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  1. As mentioned, you need to order based on manual or auto/manual climate control. The resistors are different. And yes, the part has been redesigned in most cases. Look it up on rockauto.com
  2. We all agree changing fluid, whether it be fluid exchange or a pan drop/filter change is better than doing nothing at all. I declare a cease fire on the discussion of what percentage of fluid is actually changed using a flush method, because the issue is not going to be resolved here. Everyone can decide for themselves
  3. That's where it is on on an '04. More behind the turn signal assembly
  4. If you're going that route, you'll need to do it a couple of times at least to make sure you flush the gear oil out, imo
  5. Also double check all your intake connection making sure no leaking air
  6. No problems. Nice truck
  7. I guess OReillys doesn't want to sell them. I don't purchase from "O" You can trust Rockauto. Be sure and check price after adding shipping whenever buying from them so you can make accurate comparison to other places. Sometimes on multiple part orders, they will ship from more than one location and shipping can be a bit much
  8. If you've kept up with all fluid changes as you should have, then it's going to be going over the vehicle looking for worn suspension, steering parts, etc.... Ball joints, tie rod ends, pittman arm, idler arm, CV shafts, wheel bearings, shocks. Bet you can think of some others now
  9. What have you done up to this point?
  10. If he has clearance, that's an option. Using a straight could work, possibly. Since it's rear heat it might be tight. I've never had an issue with the disconnects. I'm sure he's got corrosion at the fitting. He could also buy a pre-bent, 90* heater hose elbow section then splice new to old. Then clamp at core.
  11. Look at rockauto.com under "heat & cool", then "heater hose connector". I don't see one with an elbow. I'm not used to seeing rear heat and air set-ups. Rockauto shows straight and a tee. It might be a dealer part. As long as there is no obstruction go with the straight. Edit: Dorman makes 5/8"x 5/8" elbow #800-416. They also make an 800-418 (3/4"x 3/4"), 800-419 (3/4"x 5/8"). It's a start.
  12. is this for your 2010? 41-962 is a platinum plug, since everything had been getting Iridium plugs, I'd say yours has been changed at some point. Have you owned it since it left the lot?
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