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  1. Try taking it out of park. Releasing the parking brake always helps too.
  2. I can see metal shavings on everything when I blow the pictures up. I also see scoring on several pieces where the metal fragment has made contact when it was bouncing around. I would have a good mechanic take it apart and change any damaged parts, replace the bearings and seals and of course clean the entire thing spotless. My guess is if you don't have it done, in a few thousand miles the metal shavings are going to force you have it done with more damage than it has now.
  3. I found out years ago that if I opened the vent that is near the handle yours is hanging on, then there is no bubbling and splashing. My pan is over 20 years old too.
  4. I use a drain pan like this: https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/flotool-15-quart-drain-container-11838mi/9017658-p?product_channel=local&store=9407&store=9407&gclid=Cj0KCQjwzozsBRCNARIsAEM9kBPQi7PiiTIwxfdqxqMlNsWIaIkeC-Wg2qnNu9xLj9IQ4hS4W7bkFj8aAjjKEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  5. Since we are going to stoke the fire, here is my $0.02. Both the workers AND the CEO is overpaid! I agree with the unions in keeping the US plants open. Hell, they need to reopen some closed ones and move production for the Silverado out of Mexico. Only 8 billion in profit last year...pathetic right? How about lowering the cost of cars and trucks and only make a billion. The workers need to get back to work and be damn glad they have a $63.00 per hour job.
  6. The 01 Sierra extended cab short bed averages about 5600, depending on the fuel load and what's in the tool box. I have never had the 15 CC on the scales.
  7. Agreed, but like Richard Rawlings says, "There is an ass for every seat."
  8. Do you currently have bucket seats and the center console?
  9. A filter(any brand) that flows more, catches less. K&N air filters are just snake oil in a box.
  10. A 97 cluster wont work. I think the only ones you can use is 03-06 but wont swear to that. Those years had bad stepper motors that you can have repaired.
  11. How many miles on it? Have you ran a compression test and what are the numbers?
  12. Since it was parked for a year, check to see if mice chewed the wiring harness. Shifting is controlled by solenoids. Check fluid level also.
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