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  1. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Originally, did a 2.25” front adding 1” in rear leveling with stock uca’s. I’ll never level again, to harsh of a ride, lifted 4.5” now. Sent from above
  2. Having some issues

    Each and everyone of us has some sort of issues with every vehicle, it’s just the nature of the beast when buying a high tech vehicle. Sent from above
  3. Thanks but don’t think they’ll be giving you new shocks, they’re just shitty oem shocks. If they don’t swap out the shocks I’d hold off till you do a lift then install high end aftermarket shocks that’ll give you an excellent ride. Good luck Sent from above
  4. Changing your shocks won’t affect your warranty. Bilsteins are entry level performance shocks which many love, I personally prefer smoother custom ride shocks like King, CST. Here’s my setup now with a lift and doesn’t affect warranty, only parts you’ve added aren’t covered but shocks alone will never void anything especially Bilsteins, they used to be standard shocks on our trucks some years back. 5100’s for leveling and 4600’s for stock height. Sent from above
  5. Same thing happened to me, changed shocks and went away. Sent from above
  6. That’s insane, neither one of my GMC’s burn any oil, none and I check with the dipstick once a month and always same level. That’s great the you’re using Amsoil, oil that claim to be Full Synthetic are NOT 100% Synthetic. Good luck to you Sent from above
  7. 20% decline in MPG

    Isn’t that the truth, sad but true. I’ve seen the same fuel truck at a Valero and Shell and that’s why I run the Lucas Treatment, buy it in cases. Sent from above
  8. 20% decline in MPG

    I’d agree with you there if it wasn’t for my two separate issues I encountered with two separate Shell gas stations in the Houston area that I was pumping fuel for almost a year and never thought about what could possibly be causing injector issues in two separate vehicles till the mechanic asked what fuel you using? Fuel was not top tier, turned out to be the fuel. I ran Kroger fuel for about 1yr and never had any issues again especially since I add Lucas Furl Treatment in ever other tank, swear by that stuff. Never know where that fuel tank truck is coming in from. Sent from above
  9. 20% decline in MPG

    I run Lucas Fuel Treatment in every or every other full tank and have excellent results from doing so. I used to get rough idling in my 2016 5.3 Yukon but completely disappeared after a few tank full of the Lucas, 3 yrs later and still purrs like a kitten with excellent throttle response. Sent from above
  10. 20% decline in MPG

    Just a thought, ethanol gas, sitting so long may have gunk up your fuel system? Try running a fuel system cleaner like “SeaFoam” and go from there. Sent from above
  11. 33s AND NO LIFT

    You’re absolutely correct, so many BS’s in these forums claim their tires don’t rub when they actually do and when they do claim it rubs, only rubs a little at full lock. Same ones that argue with me all day long when I say “Rubbing is not a good thing” and better off getting a real lift in order to fit wide 33’s and bigger! Sent from above
  12. Mod Ideas

    It’s good that others know of the ride quality difference after leveling, you and some others may be fine having a ride quality change in the negative but that’s something anyone interested in leveling should know before. Many going into leveling, I myself bought Bilstein 5100’s in hopes of smoothening the ride which didn’t do so. Again, You may be fine with the rougher ride quality which IS what you get in worsening your front end suspension geometry in addition to adding stress to the suspension creating failures sooner than expected but others will regret it especially if on a budget. OP is unaware that it doesn’t stop with just spacers and later will be wishing he did the Bracket Lift for a bit more than a cheap level. So you have your opinion and I’ve given mine, let’s let OP do the numbers and figure it on his own, moving on...... Sent from above
  13. Mod Ideas

    Leveling with spacers affects ride quality screwing with suspension angles, adding E rated tire makes it even worse. Spacers are not recommended also wearing suspension. Cost effectiveness, low cost lift is better cause angles will be much better than a leveled truck. Bracket lift is superior to a knuckle lift cause it doesn’t widen your track width and doesn’t shorten your turning radius and allows you to keep stock wheels and tires thus saving you money not being forced to buy new wheels and keeping stock geometry giving stock ride until you add E rated tires. My experience along with others that have admitted ride quality is rougher when leveling cause it screws with your front suspension uca’s geometry. Sure it’s cheaper to use spacers, but you cry once doing it right. Again, I’ve done it and this is my personal hands on experience. Sent from above
  14. Mod Ideas

    14-15 don’t have the 16-18 stamped steel uca’s and that’s another reason you’ve got more clearance. New 16-18’s are a pain in the ass to level with 100% rubbing Sent from above
  15. Mod Ideas

    Talking about 20’s and what year is your truck? Sent from above

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