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  1. If not mentioned already, ethanol replaced anti-knock additives in our gasoline. All of my lawn equipment and generators from 2004 and on can use E10 and my old mower and generator even call for 93 octane gasoline with up to 10% ethanol.
  2. I've never been able to a reset properly without a Tech-2.
  3. Yes, especially right after 9-11! Loved it but some folks got upset but that was normal for a while back then. Sometime in 2002 we had another crew take us to LaGuardia. This pilot dropped us down to below 10,000 while still over New Jersey and we flew along the coast for a long time. Then, I don't remember how we got there but we were over City Island getting lower and lower as we lined up for runway 22. Well, we flew just to one side of that boardwalk of markers until the last moment, the gear barely above of the water until the last moment when the pilot finally applied enough power to get us over the ramp and then set down. Weirdest flight of my life.
  4. To add to this, the truck is now nine years old and probably most of those things were already taken care by the previous owners and when under warranty.
  5. Must've been MD88s as those trips were with Delta by the same two pilots most of the time, they were ex-US Navy Tomcat pilots as I remember it.
  6. I was a passenger many times in the MD87 back and forth from KLGA to KPBI. I liked it, old school and more room. How about 707s and DC8s? I remember being served real food for dinner on those birds and they were very comfortable.
  7. They are excellent low rpm torque monsters. I remember the 300 I6 in the Ford F150s were great motors but had no giddy-up at speed for passing. Same with the inline 6 in my buddies '78 Camaro when we were kids. Yeah, next they'll turbo and supercharge it with a flat plane crankshaft! LOL
  8. Sure they are fast but they aren't working motors to tow or haul or run off road with for hundreds of thousands of miles. I'm amazed everyday that people are still using these trucks in first line service with 200K+ miles and being 15-25 or more years old. I raced turbocharged Buick V6s way back when, they were awesome for what they were. GM seemingly has reversed course and has allotted nearly a billion dollars towards the next generation V8. EV trucks are still a fantasy.
  9. That's good, who wants a hand grenade for a motor? LOL I like turbochargers and superchargers but there is really no replacement for displacement!
  10. Yes, each additional pound of rotating weight is equal to 8.4 pounds added to the truck. The design of the Goodyear tire will alone reduce your fuel economy and so will the extra weight which will also slow down the truck some. Of course it will increase the wear and tear on the drivetrain and steering and suspension but at the stock tire size, not as much as you'd think. Not enough to worry about anyway.
  11. Unfortunately the kids coming out of school these days think America started on the day they were born. They have little sense of time or history generally speaking. My wife and I have done our best to raise our children for the Lord and to teach them about America's real history, from her discovery to now with a special emphasis on WW2, the Civil War and Communism's role in those conflicts all the way through today. We've visited battlefields, Stone Mountain, The General, ship memorials, etc. and remind them of significant days in our country's past at dinner, such as Pearl Harbor, Armistice Day and George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation. I hope they carry it on and never forget.
  12. Make a trip to Kennesaw to visit "The General" too!
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