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  1. Yes and no where near the off road capabilities of a Raptor, you’d end up spending at the least $20k just to get somewhere near the off road capability and then you’re in the mid $70’s, and still not reinforced like a Raptor, SNAP! Good luck! [emoji256] Sent from Above
  2. That’s great, having no payments is much better and better future security. The 2500 is pretty truck but a completely different animal that’ll beat you down especially on long trips. Wheels and tires will completely rejuvenate the outside look of your truck, Katskin Leather seat cover bring alive the interior of your vehicle https://katzkin.com/. Good luck and if I may recommend that if you’re looking to extend the life of your vehicle, please do sooner rather then later oil, Diff fluid, transfer case changes. I use only highest quality available and do sooner rather then later because I really want my truck to last. Good luck and please do keep us posted, pics would be nice if before and after [emoji1303] Sent from Above
  3. Lighter trucks and smaller gas tanks, I’m thinking NO WAY! My 18 6.2 gets better gas mileage than the 2019 and I’m lifted with 33” tires, LMAO! https://youtu.be/3SaWmmojSCY Sent from Above
  4. Guess this is how GM has attempted to raise mpg’s, by reducing fuel tank size in order to save fuel weight lol Sent from Above
  5. Check this video out, newer truck mpg’s ARE NOT what you’d expect coming from newer technology and higher costs Sent from Above
  6. Interesting mpg’s on today’s new trucks. Sent from Above
  7. Not sure about doing 65 instead of 60’s but you can still get it test fitted first, good luck and keep us posted Sent from Above
  8. I figured that, they’re definitely not stamped steel, you’re lucky. Tire size, I’d go for a taller tire rather than a wider cause wider tires have more resistance causing a drop in mpg’s. You can have discount tire test fit your setup too, 275/60/20’s. Sent from Above
  9. Trail Boss is nice but I’d prefer having nothing to do to my next truck. There’s over $10k in suspension wheels and tires upgrades just to make it a bit more off road capable. I’m having excellent reliability w my truck and I’ll keep it for as long as it keeps doing so. Sent from Above
  10. Appreciate it, it’s definitely a keeper. Sent from Above
  11. I’d avoid the Diesel, unless you tow heavy, it’s very rough riding and Diesels are much more expensive to repair and harder to find Diesel fuel on road trips. I had a loaded out 16 DMax and got rid of it for my 18 6.2. Enormous comfort jump and maneuverability too because 3/4 ton trucks have crappy turning radius. If your truck is giving you problems then sure, trade it in or sell it out right but the newer trucks have much more crap on them that can and will go wrong. Personally, I’d keep what you’ve got, keep maintaining it and it’s a lot cheaper fixing your current truck then it is adding another $40k-$60k debt on your plate. If you’re getting bored of it then do something different with it, lift, new wheels and or tires etc etc but it’s either maintains what you’ve got (presumably paid off) than starting all over again with more debt. Btw, many people on these forums have over 150k miles on their trucks and still love them with many years to come Sent from Above
  12. Btw, why are you now interested in wheels and tires, did you just get the truck or had and just need a bit more update? Sent from Above
  13. Oh boy, it all depends on your budget as well as “IF” you actually OffRoad. Are you leveled, considering to level or lift? All this is a major decision but will definitely alter your ride comfort substantially. If you’re looking to stay stock height then you can visit online shops and look at setup of wheel and tire packages. Fuel wheels has a website as well as every other manufacturer out there. Maybe go to your local Discount Tire location and have them discuss your options. If you’re going to lift it level then you’ll definitely need new wheels with different offset so you don’t rub anywhere when turning. I’d recommend posting a side view of your truck and be a bit more descriptive of whether you’re 4x4, size motor etc Sent from Above
  14. So you’re leveled up front with Bilsteins? Some 15’s but all 16-18 models have newer stamped steel UCA’s which cause rubbing when going just 275/60/20’s. I had that issue too but went through multiple sets of wheels and tires. Make sure your angles are straight or else it’ll have devastating results on your front end especially when off-roading. I’d have to agree with you on traction, it’s all about the traction on trails, wet or dry roads. Adding larger tires “WILL” give you a crappy ride especially being leveled as well as bad mpg’s. Good luck Sent from Above
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