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  1. I couldn’t stand owning a stock looking truck, nothing bad about it just personal preference. Always room for improvements that’s why I got a lift even though still capable of towing same factory oem rated weight I’d still get new gears. Sent from above
  2. Take it back immediately!!! They’re full of crap too, they new it was tuned, get rid of it and live stress free. Lots of trucks out there and amazing deals on some left over 18’s too which will be easy to get bank loan approval. This is why I don’t buy used trucks. Sent from above
  3. IIHS front tests are out

    Trucks are trucks, every year they’ll be placing the bar up higher and higher. I’ve seen lots of accidents through my life time and you’ll be taking a chance in anything you drive, fact is, some of the safest cars on the road will unfortunately still have fatalities, it’s a mixture of stupidity/elements and other drivers. Go get yourself a new truck, enjoy it! Sent from above
  4. Now that’s a functional truck! Sent from above
  5. He’s asking about his current setup with a 9” lift with a 6.2 and 323 gears. Don’t think he’s interested in getting rid of his truck for a stock looking Z71. Changing gears would be about the only thing he’d have to do along with a new cann tune like a SuperChips and be done with it. Sent from above
  6. Congrats, sounds great, with that setup and now towing 7000# trailer along with additional gear and people added too, at max towing capacity, I’d look at re-gearing the front diff and rear end for much better hauling experience. Good luck and don’t forget pics! Sent from above
  7. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    Thank you, fuel 20x9 +1 off set, 285/60/20 (34”) Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Forgot the model wheel. Sent from above
  8. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    No, it’ll widen your turning radius all for a level. You’re pretty much stuck with stock 275/55/20’s (32”) unless you don’t mind the loud and nasty rubbing on the uca’s you’ll have to switch wheels for a different offset to like a +1 offset and then you can go to 285/60/20’s (33” +). It happened to me but I had to learn as I went. Here’s mine when it was leveled 2.25” up front with an added 1” rear block to the stock block, still got a bit of rub but only on the wheel well liner which a heat gun can remedy that. Sent from above
  9. Well, one thing is for certain and being they’re so rare and believe me when I say that a 6.2 CC Standard Bed will be highly thought after. I’m definitely going to be looking to get much more at trade in...but hopefully not anytime soon. Sent from above
  10. Got Light? Good job but Your breathing sounds like Darth Vader! Sent from above
  11. IIHS front tests are out

    Not that I’d ever be interested in that poop bucket. I heard they’re discontinuing the Ridgeline due to horrible sales. Sent from above
  12. IIHS front tests are out

    Lol, You and your rear wheel hopping Sent from above
  13. I appreciate it and I’d jump on the flex kit just to have options but not going to jeopardize my 100k extended warranty. Sent from above
  14. Appreciate it, here it is now. CST 4.5” lift 34” Nitto Ridge Grapplers Fuel 20x9 +1 offset CST front tuned coil overs and rear Piggybacks SuperChips and lots more. Ride quality is awesome! They’re lots of fun building them out. Good luck Sent from above

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