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  1. Mobil One isn't what it once was. I switched off it years ago and engine rattles went away and it only consumes oil when it is regularly spun over 3500 rpms. It uses ACDelco's oil now and it's been great. Dirty, worn out oil is AFMs worst enemy, don't let it get to 7K miles even if highway. Get the oil analyzed, send a sample to Blackstone Labs and then maybe every other or so oil change to see if any trends are happening.
  2. How about the wiring, connections and modules under the carpet? You need a Tech-2 type scan tool to pull the BCM codes which will quickly tell you what's happening.
  3. Prefer the german jerry cans with the long spout. The little 2.6 gallons cans are handy too, you might consider a pair of them instead depending on how you plan to arrange the bed.
  4. I looked online and don't think so. Nobody mentioned it in the reviews or Q&A. Be less expensive to let the dealer do it than buy new tool and a subscription to ACDelco's TDS.
  5. Which end? I don't know if the brackets are the same for the rear, they do use a larger Yoke and U-Joint. K2s use a 9.5 or 9.76 12-Bolt Salisbury axle whereas the 900s use an 8.6 (10-Bolt) or 9.5 (14-Bolt) Saginaw axle.
  6. 2009 6L80 report. We've had 3 Montanas since 2002, still have a 2004 with over 200K, it just won't die!
  7. 2010-2014 Tahoe/Yukon will have the USB and the nav unit was updated in 2012. You would use a USB to Aux adapter if you keep that 2008s radio. The navigation disc is not updateable past 2016. We've been trying to get the company to release a new one for years to no avail.
  8. It has to be programmed. You can do this with a Tech-2 or other bi-directional scan tool and a subscription to ACDelco's TDS system or pay the dealership to do it. Once programmed then the Tech-2 can interact with it. ITBC = Integrated Trailer Brake Controller
  9. Pay the man or move, can't change the GVWR unless you come across someone inept. When I registered mine in Florida they asked the curb weight but being honorable told them they were looking for GVWR.
  10. Sounds normal to me. They are known for piston slap on start up. Might change brands of oil, not viscosity, and see if that clears up the noise. It did for me when I switched off regular Mobil One for ACDelco's oil.
  11. Electrical gremlins are not my strong suit but if yours were mine I would get hold of a bi-directional scan tool and run a parasitic draw test. If you can edit your post and break it up into paragraphs you'll get more responses, that hurt my eyes!
  12. You can have a local truck shop add a leaf or two to your spring pack which may or may not increase the rear height of the truck. You can also browse the Dayton catalog and see if they offer a higher capacity spring pack for your truck. They do for mine. Most trucks today don't even have a 1500 pound payload capacity as they are loaded down with creature comforts. Our NHT has a payload capacity of 1805 pounds.
  13. Mine gets better mileage on E15 to E20 or so compared with E0 and E10.
  14. That fluid was dead 50K miles ago. Next time, change it before 45K miles are on the fluid. Since you just got it, ask the guys about "flipping the pill" or putting in a lower temp transmission thermostat.
  15. The minimum wheel width for a 12.5 tire is 8.5 inches. Your wheels are 7.5 inches wide. Too narrow. The BFG 34 x 10.50s would work but you may balk at the cost. Still less expensive than buying new wheels.
  16. I get ya, many of the ones I saw in my quick search were under 150K miles. When looking for your gas truck, check the gears, the 4.10 equipped trucks are rated much higher than the 3.73s.
  17. 2012-2014 2500 Diesels can be had with less than 200K miles in the low $30s asking price. Extended cabs can be had for less but most for sale are very low mileage with prices all over the place.
  18. At 200K generally speaking they are about due for a suspension overhaul and the 6L90 transmission, while great, either has already been replaced or will soon need to be overhauled as well. If you are OK with that and regular small repairs like AC actuators and window switches and door gaskets wearing out it should serve you well.
  19. Have you followed the shop manual's trouble shooting guide for this? You can get a subscription for it at AllDataDIY and you ought to have a bi-directional scan tool that'll talk to your truck.
  20. I know of a kid in Florida who had both axles done on a GMT900 and paid about $3500 out the door. Shop time is 3 hours to R&R the front ring and pinion and you can easily add a couple more hours for side or pinion bearings. Shop time for the rear axle is 1 to 3 hours.
  21. You're right, those clowns in Washington doing this are evil. Farm tractors with DEF? That stuff would be in my burn pit right quick.
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