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  1. There’s not one tire out there that doesn’t start to loose drip after 15k miles but KO2’s are far superior to everything out there especially the hybrids as I’ve had two separate sets of Nitto Ridge Grapplers and both sets sucked! Ridge Grapplers when new, seems their siping is an afterthought. At 15k miles, siping is sealing up or starting to disappear which scared me to death one day. And now the KO2’s, notice how their siping doesn’t look like an afterthought but rather engineered all together during the mold. I jumped on the “Fad Wagon” and very much regretted it, back with KO2’s and what an enormous difference in ride quality and performance. Sent from Above
  2. Yes but they may have it on sale or a few hundred less elsewhere, I’d call them and ask. If you’re going coil overs I’d look at Kings or just make sure whatever you choose that they’re “ADJUSTABLE!” and for ride quality I’d stick with dedicated AT’s and avoid going to big, maximum 33” or 34” as my truck rides a bit smoother with 33” than it did with 34”. Sent from Above
  3. I’d rather it drive stiff and be much more responsive than the land barge that the drive like prior to the lift. You’re absolutely correct though, Coilovers give a much better ride as do a great set of tires. Highly recommend dedicated AT tires and avoid the crappy hybrids which are worthless over 10k miles. Sent from Above
  4. Bite your tongue sir! I’m at 4.5-5” lift, drives great, night and day difference from being leveled which rode like poop [emoji90]. It all depends on what and how it’s done. If you want to keep more of a stock feel then a 4.5” lift is great, not to tall and rides great as long as you invest in great suspension. I’d recommend doing the CST lift as it doesn’t widen your track width or your turning radius and allows you to keep your stock wheels but to each their own. Yesterday, out hog hunting with excellent clearance driving over logs and finally finding this cleared patch. Sent from Above
  5. This was interesting as well. IMHO, early OCI’s with good oil is an excellent way to treat your engine. Ok, lots out there for everyone to research. Remember, it’s not the cost but the “Protection.” Sent from Above
  6. Read on brother, https://www.amsoil.com/about/guarantee/ Sent from Above
  7. Well, #1 and as a retailer, Lucas oil is more profitable to retail stores than Amsoil. Amsoil sells direct to consumers saving them where as Lucas doesn’t, protecting your profit margin. We can all go back and forth on what’s the best protection out there but one thing is for sure Lucas oil is no better than Mobil1 although and if you’re like some, changing your oil sooner rather than later is definitely a plus. Most on these forums look for the cheapest prices on the lowest required specs and not the highest protection at the best value. That being said, there’s no oil manufacturer out there that will give you 20k miles (oil & filter) of outstanding protection and backs it up with the warranty like Amsoil. Sent from Above
  8. Btw, Forums members quite possibly makeup less than 1% of automobile owners. Best to attempt to use common sense and not look for the cheapest approved, minimum required engine oil but the best you can afford cause most people on these forums actually believe their vehicles are investments, THEY’RE NOT! Sent from Above
  9. There’s a whole list of envy but most of all the lack of educating oneself on “PROPER” maintenance. Most of ALL vehicles are nowhere near what they were 10, 29 and especially 45 years ago. Oil related failures happen all the time but consumers are always blaming the issues on manufacturers quality issues. Fuel management systems are just “ONE” example. Changing oil often rather than later is a major key to engine longevity but most would rather squeeze out every mile possible even though they’re running minimum required engine oil and oil filter specs. Most will say there’s been no comment on these forums that it was the engine oil they were using or that they ran to long on lowest spec required engine oil but there’s ZERO reported engine oil failures while using Amsoil Signature Series. Can engine breakdown happen while using Amsoil? Sure, but not by the performance of what’s expected by engine oil and especially if engine damage has already started and only last minute attempt to help what’s left of their engines. Sent from Above
  10. Someone’s been spending to much time indoors lol [emoji23] Sent from Above
  11. Can’t beat the ride quality of Michelin highways tires or their AT KO2’s. Sent from Above


    I’ll stick to “Biological Warfare” as now China has no more protesters pestering its government, something else has taken the Spotlight. It’s scary to think of just how dangerous communist dictatorships have become, care nothing for their people especially globally. Sent from Above
  13. Why go conventional in an unconventional world, why go part (full Synthetic) synthetic when you can go 100% Synthetic! Amsoil 100% Synthetic is the best oil for engine protection, the rest is snake oil. Sent from Above
  14. You’re correct, IMHO, Toyos and Nittos are a fad, they’re horrible/dangerous in the rain. I went with KO2’s and couldn’t be happier. The first thing I noticed when switching to KO2’s was that they don’t slip on wet paint stripes in parking lots. Falken Wildpeaks have great reviews too, congrats! Sent from Above
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