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  1. txab

    Gas Prices

    Basically the same here since Christmas. Up from around $2.50 or so. Prices were falling regularly prior to T-day and Christmas
  2. Has the truck been in a wreck before? Looking at the lift and the upper ball joint, it looks improperly aligned and it looks like too much space between the upper arm and the lift spacer, leaving a lot of ball joint shaft to take the abuse. I could see where it could snap off. I just re-read about your upper arm rubs on tire. Without being there and looking it over, that's about all I got. I found 3 people with similar issues and they went to another kit that had more pieces to change the necessary angles Removing the lift and looking at some things is the way to go. Is the other side exactly the same? Best not to call people names, again not helpful getting people to want to help you
  3. You talked to reps? A rep is not going to know much if anything about a 28 year old lift kit. That's not who you need to talk to. I'd think your best bet is to start over with a better lift kit. You've got several issues going with your current setup that can be fixed with better lift. If you wish to leave then, goodbye
  4. txab

    Gas Prices

    $2.99 - $3.19 RU in the area
  5. You said you couldn't find anything, I found lots of info. You've got to do some additional searching to find more, but I did. You can also contact these places and actually talk to them Call me a troll. Bud, not a troll, I'm a Mod. With your attitude, I'd be surprised if you get much help from many people on here. I'll not provide you the further info I found on your lift. Have fun with your truck, looks like you bought somebody's nightmare
  6. My Home Depots were selling at $149 about a month or so back. But only had 2 or 3 to sell. From November through January is when these get marked down. Some Wallys do it quick,others drag their feet and finally will do it
  7. I hope the game is in KC. Mahomes still will be not be 100% by next week, but then he doesn't have to be the way he plays. Lets see if it is just a sprain and nothing torn
  8. Mods don't have ability to modify forum. I've forwarded messages to Admins on this subject in the past and continue to do so
  9. Not unless it was added aftermarket
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