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  1. agree with you on the Duratracs. Mine has 8,000 miles, they're really tuning up now.
  2. I rec'd the same email this today: Now through November 29, get 15% off all Fumoto Valves, adapters, and accessories plus free shipping on orders over $25 with promo code THANKS19 at fumotooildrainvalve.com.
  3. I have run them for years also - great product. Mine went on a couple of months ago. They do slow the oil change drain time, but the convenience is worth it to me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. I posted about this same thing back in february, the night I drove mine home I saw this. Its true, some dealer software updates will fix it. Pretty quick. I haven't seen the problem since.
  5. 2019 6.2L AT4. Overall, I'm very pleased with mine. Just rolled over 5,000 miles, made a cross country trip in May hauling a trailer, it was great. While I've had no mechanical issues, it had a "service rear vision system" error on the screen when I drove it home after taking delivery, got that resolved with "a software update" at the dealership. I began seeing the "accept these three agreements" on just about every start .. maybe a month or so ago when I did that latest software update. It's not a problem, just an annoyance to continue to have to accept the same thing over and over. It's kinda like the auto-stop button to me. I did have a CEL once at about 1500 miles, seemed to be an 87 octane fuel issue from my research - I moved to mid grade fuel and haven't seen it since. My brake life indicator also says 80% in the front, 93% in the rear. I don't believe that either. Mine is all highway driving.
  6. I briefly had an '18 Denali with ultimate pkg, traded in on my '19 AT4. With the 2018, I never felt like I had a "new" truck just for the simple things like no keyless start, the wireless charging tray was not big enough for "plus" sized phones, it didn't have the button unlocks on the door handles, etc. I had to get my drivers seat cover replaced in the denali so I had a loaner '19 AT4 for a day and got to experience the differences in the newer models. I personally thought the retracting side steps were annoying, and I never could see the value in the expensive denali suspension. The Bose system is hands down better in the '19 AT4, the software look/controls in the console display look better and are easier to use. Love the tailgate on the '19, and the 6.2/10 spd tranny is awesome. I recently made a cross country towing trip with it - no problems.
  7. As mentioned above, yes, the 6x12 uhaul is a brick. Hauled it 1100 miles, medium load - this was the weekend before Memorial Day. Half of the drive was on I-40, the rest went up through panhandle of texas, new mexico, colorado and across the continental divide at 11,200 feet. The 6.2 pulled it wonderfully, love the 10 speed. I too came from a 2500hd/duramax, but this one did very well. However, the mileage dropped as low as 10mpg and as high as 14mpg in the higher elevations running slower, but I ran it on tow haul most of the ride and I was giving it h*ll down the freeway running mid grade fuel.
  8. I just made a cross country trip and went over the continental divide. On my old rig, I had a 10 year old windshield mounted garmin GPS that would display my elevation. Never thought about it in my new truck until we get into the mountains. Looked around in the controls and the owners manual and I do not see how to display our elevation in the onboard Nav system. Am I missing it somewhere, or is it just not an included option?
  9. No, completely stock. It had a 6x12 tandem axle cargo trailer on the rear and the bed was completely loaded with gear and such. It had squatted a bit. The 6.2 pulled it great!!
  10. March 18, 2019 - Monarch Pass Colorado, US Hwy 50.
  11. That's the Undercover Elite LX isn't it? Reason I say that is that I had an Undercover Lux ordered for mine, and without much info from my dealer I just called the manufacturer. They expected sometime like september or so .. so I went with the hard folding model. I am surprised they have either model (lux or elite) to fit the 2019's.
  12. I installed the Undercover Ultraflex a few weeks back, great so far.
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