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  1. I posted a while back about wireless charging issues and wanted to follow up with a new question in a new direction. The wireless charging seems fine until Android Auto is involved. I found that if AA is running on any Android phone I have, the charging (wired and wireless) is not enough to really make a positive difference. Wireless charging can't keep up and wired charging barely made an impact. I drove for about an hour plugged into the front USB-C port and got maybe 20% in a Pixel 5. A Samsung S10e had similar results in the driveway. My last vehicle was a 2012 without any options so much of this is new to me but I am very underwhelmed by this since it seems that charging and AA should be working together to give a positive experience. Does everyone have this type of issue when it comes to charging and using AA at the same time? Turning off AA on the phone gives me my faster charge back but having AA drain the device running it faster than it can charge seems upside-down backwards.
  2. Thank you, I will see if I can check one out in person and see how it sounds!
  3. There used to be someone who made some parts to make one's own version of the tailgate kicker system but that website doesn't seem to work anymore. Does anyone know if this is still available or if there is an alternative? I'd like to add the audio to my tailgate but for the price, the reviews for the official Kicker system are very underwhelming.
  4. Has anyone upped the wattage for the bed outlet? I know there'd need to be new gauge wires, fuse, etc. Curious how difficult this may be. Thanks
  5. I just received a 2021 1500 AT4 and it will not charge my Pixel 5 Android phone. It will detect the phone and start to charge for 5-10 seconds and then stop. I think I got it to charge for a short while once but had to pick it up and never got it to do it again. Has anyone had similar issues? Unfortunately I do not have another wireless charging capable phone to test.
  6. Just wanted to throw this out there, those waiting for 2022s should keep in mind that even though 2022 orders may start, they will most likely have the same long term delays and not have all of the options you want. They just cut wireless charging out of the 2021s in addition to the tech package, auto start, etc. Hopefully they are doing this to stockpile chips for the 2022s to be released at full capability, but just something to keep in mind.
  7. I found a truck on GMC.com's search feature. It was not yet produced but was close. I put a deposit on it with the dealer who was out of state. Took a little bit, but eventually they said it was on a train and had an ETA of the 30th of June. It just arrived a few days ago and awaiting the dealer to put the accessories in it (console safe, upgraded mats, tint, etc). I know it is a guessing game, and the vehicle world is upside down right now, but I feel your pain. I am not sure if the ETAs are from GM or not, but much of the time it seems like a best guess of the dealer which is usually super optimistic compared to reality.
  8. You are welcome. I am getting an AT4 1500 with the 3.0. It has almost all of the package options I want. The only things I am not getting are the subwoofer in the Premium package and the rails. Those are things I can add later, so I am not too bothered. Oh, and this one has the upgraded 20" rims, which does actually bother me since more rubber and smaller rims is always better in my experience, but I won't cry about it in the current market conditions.
  9. https://www.gm-trucks.com/2022-gmc-sierra-will-get-limited-edition-to-hold-over-delayed-model-refresh/ I wasn't 100% correct, 2022 will still be refreshed, but it will be in the later half of the 2022 year. I can't wait that long and really needed a truck months ago, so that's forever away for me
  10. Reading all of these recent posts and the news that the 2022 isn't going to be the refresh year makes me glad I pulled the trigger on an AT4 1500 recently. 6 weeks in and I'm about to pick it up after convincing myself I needed a truck now, not later. The chip shortage and order priorities has been weird and upside down, my original order from March still hasn't been accepted so I will get my deposit back. Had to sacrifice the subwoofer from the Premium package, but I can deal with that being the only piece. Good luck to everyone.
  11. Speaking of the assumed 2022 date, does anyone know when ordering is opened up in a normal year in relation to the first day of production? The closer it gets to 2022, the more I'm having second thoughts on my 2021 order
  12. What I found is ordering anything with features is a huge waiting list. I also found that if you go to GMC.com you can search vehicles for sale that aren't even built yet. I did this and found basically what I had ordered, but this was was supposedly already accepted by the factory for a dealer, and was about to be assigned a VIN number and going to be on the line. I now have a tiny deposit on a vehicle that doesn't even have a birthday yet but supposedly won't have to wait more than 4 weeks like my personal order that will take who know how long before it even gets accepted.
  13. My dealer just told me that the Driver Alert I & II have not been available for sometime and may remain that way for a while. They also said that there is no customer custom ordering available but some dealerships will order it for their inventory and just have it set aside for the customer, which is what they did for me.
  14. I used the chat feature on GMC.COM and looked up my order which didn't have any details. At the end I said "dissatisfied" and a live agent came on and told me what the status was. I've read other forums that the rebates are being pulled and prices increased even on pre-existing orders. Can anyone confirm this? I get supply and demand, but usually a pre-order for any purchasable goods is at a locked in price.
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