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  1. txab


    Did you Affluent? Effluent is something totally different
  2. txab

    Winter Returned

    Your cooler temps hit us tomorrow. 23* cooler for high
  3. txab

    Winter Returned

    I'll take the 30 raise you to 105* here today
  4. Originally they were hoping a simple crown over the cracked tooth would be all that was needed. But after further research, the DDS found the crack went across the floor of the tooth, from side to side. So chances are pretty good the crack would continue down into the root and I lose it that way. Upper jaw, second molar. So got to get on the schedule. Remove tooth. Install implant screw. Install new tooth/crown. Part with money. I'm lucky. I've got teeth quality from my mom's side of family. Dad had crappy teeth due to heredity. He did everything he could but sill ended up major problems.
  5. You can reuse the clips as long as you didn't deform them taking the lines loose
  6. txab


    $4.09 -4.19 in my area for Reg. Unl.
  7. Looks like in my spare time I'll be getting a tooth implant instead of having a crown installed. Got a tooth that has a crack in it. That's about 4 grand out the window
  8. txab


    Again politics is not a subject for the site. It's specifically mentioned in the site rules. People are only going to argue. Gas price listing are fine without all the political comment. Blatant Political comments continue then thread is gone. Check the Site Guidelines
  9. If you're unable to find lines, go to a hydraulic shop and have a set made up
  10. I haven't seen a carrier bearing that you could grease. It's always been a R&R for me. Now the slip joint where the 2 shafts meet should have a zerk
  11. You don't remember the FP readings? Need to check them against the recommended spec. So engine is running now with no miss? Or it just hasn't had time to show up? Did you disconnect battery while doing cleaning and use the proper cleaning agent?
  12. No magic in a can. Why not go back to the shop and let them look at it? Especially since you state this:
  13. Take a road trip. Several Reps near you. Contact one of them https://www.schaefferoil.com/find-an-oil-sales-rep.html
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