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  1. Tow in 4th for maximum cooling. At the rpms and speeds you mentioned, with stock tires and 3.42 gears, that tells me you were running that mountain in 2nd gear. Quit being a cheap skate and put some high octane gas in that thing when you want to hump over them mountains.
  2. The factory shocks are great if you use the truck as designed.
  3. The guy was doing a public service, the feds are not. Better gas mileage means less fuel used. I'll take that and simplicity over the crap they are forcing upon the public any day.
  4. Yep, as long as the suspension is not worn.
  5. For years I could always count on Shell to deliver 2 mpg less than Sunoco or Mobil, and that was 93 octane. Vehicle didn't matter either. Late last year I was needing fuel in Christmas, Florida and Shell was the only station in town. It didn't feel bad, just delivered a little less mpgs (about 1 mpg) than usual for that average speed.
  6. I keep telling her to slow down and she says, "Smiles per gallon, Dad!" That truck is refueled every 2-3 days, like an old Navy Destroyer!
  7. Mine (daughter's) is lifted on 35s, the tires weigh 81 pounds each, double the original Goodyears. I was figuring to run 4.10s to get it back into the rpms of the 3.73s on stock tires. It gets about 11 in the city and 13 on the highway and is driven aggressively.
  8. Sorry about your luck fellas. After the 3rd one I would have replaced the unit or rebuilt it myself.
  9. Thank you, it's a labor of love! KO2s have 15/32nds tread depth in most cases. For our purposes it does not matter. Flotation tires are the tires known as 30x9.5x15 or 35x12.5x18, etc. People also call them pizza cutters. That's the size (275-70-18) I was going to put on my 2009 Yukon XL but don't want to level it so they will fit as I tow as well and don't want the nose up high or to use bags to keep the rear end up! That's what my research showed me, always hoping I'm wrong! Ok so when your truck was stock with stock tires this is what your RPMs looked like mathematically. Add 5-15 rpms for torque converter slip. Now, this chart below here is what you should be seeing with those 275s (when they were brand new): This is what your rpms would look like with 3.73 gears: This is what they would look like with 4.10s: What do you think? What's the sweet spot of your motor? With stock tires, the Gen IV LSs seem to really like 3.73s and GM obliges them with such in the NHT and 2500 gassers of that generation.
  10. Yes it will work. You can verify by looking up the part numbers and comparing them between vehicles at GMPartsGiant, GMPartsDirect and here: https://parts-catalog.acdelco.com/acesCat.php? If memory serves, the airbag module might have to be programmed. I know a new one does, the donor may not.
  11. Do you know the exact tire and size? Is it a flotation tire? I make my own calculators on Excel and can share it with you. The ratio for the transfer case is 2.68.
  12. Nope, it does not work on this generation. MDI or MDI2 with GDS or GDS2 software will work, Snap-On Solus, etc.
  13. Just like those guys, easy to run 275-60-20 and if a fresh suspension and or with a level, 275-65-20. If you want to go wider, search for photos but that's about as tall as you can fit in there.
  14. Look for chafed wires first. Then get it on a scan tool to pull the BCM codes. Must be something with the weather, this is the 5th or 6th window thread in as many days.
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