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  1. txab

    Winter Returned

    He's hiding behind the tree. Could be a salesman, looks like he might have a tie on
  2. Email [email protected] Send your VIN and they'll get back to you pretty quick
  3. txab

    Winter Returned

    Did he knock on your door or ring the doorbell?
  4. Did you check before purchase by cracking it open? Maybe it wasn't the same ratio after all. I've run across rear ends that have had the gears swapped and were being sold as one ratio when it was another. . No matter you need to get a programmer or someone who can re-program if it is your ratio that's off
  5. Don't forget to check oil pressure sensor up top as well. Not uncommon for the crank sensor to leak as it ages
  6. You can use synthetic or just use whatever you've used until this point. Any of the name brand oils will get you through providing you use the proper change interval. Goes for dino or synthetic. If you go synthetic plan your purchases and you can get synthetic oils at a pretty cheap price thanks to rebates
  7. The problem with Dex in older models has been the intake gaskets or other gaskets that come in contact with the coolant. Prior to gasket redesign, the gaskets failed from the Dex eating away at them thus causing leaks internal to the engine. If all the gaskets have been replaced and it's currently running Dex, use it. If it still was running with the "green", I'd put that back in it.
  8. plenty of videos on youtube showing how to loosen the dash top to get to it. It's pretty simple
  9. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=polishing+windshields
  10. Without more info about your truck, I'd check driveshaft u-joints and if applicable the center support bearing also called carrier bearing and a hanger bearing. Is your truck 2 wheel drive or 4x4?
  11. Include coolant hoses and serpentine belts in the above, if not already been changed
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