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  1. Shouldn't be a problem, the trucks don't talk to each other and the keys don't either.
  2. Because the larger size is not needed with the MT to get through the terrain it was designed/intended to traverse.
  3. With regards to the GMT900s, the Extended Cabs were built in Fort Wayne, the Crew Cabs in Silao. The motors for the Fort Wayne trucks came from American plants, the motors for the Silao trucks came from Mexican plants. No option to choose otherwise. Probably the same or similar today to maximize economy of scale.
  4. Nice and looks like you got one of the quick trucks. Way back when Buick made muscle cars, we had a bunch that run mid-low 14s and every once in a while came across one that would blast a 13-second pass. I got lucky and made a 13.69 on its first pass at almost 99, a full 5 mph faster than the norm. Fun stuff! Good to see that the Draggy isn't that far off. I use an old VC-200 when not at the track.
  5. They were always responsive and straight with me when inquiring about their stock.
  6. Fix your cars and quit driving up the costs for the rest of us.
  7. An unlikely candidate, Michelin Defenders! Mine have thus far gone everywhere my Nitto Trail Grappler M/Ts and BFG KO2s have gone without getting stuck! Wouldn't have believed it until I did it. We took all three trucks out into the woods and none got stuck. After 50K miles with the KO2s, I'm enjoying the quiet and extra highway mpgs with the Defenders on now.
  8. Your truck is FlexFuel and the engines love the stuff. The tell take sign on older trucks was the yellow gas cap. By the time yours was built, the non FlexFuel engines were dropped. Ethanol does not harm them in any way and after a couple of tanks, it will run like a different vehicle, even the transmission. It's literally like cheap race gas. But your 10 mpg city driving will go to 7 mpgs or so! You have to figure out cents per mile to see if it's worthwhile cost wise to run it, it sure is fun wise!
  9. I learned all of my parenting skills from that movie.
  10. I've fond memories of my old '82 Cutlass Supreme Brougham Diesel. Loved that car and wish I still had it. Had plans to put a 200R4 and 3.42 gears but life got in the way. That old girl was a great bracket car at the drags, ran 21.63 in the quarter mile all night long! LOL Got 24 mpg delivering pizzas and 35 mpg on the highway. Loved the twin plume of smoke like coming out behind her like an F-4 Phantom! LOL
  11. I know a little about oil. After thirty plus years of driving one observation is that after about 5,000 miles the oil is dead. There's little lubricity in it as you rub it between your fingers compared with new oil. You can literally feel the renewed pep in the engine right after an oil change. I've noticed this with conventional oils and synthetic oils in mostly the 10W30 and 5W30 range in my lifetime. My Gen IV 5.3 and 6.2 LS engines likes their oil changed at around 4,000 miles. Anyone ever see the movie, "The Super" with Joe Pesci? His slumlord father had a motto that when they bought a real estate property they did nothing with it. My father applies this to his cars for some reason. Back in the early '90s he didn't change the oil in his '80 Delta 88 and the motor quick working after 34K miles since the last oil change. My brother and I saved that engine by pouring lots of gasoline into the crankcase. Then the other day my folks called me from the side of the road, Dad ran the little Kia out of oil again. He could not even remember the last time he changed the oil, said the little sticker fell off the windshield a year or so ago! Lucky for them, he added two quarts and the car started back up and got them home. I guess Dad's treatment of his cars makes me pay more mind to my own. Well, I'm a "car guy" and he's not, I guess that plays a part in the thinking too.
  12. It's the fender flares, they are costing you 7 mpgs per side! Just funnin' ya! Ten miles a gallon in stop and go city driving is certainly possible. It really depends on where you live and how you drive. Does that thing have 3.08 gears or 3.42 gears? The former is not great for city driving and better for highway driving. The 3.42 gears are the opposite and make the truck feel more lively. Start recording the data on your DIC between each fuel stop. This will help you see a usage profile based on your driving habits and how the truck if performing. Record your Odometer, Trip Odometer, Engine Hours, Fuel Used, Trip Time and Average MPGs. With that data you can determine how many cents a mile it is costing you to drive, your Remote Start Fuel Usage, Gallons Per Hour, Average Speed, Percentage of City and Highway Driving, etc. On Fuelly, I was able to determine that the average fuel economy of all 5.3 powered GMT900 wagons for all types and years is 13.4 MPG.
  13. I just realized that you are in Germany. Brembo in Europe sells 6 and 8 piston front calipers and 4 piston rear calipers for GMT900s. All use 2 piece rotors.
  14. Hello, I am writing this post in an attempt to get GMs attention on the matter. Here! (formerly Navteq) is can produce updated navigation maps for our vehicles but will only do so at the behest of General Motors for whatever reason. The last update we received was in 2016. Myself and others like me have been wanting to update our navigation units for many years now. I have also purchased two more GMCs and would like to update the navigation unit in one of them as well. I am trying not to go with an aftermarket navigation unit as they do not seem to last as long. Anyone else reading this and wants to update their maps, chime in and let GM know there's more than a few of us who will pay for the map updates. I myself have two trucks that take one of each formats, a 2009 and a 2013 GMT900. @GMCustomerService
  15. The Feds consider the gas tank part of the emissions system so the aftermarket can't touch it. Use your imagination, those Titan tanks are cool and they are made in your home state.
  16. You're good to go. From the 2012 owner's manual:
  17. Cast Iron handles the heat better than aluminum. You'd have a lot of expansion with aluminum up front and that could cause the seals to leak and the pistons to get loose and jam in their bores.
  18. There is a Tech-2 owner's thread over at the Tahoe Yukon forum. The Tech-2 and the like can pull any internal trouble codes and test the RCDLR.
  19. You need a Tech-2 or similar bi-directional scan tool that can talk to the BCM and other internal computers. There will probably be codes in there. So, it is possible that one remote died and the other got out of synch and needs to be programmed. Maybe they both died. I've never had batteries last more than a year or so myself. If the remotes are good, then the RCDLR has partially failed and needs to be replaced. A new one must be programmed to your vehicle. A used one, with the same options as your truck, should work right away.
  20. We run the spare down twice a year to keep everything in good order. Usually July 4th and New Year's Day.
  21. Good report, here are two of mine for comparison. ACDelco Dexron VI only seems to last for about 40K miles.
  22. LOL, too true, we have a lot of posers around here too. I ran the KO2 in load range C. 3 of the 4 tires had to get patched over the years. No leak was fast enough to strand us. The set on the Sierra are Es. We've run ours through quite a bit of mud and sludge and whatnot, the stuff you find in Florida and thankfully didn't do any permanent damage. My daughter got us into some soupy mud once and ran over a sapling to keep moving which took out my bumper cover. We didn't get stuck though! Another time we crossed a stream in a swamp that was way too deep and almost killed the motor. When we climbed up out onto the other side, it was a six foot wide trail for nearly a mile before I could turn around and wreck the paint even more! KO2s were perfect for that one!
  23. Maybe it's best if you shove off dude. Consider joining a Subaru forum.
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