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  1. As the old saying goes, how much do you got to spend and how fast do you want to go? As ASilverBlazer said, there's a bunch of stuff mentioned that contributes little or nothing to performance.
  2. Not so, you can tune for 87 or whatever and still see performance gains, especially in the transmission. A BlackBear tune is not the least expensive way possible but is your best bang for the buck!
  3. Oh yeah, my point was that GM has been doing supercharging (Buick 3800s too) and when they do it from the factory and not through those guys, the price will be much much less.
  4. NOT. More pollutants are generated to acquire the raw materials and re-charging them emits more pollutants into the atmosphere than a car. Meaning, the modern internal combustion engine emits fewer emissions than an oil or coal fired power plant to re-charge an EV. Big Apple family members loved their little hybrids until it was time to replace the batteries. Dumped them for gas powered cars right quick. So much for their "mother earth"! LOL
  5. Lingenfelter and Hennessey have been doing GM full warranted supercharger installs for years on LS and LT engines.
  6. I responded to you in the Silverado/Sierra forum. All those codes seem point to an improperly functioning throttle plate or a bad ECM. Whether the throttle plate is dirty, bound up, or jammed by debris, you'll have to check out. If you plan to keep this, get a Tech-2 and a subscription to the shop manual and trouble shooting guide at AllDataDIY or buy a pdf copy off Ebay from SeriousCTBuyer.
  7. Gas cap! Then rear cargo mat and floor mats and so on, about $1300 that first year in accessories.
  8. I'm a DIY kind of guy but LS engines were new to me, so instead of learning the hard way, I paid BlackBear Performance to tune my truck. The transmission tune is my favorite part. My motor is rated for 310 HP and after the tune puts down 307 RWHP through the traps in the quarter mile. The tune is the only mod, still a paper air filter even but did replace the cats and y-pipe with a new aftermarket one. Someday I'll get EFILive or HPTuners and start playing but glad I chose an accomplished expert to start with.
  9. Volant's CAI can include an air scoop under the bumper to grab cool air, that's the only reason I would get one. Banks also has one with a scoop as well for 2500-3500s. Since our trucks go anywhere, they are not getting a scoop, not scooping up water into the motor!
  10. Number 5. Yes, the lift will have an effect, the cooler transmission temps possibly some, the tune. If you want o measure performance, make only one change at a time. You have three things done at once and performance has suffered. So the easy thing to do is undo the tune and test.
  11. Welcome Rod, stick with GM OE pads, they were going the distance before you interfered. Change the slides or metal things out too. Definitely warped them.
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