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  1. Spark Plug Wires

    Plug wire recommendation site search
  2. New Sierra Owner

  3. Black Bear Programmer

    The $599 price from BBP includes the tune and license. I think tune and license for vehicle is $325. Just check with BBP.
  4. Nothing wrong with 5k changes, easy to remember. You could always get a oil report on your old at next change and see what the conditions are
  5. ABS Light

    If you need help, contact me
  6. ABS Light

    Post the picture to help the next guy with this issue
  7. new here

  8. New to GM-Trucks

    Welcome. post a pic
  9. NO OIL

    Don't know if I'd trust them to obtain an oil sample for you.
  10. No Oil pressure after Repairs

    You mentioned replacing the pick tube..... did you make sure the o-ring stayed in place n and is in position?. Without it you'll be sucking air. But priming the pump could be an issue as well. No screen under the pressure sensor on an '05. AFM engine have that little jewel
  11. Add another option: 5.Rebuild it yourself. Take block and heads machine shop for re-work
  12. Won’t go in reverse…..

    For power issue at the OBD II port, check the fuse for the cigarette lighter
  13. My truck won’t stay on!!

    Yep. Probably so. OP hasn't been back in two months

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