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  1. http://ww2.justanswer.com/uploads/Bluegorilla/2008-12-05_142924_Coolant_loss_5.3.pdf
  2. Warped 6.0 Heads??

    ^^^This. Plus depending on mileage, I'd replace the valve guide seals at this time
  3. Plenty of pumps get weak. Pressure spec is 55-62 at key on, engine off. Your running pressures are too low. I'll suggest time for a new pump. You could always check voltage at pump to make sure you have no bad connectors or wiring. Check ground also
  4. Rockauto.com search "steering shaft", you'll find several options
  5. 01 Silverado problem

    Look for unmetered air leaks on the intake side. Manifold gasket failure is not uncommon
  6. Swap the suspect coil with the coil next to it and see if the issue follows it.
  7. Sounds like the multi function switch....... your turn signal lever assembly
  8. Nope 75w-90 is fine for both
  9. Howdy

  10. Weird site behavior

    Click on the circle or the star, at the beginning of the title. Star means you have replied to the thread previously
  11. If you're interested in a build sheet for your vehicle: Contact your local dealer with your VIN and request one. This should include a bit more info than just RPO info Try emailing [email protected] . Request a decode from them Or for RPO only info, use this and decode yourself (Thanks Sparksalot) https://d354nuoz4t18d4.cloudfront.net/b0a0b93e061c59a634fb0e1a49af89e6/images/custom/rpoCodes.pdf

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