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  1. i have an 05 silverado 2500 hd base 2 door cab with rwd. is it true that if a buy a stalk (turn single switch) with cruise control built on it (saw plenty on ebay ) that it is or could be a plug and play?? i know my base truck was wired for fog lights as i added them with a stock switch and a wire harness from the fuse box. it would be cool to have a cruise control on my truck after 15 years! thanks for any input. mattchrz
  2. i was very pleased with their product, it took about 5 days total with shipping it off and receiving the climate control back all included $49.00! thats wwwcarradiobulbs.com check out their website. i would recommend them!
  3. i was happy with their product and turn around time (5 days from me shipping and receiving the repaired climate control) www.carradiobulbs.com these are the blue bulbs total cost for the climate control $49.00 repair and shipping included!
  4. found a company that installs leds in my climate control for $49.00 all inclusive (bulbs, labor and shipping) carradiobulbs.com, white, blue or red.
  5. can anyone recommend a company that will replace the bulbs in the climate control (manual aux control CJ3 w/o rear defroster) in my 05 silverado 2500 hd. tried the diy but not very good at soldering those small holes. any help would be appreciated!
  6. awesome! thanks!! answered all my questions!!!
  7. ok thanks, ill try it! im 63 years old and i don't remember ever changing the fluid in the rear on any of my vehicles and i had my share! cars and trucks! so clutches in the rear is new to me.
  8. thanks for the input. it started to chatter before i changed the fluid. probably put like 5k on the new fluid with no chatter, than it started up again after about 60 mile drive down the turnpike to delaware at about 70 to 85 miles an hour. i used lucas synthetic 75W-90. unfortunately i didn't do the first change till 75k, even had the trans fluid changed when i replaced the cooler lines .should have paid attention to my manual better. an expensive mistake! again the chatter is not consistent but annoying when it happens. there's a picture of the fluid i used. again thanks for the info!!
  9. i was late, very late changing the fluid in the rear of my 2005 silverado hd 2500 6.0, now its beginning to chatter inadvertently (i could kick myself). i talked to a mechanic, he said it will have to be rebuilt or replaced. can anyone direct me to a reputable company where a can purchase a rebuilt G80 4:10 auto locking rear differential 14 bolt? i only have 80,000 miles on the truck ( bought new) and its in very good condition and worth the money. keep up with everything else stainless steel brake lines, trans, power steering ,oil cooler lines, knock sensors, steering shaft and all the other maintenance that goes along with, just missed the rear. duh
  10. you don't happen to have the oem numbers for the hoses you replaced. i'm looking for the numbers to and from the cooler and anything else need to repair all the trans lines and oil cooler lines. (also replacing power steering lines in the spring) 05 silverado 2500 hd, trans 4L80E (79,000 miles) base, rear (two)wheel drive. bought new. looked on amazon, acdelco site, rock auto and gmc parts....coming up with different numbers (15809057, 15812029, 15267484)... any help would be appreciated!! thanks, matt
  11. thanks for all the helpful info! merry christmas and a healthy new year!
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