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  1. txab

    Gas Prices

    $2.99 today going up........................ Wonder if the Admin will figure out a way to produce oil the same way the print money. Out of thin air Already burned through half of SPR
  2. txab

    Gas Prices

    Still holding @ $2.91
  3. They had what is being produced or will be produced as soon as chips are back in supply. They didn't have any George Jetson stuff. The displays are so people can see what cars they might be interested in buying and be able to compare them basically side by side. Lots of decisions were made on car models people were going to purchase. No high pressure sales people there bugging you. But if want want more detail or info, the people that are there are better informed than the local sales yokel. These people knew these vehicles inside and out in detail
  4. Went to the State Fair of Texas on Saturday. Looked at every new car model from all manufacturers. Lot of money parked in those display buildings. Chevy had their test drive courses set up for cars and trucks. I drove a 2500HD $80k as it sat. Drove well, was comfortable. Was a nice day. Temps were decent. Not too crowded. Stayed for about 5 hours. Ate a giant corn dog. No giant turkey legs though. Didn't eat any of the various oddities that could be fried
  5. txab

    Gas Prices

    RU $2.88 in DFW area. Still $2.91 180 miles to the west
  6. txab

    Gas Prices

    RU $2.91 tonight
  7. txab

    Gas Prices

    Price hike..... $2.95
  8. You might post a link to the material you used to help the next guy out
  9. As Cam mentioned, larger external/secondary cooler. Plus I'd use a high quality true synthetic fluid like Amsoil or similar
  10. Spent yesterday replacing fuel pump on my 1980 Silverado 1/2 ton, plus had to rebuild the quadrajet carb all thanks to this ethanol crap. Last time I did either procedure was before ethanol. Fortunately, I can rebuild just about any carb blindfolded, have done enough of them over the years. Runs like a top again. have some other maintenance projects to do on this old truck. over 330k miles on the frame and powertrain. Powertrain was rebuilt about 218k ago, iirc, 2 11 years old. Rebuild was necessitated by a poorly balance crankshaft from the factory. Was amazed when I got my block and parts back from machinist how much they needed to do to crank to get it balanced. No wonder the crank destroyed #1 main bearing. It was just a constant, out of balance, pounding on it. Forged pistons, everything balanced. Runs as smooth at 90 mph as it does at idle. It has a great cam for towing and highway. Paint looks like hell now at 42 years old. Dash is chewed up from sunlight
  11. In the past people have been helped in some cases. People have posted that experience. But GM CS goes for long periods of time without visiting the site. Probably a job relegated to someone very low on the pole. Their job is try and put you in touch with the correct person/dept. to solve issues. The latest visitation by GM is just a form letter. Hopefully if someone responds they might get help
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