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  1. Maybe, I'm referring to a dealer level tool that can run the battery though its paces to identify it's ability to hold a charge and whether or not it has a bad cell. Some auto parts stores will test for free and this is usually fine if the person knows how to operate the tool; many do not.
  2. Ohh, I misread the post, he has a 5.3, ok. Yes, I agree, he should select a purpose made camshaft for his application. 2008 5.3 has a single pattern camshaft that is bigger than some 6.0 cams anyway.
  3. Correcting FAKE NEWS, same with saying BFG KO2s hydroplane. That is an even bigger whopper than the sand one. I would look at the original equipment tires first and any others that were optional or could have come on your vehicle. The manufacturer chose these because they helped maximize MPGs.
  4. Franky, you'll have to be much more specific. Plug your VIN in at this link and get past all the pages of u-joints to come to the driveshafts. Once you get part numbers, you can then google those for the length if its not in the description. There are at least two ways of describing length so be sure what you're looking for. First is tube length and the other is between yokes. https://parts-catalog.acdelco.com/catalog/catalog_search.php
  5. J is for the LY5 which is not a FlexFuel engine. I do not know if it would calculate for the alcohol content in fuel, I'm only familiar with the FlexFuel Engines. Yours is near identical to mine save for the larger injectors on mine, yellow gas cap and programming. Fix your signature Ross, you are driving an NNBS (GMT-900).
  6. Dorman or ARP. They will corrode because of dissimilar metals, the aluminum heads.
  7. Trailblazer! Small enough to fit in just about any garage! LOL
  8. Consider also that 17" and 20" wheels are more common so the tires for them will generally cost less than those for 18 inch wheels. Consider also that the BFG KO2 LT265-70-17 tire costs about $100 less than the LT275-65-20 tire. Both have sidewall heights between 7 and 7-1/2 inches while the former is about 31.6 inches tall and the latter is mathematically 34 inches tall.
  9. Over on the TYF forum, it's not uncommon for guy to get rid of their newer Jeeps, Dodges and Fords for the older SUVs and marvel at how much more refined and comfortable they (Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche, Yukons and Escalades) are, not to mention capable!
  10. Cameron, you're assuming the OP has a 1500, he might have an LY6 in a 2500. So which one do you have Matt?
  11. We use 4LO when playing around in the woods and sometimes out on the beach but 4HI is usually enough, especially with KO2s. REALLY nice to have 4LO on slippery boat ramps. 4AUTO is nice for peace of mind when my wife or daughters are driving the truck in the rain. I looked up the government crash statistics for my truck and the death and serious injury rate while already low, was 1/2 as much in the 4x4s and AWD trucks compared with RWD.
  12. 2 Piece driveshaft would have 1410 u-joints out back. Send me an email and I'll send you the Spicer U-Joint catalog I have from 2017. Look at pages 233-238. [email protected]
  13. I would replace the VLOM before it takes out the lifters. You may have a vacuum leak or problem with TPS/MAF/MAP sensors, those would best be checked by a bi-directional scan tool. Check your motor mounts too, especially the driver's side. When the hydraulic mount leaks, it causes AFM engagement to feel funky.
  14. 4HI is generally for snow, rain, light off-road, etc. So GM used it with 3.08 gears to keep their gas mileage high on the 900s. The trucks with max towing capacity got the lower gears (higher number) and 2-speed TC.
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