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  1. 210 -212 is not overheating.
  2. If the pavement is uneven, no it will not be the same. Measure it on a flat surface such as a parking lot.
  3. NGk does make the Delco plugs for these engines. Neighbor is WRONG, Mobile 1 filter is much better than the Delco.
  4. Power door locks

    No programming needed. Check the connections and switch on the drivers door. The power for the locks and windows start at the drivers door and then run to the passenger side.
  5. Take it to a muffler shop and they will either weld it or replace it if they cant weld it due to the type of break or location of the break.
  6. Fuel Mileage While Towing

    3.73's turn 2000 RPM's at 70. With the 5.3 engine, I get about 8 pulling a 30ft TT. I get about 9 pulling the 24ft boat, and about 10 pulling the 16ft enclosed trailer. Depending on how they are loaded, all weigh in between 6500 and 10,000 pounds.
  7. While I can appreciate the idea behind this set of facts, they actually prove nothing. My interpretation of the data is Tacoma, Ridgeline, and Tundra trucks are more likely to have problems once they cross 200K miles that causes people to decide to trade them rather than repair them. My 2001 Sierra has 323K miles on it, original engine and transmission and this truck tows loads that should be hooked up to a 2500. I have no intention of getting rid of it EVER. Living in the south, rust is not an issue, so it should last another 30 years, or until I die. Thinking about it, who in the Hell would want to keep a Toyota or Honda for 50 years?
  8. Buyer Beware

    So a four year old truck that is driven in Michigan has rust starting on the frame......that is a big surprise. BTW, its not GM's fault that the dealer that serviced your radiator broke a bracket or two. That is just a crappy "mechanic" and you should take it up with the dealership.
  9. Nope, my first thought was "The solution is to quit hopping curbs".
  10. Diff gear swap done

    So I take it that you are both impressed with the 4.10's and would make the same choice again?
  11. Before going all out on a rebuild, change the fluid and filter first and see if that makes a difference. My truck was acting similar to that at about the same mileage and I gave it the fluid /filter change (first time it was serviced). Shifted like new for another 100K miles. Started acting up again a while back, at 323K miles now. Time to see if it works again.
  12. Adding tow mirrors.

    Send forum member "pgamboa" a PM. He can help you out
  13. Sound off! Gas Cap!

    LMAO...use your cell phone to hold the trigger open. Maybe you will get a phone call or text while pumping gas that will cause that dreaded static spark they warn you about on the gas pumps. Then hire the law firm of Wei, Suem & Tou with the complaint of no gas cap caused the explosion and fire. Or you could get a small piece of wood and leave it in the bed of the truck to use.
  14. Chevy vs GMC

    Look at the chart again, you are reading it backwards. Lower is better.
  15. Chevy vs GMC

    One thought I have is fleet sales, I doubt that Enterprise, Hertz, and the government purchased vehicles fill out the survey. Example: So X number of Impalas get a free pass with no reported problems, but you can bet your ass that a Cadillac owner will say something.

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