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  1. Are you SURE the seats were working when they were pulled from the donor?
  2. I have noticed it also. I have quit trying to answer their questions because when I was replying, they never came back to see any responses.
  3. I am going to assume that you have the 305 4V. First thing, GM did not use Holley carbs from the factory. If it has one on it, someone changed it from the OEM Rochester. When engine floods, hold the accelerator pedal on the floor while starting it. This will allow it to clear out excess fuel. Its been a long time since I have driven a carbureted engine, but I remember each one was a little different when starting them cold. Usually it would require a couple of pumps of the pedal and then let off completely, then start cranking the engine. Your best bet is probably going to rebuild or replace the carb.
  4. He has been a member of the forum for 6 hours. He is just here to rant and tell the world that at 110K miles, his truck shakes.??
  5. Welcome! Lots of great people here and too many ideas on mods to even count.
  6. From the carfax report: ALERT! - Severe problems were reported by a state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). This vehicle does not qualify for the CARFAX Buyback Guarantee. With that information, I am going to go against the general consensus and say "that is the truck to buy!" IF you like driving loaner vehicles all the time, are not worried at all about being stranded, money lost at resale or if it is wrecked means nothing, and you enjoy coming to a forum to complain about your truck being junk.
  7. If you really want the best price, check out : www.laurabuickgmc.com They have 5 2020 white AT4's with the 6.2 in stock at this time. https://www.laurabuickgmc.com/VehicleSearchResults?make=GMC&model=Sierra 1500&year=2020&displacement=6.2&bodyColor=White&trim=Crew Cab Short Box 4-Wheel Drive AT4
  8. Its not something in the blower motor. The clicking sound changes according to engine RPM's.
  9. First, the rear has disk brakes for stopping, but a drum brake inside the rotor for the parking brake. Make sure parking brake was not engaged. Jack the truck up, leave it not running and shift into neutral....see if the left and right wheels spin with the same amount of force applied. If its harder to turn the right side, then barely push the piston back into the caliper just enough to free the pads. Check the resistance again. By the time you have gotten this far, you will know if its the parking brake or a caliper sticking. Also, make sure you don't push a lot of old fluid back through the system, bad for the ABS module.
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