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  1. It depends. Until RVC came out, I never had one last more than two years down here. Even a new battery can have a bad cell which will cause all kinds of gremlins in an electrical system and are hard to detect without the right tools used correctly. My current battery is nearing 4 years old and is an ACDelco 48PS 30-Month battery. Truck was sitting a lot since November and the battery was not holding a charge, was monitoring the battery health with my Tech-2. Then I bought that BatteryMINDer 1510 and within a week the battery was brought back to life like it was previously. So if your commute is short, the battery will not charge up and over time that crud builds up on the plates which prevents it from taking a charge. The special chargers make that stuff fall off, restoring the batteries ability to hold a charge. Check your dealer for specials, they often have coupons for new batteries with installation for $150-200 depending on which quality level they are offering.
  2. Pete, it's probably time for a new battery. Certain modules (computers) in the truck have different thresholds for voltage and if not met they will set a code. If you're driving short distances or the truck is sitting a lot, consider a battery tender to keep it fully charged and the plates clean. I just bought a Battery Minder 1510 and it revived my old battery. Take the rear 7-pin plug apart and clean out all the dust and dirt and make sure none of the wire ends are corroded. You can also check the connections on the Solid State Relay (SSR) and the Trailer Brake Control Module (TBCM) which are mounted on a frame rail somewhere. My SSR started acting up after crossing a stream in a swamp and it took about a year to fail fully.
  3. swathdiver

    Scumbag GM

    Dude, you didn't even read the article!
  4. swathdiver

    Scumbag GM

    Fake News! The guy took aquarium cleaner and the media lied and tried to blame it on the President. Wise up man.
  5. swathdiver

    Scumbag GM

    Cuomo ditched the ventilator purchase and instead went on a typical Democrat money laundering operation, giving phony companies hundreds of millions of dollars for projects that failed. Folks who are taking that protocol of Hydrochloroquine or whatever its called and a Z-Pack and something else are made whole in about 4 hours. Ventilators are for those who aren't going to make it so says the NYC ER doctor. Israel has donated 18 millions of those special pills to America to fight this. The governors of Nevada and Michigan, never Trumpers, have outlawed the use of those lifesaving medicines. Politics all the time for those Statists.
  6. Another story to tell. "See that little scratch sonny? That was the time some guy named snork kicked my door and I planted my knuckles across his chin..." LOL
  7. The BEST part of my BlackBear tune is how the transmission performs now. My primary purpose for getting the tune was to disable AFM but Justin tweaked the motor and made the transmission so much more pleasant in operation. I too just had my trans fluid analyzed at Blackstone Labs and will be changing it every 36K from here on out.
  8. Those might be Moog's. Over at the TahoeYukon forum, you might ask Chris (IAmDub). I seem to remember him purchasing those same ones in either ACDelco or Moog wrappers, foggy memory.
  9. Big deal, it's a truck. First story to tell. Take it home and have them call you to fix it when the China Virus is over and folks get back to work.
  10. 34s (275-65-20) and a 3.73 gear will be almost the same rpms as 3.42s with the stock tire size. Pulling 7K pounds, you'll want to tow in 4th. What kind of truck Mike?
  11. Do you know anyone with a Tech-2 or other bi-directional scan tool? Could speed up diagnosis.
  12. Marty, you're the exception because your choices have been well thought out and also tailored to your driving profile. I guess my Blackstone report doesn't mean much to Mike.
  13. I used to believe that and learned the hard way. My motor was a bit noisy using Mobil One and seemed awfully thin. Then I came across a new oil last year on ACDelco's website for the aluminum LS engines and decided to try some. At the end of the second oil change on the new stuff I sent off a sample to Blackstone for analysis which is posted earlier in this thread. Immediately noticeable was the motor quieted down and she picked up an easy 1/2 mile MPG, especially at low speed. And to my other point, we have seen on these forums guy with AFM problems attributed to them using oil that was not Dexos approved. Doesn't make sense to me but I don't know oil like the engineers or Marty!
  14. Not for long! These forums are full of posts of folks with AFM problems and the usual common theme on the low mileage ones is that they used the wrong oil, either by weight or not GM approved.
  15. Yep, normal. Why wait? BlackBear tune is not detectable by dealer.
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