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  1. I just installed a different engine in my 01 2500HD 6.0L the replacement engine was also supposed to be a 2001 engine, one of the coils packs was bad and I went to swap one off my old engine but they mounted different. Did GM use 2 different coils packs on the 2001 or is this a newer engine?
  2. Ok so I went to Napa and booght the bolts and the gaskets. Got 10.9 bolts Got the stud out of the head and had to drill out the EGR studs and retap. On the replacement engine the passengers side manifold had a crack on the back side. So we had to reuse my original. Now were putting to back together and I don’t see any old flange gaskets? Is there not any on the pipes that mount to manifolds?
  3. Ok so we’re getting ready to put the replacement engine in my 2001 2500HD 6.0 and one of the exhaust bolts was broken of like they do. So we removed all the bolts and are going to replace them. So my question is where should I get the new bolts GM replacements or get them from somewhere else and use stainless or grade 10.9. And do we use anti-seize or not?
  4. I have owned the truck since it has 15000 miles it was a GM program vehicle. It now has 130,000. I currently can’t prove this but my brother and I both believe the injector was bad and pumped the cylinder full of fuel and hydrolocked the engine causing the rod to break.
  5. Ok so a while back I posted about my 2500HD running rough, I changed the Injectors (2 weren’t firing) and then it ran as bad if not worse and started knocking. Well today day I finally got around to pulling the engine apart to find #3 rod broke in half and into pieces. Anyone have any ideas on what happened?
  6. Injectors were rebuilt New plugs I only use Ac Delco in GM Fuel filter is fairly new changed just before I parked it Fresh Fuel and Sea Foam in tank K&N Filter cleaned and re installed Truck sat Outdoors I have looked but haven't seen any evidence of Rodents or wires under the hood or Cab chewed Is there a certain place I should look ? coils ? I unplugged each one and they seem to be working but might be intermittent Brand new Battery I haven't driven the truck because of how it runs so I haven't plated it.
  7. I'm getting frustrated, I have a 2001 2500 HD, 6.0 liter, I parked it for about a year or so and when I got it out it was running rough, keeps giving me the Po300 code multiple misfire, I changed the spark plugs and this did not help, so I starting looking other places, I found a couple of injectors that weren't working, so I changed them out with some rebuilt ones I bought on Ebay, I installed them and it seems to be hitting on the cylinders that were not working but still runs rough but now it pops out the exhaust and I still get the code, so I changed the spark plug wires since they were originals, still no better. I have sprayed the intake and all around it with carburetor cleaner and no change is noticed there, Anyone have any suggestions ?
  8. Well after taking the fuel rail off aND soaking the rear injectors I still wasn't getting any click out of at least on of the injectors, so I popped it apart to find it was rusty and varnished to the point of being stuck. So I'm just going to order a rebuilt set.
  9. Has anyone purchased injectors off ebay? There's a place on colorado I believe that sells rebuilt delphi injectors witha 5 year warranty for $75.00. Should I just change them or clean mine and use them?
  10. This sounds very true and with the truck sitting they probably are stuck, I will pull the rails and clean and swap the injectors around I'm pretty sure this will fix it. Do you change the "O" rings or reuse them? Thanks
  11. The plug wires are originals and I unplugged each coil at the coil to find the two cylinders that are missing, I also used a test light and checked the ground and power to both injectors and that appeared to be good. Like I said the injectors are not clicking like the other 6. I can try swapping plug wires but pretty sure this isn't the problem.
  12. I have a 2001 2500HD wit the 6.0 engine 2wd, 133000 miles on the truck,I had to park the truck for about year and a half, I'm now wanting to get it out and drive it and it's throwing the random misfire code, (P300) I changed the spark plugs it still gives the code so I did some more checking and it appears to me the back two cylinders are not firing and I don't hear any "clicking" of those fuel injectors. I also checked and I have power and ground to the injectors. Is there a chance these just went bad or are possibly gummed up? I put a can of seafoam in the tank as well. But no luck. Is this problem happen very often? Where is a good place to get replacements?
  13. I'm looking at buying a 2006 Tahoe, it doesn't appear to have the tow package, and I want to add a hitch and 7 pin plug with brakes and charging option. Is the truck already wired and I just need to buy a harness ? Or do I have to add additional wiring to accomplish this ?
  14. I have a 2001 2500HD with 1300,000 miles not rusted out like most, does have usual junk rear bumper. I haven't only driven it 2 winters. I have also was a previous mechanic for 20 plus years never can I remember brake lines rusting like these but they were put inside frame rails and made with better materials. If this issue only appears to be with 1999-2007 trucks I would say GM realized they had an issue. As far as the Highway Safety Division. They are more worried about "defective" Key switches that turn off and only make it harder to stop and steer rather then an actual Safety device that would make the vehicle not stop at all. And an underbody wash is not going to get up in between the top of the frame and box or cab where the lines are clipped in a clip that's pointing up. I have been driving for 30 plus years and always been faithful to GM but In my opinion the last good GM truck rolled off the line in 1998
  15. Thanks for your Response but that was honestly no help and the 2 (Two) Dealership parts personnel were no help, So I figured there might be someone on here that experienced this already
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