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  1. During normal fueling, it can take 3 or 4 tanks of fuel to get the full alcohol content of ethanol after switching off of gasoline. My local Sunoco is carrying an unknown brand E85 and it has an 80% alcohol content. Last 3 tanks were 80%, first 4 varied and kept increasing until the gasoline was all gone.
  2. How much would that truck weigh with you and your family in it and the stuff that wouldn't be in the TT? You may also run up against the 11,000 pound GCWR limit. I have no direct experience with that truck/engine but would want the biggest margins I could afford. That engine doesn't look too much smaller power wise compared with the 5.3 but it makes its power higher in the rpm band, it will really work in the hills and mountains, probably have to stay in 3rd most of the time. Hope some other fellas will chime in who know this truck better.
  3. Oil Recommendation

    It's the wrong viscosity for starters. Sell it or trade it off for the right stuff.
  4. Did you take the service manager into the showroom and show him the altered trucks that they have for sale and are warranting? The dealers 'round here sell lifted trucks with full warranty.
  5. Yep, this one has a 3.42 gear (GU6) and the external transmission cooler (KNP) by itself. She's on the wrong page, a K10753 is an 4WD Extended Cab with a Regular Bed. Tow ratings are the same, 5,500/11,000. Good things about this truck is that is a simple truck, not a lot of bells and whistles to go wrong and the motor (L20) does not have AFM. Put a 3.622 crankshaft in it and it becomes a 5.3! The L20 does not have AFM, does have VVT and is FlexFuel capable.
  6. KNP is an RPO code for the factory external transmission cooler. I think he meant K5L which is the Enhanced Cooling Package which includes KNP, KCP (Engine Oil Cooler). You might also look for JL1 which is the Integrated Trailer Brake Controller, nice but not essential. You'll also want a 3.42 gear at minimum and the 6-speed transmission is great.
  7. 5,500 pounds and a GCWR of 11,000 pounds. Same truck with a 5.3 and K5L = 9,600 pounds and GCWR of 15,000 pounds.
  8. Mike, your buddy has to check the internal BCM codes, this problem of yours will be with the Remote Control Door Lock Receiver. If the FOBs and tire sensors are dead and new ones cannot be made to work, it's probably this module. There will be internal codes for it.
  9. I've heard the same and some have said this part number worked and that one did not. The TYF forum has lists of which ones work with which years in some of my posts and in other posts.
  10. That information was pulled from a 2017s owner's manual. My truck is under the avatar, JL1 functions through the DIC on it too.
  11. Tehachapi Willow Springs Crash

    I'm sorry to hear that. I've had one of those dash cams sitting on my Amazon wish list for some time now, maybe it's time to get one. Might help catch the perp. We'll pray for your recovery and your family and for the other fella's loved ones.
  12. Tehachapi Willow Springs Crash

    That's too bad, I hope everyone was ok.
  13. I'm sure GM agrees with you. All of us need to tell Uncle Sam to dump the CAFE standards that hamstring vehicles such as these. Until then a man will have to make it right on his own.
  14. The relearn process is tied to the vehicle and not the sensors. I put sensors from a 2016 on my truck with no problems. Do you have part numbers from the new sensors? We've been compiling a list of known part numbers that work on GMT900s. The other method with the RFE was introduced in 2011. It works in conjunction with the Tech2 on our older years.
  15. On vehicles with the Integrated Trailer Brake Control (ITBC) system, turn the trip odometer reset stem until TRAILER GAIN and TRAILER OUTPUT displays. If that does not cause it to show up, take it in to the dealer to see if the factory neglected to activate that module.

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