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  1. Tried the fuel injector cleaner, idled smoother, miss way more infrequent. Probably bad or dirty injector. Thanks for the info! Good Numbers for mas and intake vac
  2. Thanks for your time! My wife noticed the bucking, (miss) happened when jumped on it trying to make a red light. Took off great than at the next light had to stop and setting there the engine started to buck(miss) than drove a couple miles and cleared up! Crazy!
  3. ok, my truck sometimes misses at low rpm parked or stopped in drive(at a light), its a 05 silverado 2500hd 6.0 base 2 door rwd, 86,000 miles. i've changed (using all ac delco or delphi electric products except) msd coils , msd wires, ac delco platinum spark plugs, crank sensor, cam sensor, map sensor, cleaned the throttle body and mass air flow sensor (with correct fluids), exhaust manifold gaskets and broken bolts, gas cap vapor canister purge valve, vapor canister vent valve, ac delco knock sensors with gaskets (few years ago), cleaned the grounds (i could find), fuel pressure is good, no dtc codes. still at idle the engine will kick down to about 560 rpms and will have a miss or sometimes not (but the miss will come it will come than stop than start), rain or dry, hot or cold outside. RUNS STRONG other than that and using high test gas 93 octane. i have a hyper tech mpg programmer but same miss happens programmed or back to stock. thanks for your time!
  4. got one at amazon warehouse for $121.00. yeah big difference! funny guess i got use to the old hydo boost.
  5. 05 silverado 2500hd base rwd 2door, i need a rebuild kit for the hydroboost on my truck! where can i get it and whats the number for the kit? thanks for your time, matt
  6. how did you get the old bolts out? i have an 05 2500hd 6.0, there are 2 broken bolts one on the drivers side closest to the fire wall (last one), one on passengers side in the middle of the manifold. i would like to replace all of them. thanks!
  7. I use hypertext in my 05 silverado, plug it in, asks questions, runs programs on truck computer and unplug when qued too.
  8. mattchrz

    Bye all

    sorry to see you go!
  9. seems i forgot about the relay, sorry installed the fog lights in 2014. heres a schematic of the wiring.
  10. fuse box wasn't very difficult, used a stock connector i got from scrap wire at a dealership a mechanic let me look through
  11. the fog lights were pretty easy, stock dash switch plugged right in, bought the fog lights on amazon, hardest part was tying in the wire harness to the fuse box under the hood, taking the fuse box apart.
  12. thanks! the video is great, very detailed! boy, that guy sure is happy!!! thanks again, matt
  13. i have an 05 silverado 2500 hd base 2 door cab with rwd. is it true that if a buy a stalk (turn single switch) with cruise control built on it (saw plenty on ebay ) that it is or could be a plug and play?? i know my base truck was wired for fog lights as i added them with a stock switch and a wire harness from the fuse box. it would be cool to have a cruise control on my truck after 15 years! thanks for any input. mattchrz
  14. i was very pleased with their product, it took about 5 days total with shipping it off and receiving the climate control back all included $49.00! thats wwwcarradiobulbs.com check out their website. i would recommend them!
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