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  1. That must have been it. Just went and fired it up and it's squawking the correct time now. All day driving and making sure the settings were correct it never updated.
  2. Is it just me or did anyone else not get time sync updated on their T1 today? I was an hour behind all day. I have it to sync with current timezone, etc. All the settings that SHOULD make it update, unless I missed something.
  3. Patiently waiting on buyback offer. I'm sure it won't benefit me, but we'll see what the offer is. I have a truck sitting at the dealer assigned to my buyback. We'll see how it goes.
  4. Well. Maybe? They fixed it last time too, but it came back almost 4 months later. They ended up replacing two cable harnesses that run down the passenger side back to the video processor I guess. They also fixed the rear window leak too. I verified I had the leak as well. BUT. I really don't know if they have any clue to what the issue is or was. I think they were replacing more stuff that hadn't been replaced before really. It was there since November 4, until I got it back on 1/28/21. Do the math. I hope it's fixed so whoever ends up with this truck will have no further issues. I'm done with it and am in limbo currently. Not sure how I'm going to work this out with them.
  5. My 2019 has been at the dealer since 11/4 for this. They are replacing a harness this week. I bet it doesn't fix it. I think GM doesn't have a clue on what the issue is. Mine started doing it less than a week after purchase. Its been back 4 times at least now, maybe 5. I've lost track. All that frustration aside, yes there are at least two TSBs on this that I know of. Neither has seemingly helped mine out, but seems most others clear after the software upgrades needed. Good luck to you. MC-10169266-9999.pdf
  6. There is a procedure to remove the tailgate cover so to speak, assuming you can get to it from the bed and access not locked by a tonneau cover, to manually open the tailgate. I asked that question to the dealer when I first got the truck. So, it can be manually opened if accessible. Would be nice to know the procedure. Take it to the dealer if need be.
  7. Just an update. Truck has been back at dealer for blue screens again since 11/4/20. Neverending seems. Maybe I can get them to make a payment on it if it sits for another week or so. Just frustrated. Hope everyone has a safe Thanksgiving.
  8. I don't have any real knowledge on the new clusters, but I replaced my dad's 2004 cluster due to an issue and it probably has something to do with the mileage odometer.
  9. I had this on my 2019 Chevy LTZ. I told dealer I didn't want any glue on it when they replaced it. The order says they replaced the part and it hasn't happened since. I do suspect they probably glued it, but I haven't messed with it because I don't want it to be popping off again. Regarding the part, there was no evidence of any breaks in the tabs or anything that looked bad on either the snap in piece or the pillar it snaps into. It would pop back in just fine, but occasionally pop out when belting up. I remember it was a PIA. Dealership ordered a new one and put it on and no issues since. I bet they glued it though which is what I would've done to fix it myself, but I was in for bigger issues and made this more of a stick it to them while I was in there item.
  10. dang. I thought this was going to be a thread about a possible upgrade to 5G. I read something recently that makes me think it won't be a module replacement upgrade although I would think all they would have to do is swap a module somewhere in the vehicle to accommodate the new 5G. Also read it looks like its going to be on the 2022 Chinese trucks as far as availability. Wonder why not here in the US? I realize 5G is slow to get installed at this point. The carriers are boasting 5G ultra wideband, although there isn't much availability. They are sneaking in 5G Nationwide to make it sound and look good coverage wise, but it's only supped up 4G at the moment. 5G ultra wideband is what we're waiting for really.
  11. They make the full length wheel to wheel ones like the pic or the standard ones like you have. Either option you want to go with. I like the wheel to wheel personally, but this is why they have so many options to soothe different tastes.
  12. I've seen a better pic of this somewhere here, but can't find it. On my 2019 there is a passthrough nub on both driver and passenger side. Some indicate there is no passthrough nub as indicated in this thread. Also, I assume GMC would be the same. I'm familiar with the Chevy. EDIT I found the pic I made of mine. I haven't had the need to use mine, but I understand you cut this front tab off and it fishes right through or maybe poke a hole big enough for the wire to pass. Then use a bit of sealant at the entry point to seal it up. Drivers side here. Dam pollen.
  13. Looks factory. Very nicely done and well documented! GM engineers could use some tips like this. I would do it, but I opted for the center console...
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