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  1. I'm curious, what does your look like now?
  2. Thanks for the advice. Luckily I only drive it about 500 miles a month, so time is on my side. I am disappointed to be having this problem already. When I bought it in October, the largest rebate was on the SLT with the Premium Package. Part of the deciding factor for me was that I thought the denali seats were a bit tougher. I knew that I would keep it a long time (I traded in a 2002 Chevy) so I went with the Denali with Ultimate package. Thought I would have to drive down there today to get an update. I've been calling, leaving voicemails, no response or updates from my service advisor. I finally called my salesman who walked over and made the service advisor call me today. Big surprise - GM calls this normal wear and no plans to do anything. Since I've had enough time to examine and think about it, I'm pretty sure its the seat belt that is abrading the edge of the seat. I'm not done with this, I have a call into the "Service Director/Manager" now.
  3. I did stop by service today. The advisor took pictures with his phone, and apparently has some app on his phone which uploads info to GM. Said he'd get back to me. I don't have a lot of hope at the moment because the first thing out of his mouth was "now is this leather that we installed here at the dealer or was this factory." Keep in mind he's standing beside the Denali emblem on the door and asking me this question....
  4. I just talked with my salesman, he said service wants to take their own pictures and send into GM for further instructions. I might get it in there tomorrow - will post followup later on.
  5. It's strange as i figured the seat bottom would have this first, rather than the seat back. I don't wear anything with metal brads like older jeans used to have - besides it would be part of the way up my back. The bottom looks great, the passenger side is fine is fine on the bottom and back. Did you attempt to trim it at all or just let it ride?
  6. I'm curious if anyone else has noticed the cord on the side of the Denali leather seat beginning to fray like this? I bought a new 2018 Sierra Denali on October 30, don't even have 900 miles on it yet. I've maybe sat in it 10 times now - surprised to see this already. If it was 50,000 miles, I'd trim it and move along. Should I go back to the dealer? This is the seat back of the drivers front bucket seat.

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