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  1. I would pay more attention to this suggestion. Of course see what the manufacturer has to say. I've only ever had one booster go bad in all my years and never exhibiting itself in the manner you've described. You bought this truck used? Did the issue present itself in the same time frame that these boosters have failed? I would make sure, if you haven't already, that I was getting the correct part #. IIRC, 3 different part #s for the new body style 2007 and don't forget about the 2007 "classic". As noted on a vacuum booster, engine oil would not be drawn into it, If there is fluid it would be brake fluid. When this appears, does it do it every time your out for a drive? Does it when fluidi is cold or hot?
  2. So an active, fiber, 2.0 HDMI cable won't work for you? Cause I ain't reading all that above
  3. Plenty of posts on the site describing this issue https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&as_q=Rusted+brake+lines&as_epq=&as_oq=&as_eq=&as_nlo=&as_nhi=&lr=&cr=&as_qdr=all&as_sitesearch=www.gm-trucks.com&as_occt=any&safe=images&as_filetype=&as_rights=
  4. Check for stored codes. Certain trouble codes disable remote start. Evap codes for sure disable it. You might try clearing codes, depending on the issue, then see if they return
  5. It could be exhaust leak. It fits your description. You'll need to do more investigation
  6. Welcome! Post pics when you pick it up
  7. Hayden also has other models. 1011 which is larger (wider, double rows) and 1009 (9') which is smaller than the 1010. Price 'em over at Amazon
  8. Normally when they exhibit being bad. But, if these are factory, non greaseable, I'd replace both of them. But that's just me.
  9. A re-calibration may fix you up. Try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes. Reconnect it. Then turn the key to the on position, but don't start. Don't touch the HVAC controls. Let actuators do thing their thing. Air flow may change outlet points during this time. Wait about 1 minute. Turn key off. Opening and closing the door can make a difference as the vehicle controls see this as "cycle" completion. Next start the vehicle and drive it a short distance and see how it performs.
  10. It's low pressure. Route your lines up front, in front of the radiator like the later models. You're not locked into the OEM version You could use this or similar: https://www.haydenauto.com/en/ecatalog?year=1996
  11. Contact a lawyer, plain and simple. Anything else and you're spinning your wheels.
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