piece of hardware that boots up and connects to the entertainment system somehow. I've heard of something like this under a seat or something. Just trying to gather some info and detail when I tak it in next week.
  5. Sadly last night is the first time I put it in auto. We finally got some snow here in NC. So long and short I haven't had it in 4WD just yet. I just enabled it in the driveway when I first got it to make sure it would shift in and out, but that was all. Same setup as your truck, but LTZ. To your point, frustrating because I drove a loaner truck they had when I had some issues address last year and smooth as silk. That's the way it should shift. Not mine. Has a 1-2 hard shift at times, usually on the first cycle of the day, which GM says is normal, but mine is not limited to the first cycle of the day. It does it anytime and random. Stop light and pull through the gears one time, smooth, next time hard 1-2. No rhyme or reason. The other frustrating thing is I can't tell if the dam thing has any transmission fluid in it. No dipstick... I know that's by design now, but really? Are we sure it got filled properly? I know GM has a procedure to check, but the dealer didn't bother... "It's normal." The other thing it does is I always back into my spot. Very rarely pull straight into anything. So my camera doesn't always work and I miss sometimes anyway, but I shift forward to adjust at times and it can't transition from reverse to forward and vice versa at times and bangs the dam transmission. Dealer had it for a day and couldn't reproduce. I can't reproduce at will either, but every so often, it bangs the transmission into gear. I don't think I will get 21 years out of this truck... Sad.
  6. Hey. I've been so busy I haven't had time to get this addressed. Has everyone pretty much gotten the Blue screen service rear vision system fixed now? I was just searching this and noticed a tech bulletin specific to this issue and am hopeful this may be the fix... Bulletin No.: 19-NA-076 Is anyone familiar with this? Last time I rattled my dealer was back in early November on this. I'm hoping this new information came out after and the fix in now in. Hoping... I was thinking software issue and was disappointed in the latest 807 update it still continues for me every day. Maybe this is it. Just looking to see if anyone having this issue has had it resolved now and can point to anything of note if not this bulletin. Thanks. MC-10169266-9999.pdf
  7. I'm thinking about the weathertech. Are there any clips involved? Anything other than putting them in the channels? I have the LTZ and they finally recently made for this trim level. Something to do with the chrome trim took them so long to figure out. Any case, I'm thinking about them. Sound like you like these.
  8. Yes. That's the feniex bracket. I'll try and grab a pic of mine. I have the fusion. It was extremely hard to get in place, but doable. You can take the screw out, be very careful with opening the tab for the screw, but then there is no obvious way to tilt or maneuver anything to get it to loosen up. I barely was able to inch the bracket under and into place. I would love to know how the visor clip is removed. Would make it so much easier to install. Hopefully you got past this by now, but I'll snap a pic and post if I can. The other bracket for the other side of the visor is easier to figure out, but a bit complicated still. Take a pic or two before it comes all apart. Again, hopefully you got this by now. I got a couple of pics. Driver's side.
  9. I have a 19 LTZ and still running v805.1. No updates it keeps telling me. I sure hope there's an update. Hoping to fix the bugs in mine.
  10. Let us know. And which side if you can too. I just called my dealer service manager to get the ball rolling again on this yesterday. Waiting to hear back when he investigates how they want to tackle. I might be able to point him in a direction if this holds true. They first tried replacing my tailgate camera. Now every now and again, I find the tailgate push button assembly popped out a bit and have to push it back in. I guess a weakened tab from prying it out. I mentioned it on my last visit and they couldn't reproduce the issue. ??? Replace the dam thing! I had three pictures and showed them when I dropped it off. Another reason I don't want them to start taking the truck apart to replace this and that without having an idea what they are trying to fix here. I'll end up with rattles and more inside when they start prying the dash apart to replace the inside I'm sure.
  11. Am shocked (shouldn't be) that this functionality is not by default. Or there is not a switch in the bed for the lights to toggle on and off. Lights are pretty useless most of the time because they aren't on. I'll watch this and see if anyone has a good mod for this.
  12. There is a tech bulletin on this behavior. They call it still busy (booting up I guess). The check for this is to wait 45 seconds to shift and rule out the issue of quickly shifting. I call BS on this. I can let mine boot up for several minutes, not even shift and reveal the blue screen. The shift only reveals the underlying issue I believe.
  13. Sucks bad. If I had the time in my life, which I don't, to go play back and forth with the dealer to get this fixed, the truck would be in there every day at this point. I have noticed the following. start in the morning. let warm up a few minutes. gives time for all the electronics to be happy, but shouldn't have to. don't have to shift at all. just go to the camera screen option, blue screen. point being don't think it has anything to do with shifting to or through reverse. doing so only reveals the issue at hand. leave it on the camera screen (blue with message) until some random time during my 30 minute morning work commute, it wakes up. then seems to function ok. park at work. go to lunch. random if going to blue screen. if blue screen, very quick less than 1 minute to wake up. leave work for day seems to work ok, but can randomly throw blue screen with very little wake up time. All that said, seems to be worse in the morning when sitting overnight. possible booting issue after sitting overnight. Of course shouldn't be the case, but something in the boot process seems to hang and cause this. Rear view mirror camera screen is fully functional at all times. So I at least know that one is working properly. Again, if I had time... I need to get this into the dealer to check out from my recent back and forth with Chevrolet support. Just don't have time to futz with this not working and frustrating because it is a safety issue. I had to back out in a bad spot the other night in the rain, messy weather at night, tons of activity, and blue screen. No help from a perfectly good tool I should have had access to.
  14. Tried to file a complaint with Chevrolet. Got a case and someone who is working with my dealer to get them to check into my issue. What? I can work with my dealer and piss them off every other week with a new appointment to have them fix it... I'm looking for a tier 2 or tier3 or whatever person who can understand what this is doing to speak with and possible fixes. I work in software support all day and find defects in our software to address. This smells of a software defect of some sort to me, but what do I know. I'm playing nice right now, but very pissed off that something like this is not being dealt with properly. They are supposed to call me back with a dealer rep to work with to resolve on Monday. Can't wait to see what he knows about this issue. Couple of things I suspect and curious about. I have the Technology package which includes the surround cameras. I'm curious if it has something to do with this package option. I drove a loaner without this package and backup camera was 100%. I'm thinking the difference in this package option is either putting too much stress on the system, overwhelming the computer, or something of that nature. It's totally random, but if I leave this screen on, after a period of time, again random, it will finally wake up and work. I timed it on my way to work last week at about 30 minutes. Then it worked just fine. Then turned off the truck to stop and get some breakfast and blue screen again for about 2 minutes, then it woke up just before arriving at work. Where in Long Island are you? Wife was born and raised in Huntington. Good luck to all having this issue. I think it's some sort of software defect GM will have to address. I doubt it's hardware related.
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