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  1. Are you able to PM any one else? Send me a PM PabloK was last on Jan. 30th
  2. Here's something to get you started http://www.gnttype.org/techarea/engine/plugs.html
  3. You're having an issue with ISS and the lower bolt/nut where it attaches to the short shaft that comes up from the rack, correct? So you turned the nut the wrong way and you were threading the bolt in from the backside and it has jammed tight? I guess I'm not understanding the "thread side towards you" part
  4. Trapped air can cause this issue. But a temperature blend door not working can be the issue as well
  5. Is that still your property between the tree line and your fence? Can't help you on what plant to use. What grows/survives here won't make it through winter more than likely at your place. Red Tip Photinia works great here, but does have a fungal issue sometimes that is handled by spraying. They grow fast, thick and tall. Here's this to look at at: https://www.instanthedge.com/fast-growing-hedges/
  6. txab

    Food & Drink

    I was asking about the Lasagna recipe....
  7. txab

    Food & Drink

    Post your recipe!
  8. Not an '07 but still the same. Watch the video. The clamp to cut is on the boot where it meets the u-joint/yoke assembly
  9. There are Youtube videos showing how. But, you need to cut the clamp holding the rubber boot to the drive shaft then remove shaft. Upon replacing shaft, put a new clamp on boot and crimp it
  10. txab

    Covid19 Spare time

    Well that was pretty dumb and short-sighted of someone. Probably some $$$ to be had with a collection like that, especially from that era. My mom has maybe 2 dozen porcelain dolls. I'm not interested in keeping them, particularly. Might be a few to hang on to, but I'd sell the others some way or the other. I know they have value
  11. Same rules apply to this thread as all threads. Get political, start name calling, incessant arguing....... thread locked. Individual posts may be removed also. Always follow the site guidelines
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