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  1. I would start by checking fuel pressure just to rule it out. Just because you have a new pump doesn't mean it's working properly
  2. "EVA" is the RPO code. FG0053 is for "EVA" models according the Delphi chart
  3. Usually not. Pretty straight forward. Disconnect positive cable at battery.Then work on removing starter.. You'll usually need to check to see if the starter needs to be shimmed for proper clearance against the flywheel when engaged. Probably plenty of Youtube videos out there to help you.
  4. This one or one of the many other brands/types out there
  5. I bought a Toro Recycler, Personal Pace version with electric start about 10 years ago. I love that thing. Other than oil, blade sharpening and a spark plug occasionally, it's been a workhorse. The Personal pace feature is nice. I walk faster than my late wife did, but we both could use it. I have no idea if they are still as good of a mower. I've seen where many mower manufacturers advertise never change the oil, just top off. I would be unable do that.
  6. 195 was pretty much OE for lots of years. 180 as alternate
  7. Don't forget the blinker fluid! No, you can't simply use headlamp fluid. Blinkers require a different formula. It's readily available on Amazon. Blinker Fluid
  8. Make sure you've burped all the trapped air from the system. Did you thoroughly flush out all the old coolant with the stop leak in it?
  9. Here's what the Admins have to say about my question: I will pass on the complaint about the brightness just to make sure they are aware of how some feel
  10. let's see what the Admins have to say. The previous version had a way to make some modifications, but I'm not seeing the option yet.
  11. Also, you mention having trouble getting the pan off and out. A common issue is for people to screw up the shift solenoids and/or wiring for them. As mentioned above make sure you got the old filter seal out and the new filter seal in place and the filter inserted all the way. Also make sure you got the correct filter for your pan. If the new seal is not seated properly, it can suck air at that point too Here's a pic of the seal in place, it's in the process of being removed. **Edit: It won't let me link to the picture
  12. Yes, others are having issues too. Supposed to be changing to a new site software in the next few days according to Admins, They are aware of the issue. Guess we need to be patient until it gets worked out
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