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  1. Uhhhh, looks like a Honda/Toyota minivan assembly line, [emoji1304] Sent from above
  2. Give you a heads up, make sure to have them gas tuned to your specs prior to installation, had my front coil overs and rear piggybacks tuned by CST prior to install, takes an extra week to get them but well worth it cause off the shelf will ride pretty much like all the other off the shelf high end shocks. Good luck Sent from above
  3. Yours are nicer than the oversized stock electric running boards, good job [emoji1303] Sent from above
  4. Lift kit brand ?

    Trail master IMO is comparable to a Rough Country but a 4WHEELPARTS brand. Sent from above
  5. Lift kit brand ?

    I’d call the dealership, speak to the sales person and ask who the manufacturer is of the lift and also ask if you can get a better picture of it as well as a pick of the added aftermarket add ons. I highly doubt any dealership would install anything more expensive than a $1k-$2k lift, more likely a cheaper RoughCountry or Trail Master or even ProComp. Or even a rebranding knockoff lift trim package.
  6. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    Well, Fellow Forum Members, it’s a toss up, no need to insult one another because of not agreeing with ones “THEORIES”. Personally, if you’ve found oil in your return line then there’s no harm in adding a Catch Can but I will stick to my adding Lucas Fuel Treatment into a full tank along with ritually using Amsoil Signature Series real 100% synthetic motor oil change at 3-5K miles. Never heard of RedLine but if Grumpy likes it then it too must be a great product to use as well as Amsoil. Good luck to everyone! Sent from above
  7. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    You can believe what you want to believe as well as do your own added investigation into answering your own questions. The obvious is that oily mist or whatever you want to call it whether poor design or whatever is getting back into the engine and this is something that we can ALL agree on. How and what anyone does to help capture as much of the contaminated return air is a step further. I fed super into my Yukon along with Mobil1 annual protection, oil filter every 3-4K miles and in the long run made zero difference, carbon buildup before 20k miles. Only thing that fixed it was Lucas Fuel Treatment. My 18 6.2 runs on nothing but super and is literally fed Lucas Fuel Treatment every full tank along with Amsoil Signature Series every 3-4K miles with Zero issues, so far. The article I posted offers proof only to those that are proactive throughout their lives. Changing your oil with cheap oil or changing as per manual is not proactive, neither is putting low grade fuel in your truck but many do and later complain as to crappy built motors. I’ve often thought of adding an easy to get to fuel filter system along with a catch can but because of my very busy life, I’ve decided to just do what I’m doing until I’m proven wrong which will land me in a new vehicle anyhow. One thing I’d like to know is if condensation builds up more by having a catch can versus not having one. Sent from above
  8. We’ll get along great if you just don’t over analyze everything, I know, your engineer mind and a bit of OCD contributes to it lol. Sent from above
  9. Start with some new narrower highway tires. I lost 3-4 mpg’s when I switched from stock 32” to 34” Sent from above
  10. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    You’re going to sell your truck and share one vehicle between the two? Sent from above
  11. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    Is it a flex fuel 5.3 and what r u looking to get next? Sent from above
  12. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    E85 is a very clean burning fuel, as a matter of fact I bet your valves are in excellent condition but for those of us that don’t have E85 capabilities, we’re stuck with all sorts of ideas lol Sent from above
  13. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    Looks to me it’s proof that it’s beneficial to use a Catch Can. It’s totally up to the owner of the vehicle, may be easy for most to mess with it but some just want to drive it, later trade it for next model but I personally am using Lucas Fuel Treatment literally in every full tank and since I’ve been using it I’ve noticed zero issues. Do I think there will be zero issues down the road? Who knows, but till I notice any issues I’ll be using it along with Amsoil Signature Series 100% Synthetic and changing every 5K miles. My wife’s 16, 5.3 SLT Yukon XL had rough idle caused by carbon build up under 20k miles and dealership wanted to charge me $300 just to pour in their special fuel additive so I declined and started using Lucas Fuel Treatment, never had any issues after that. I don’t know whether I’ve got carbon build up but the one thing which is for certain: Truck has 20k miles on it with ZERO issues which personally I contribute to using Lucas Fuel Treatment since I’ve bought the truck brand new. Btw, due to kids now older, getting their own cars, flying is the new necessity, the Yukon XL has been replaced by a couple new BMW’s lol Sent from above
  14. Just got my 2018 6.2 back from dealership for the same thing you’ve mentioned. Dealership went ahead and did the flush with new GM fluid just to make sure that it’ll run better, runs better already, still feels weird from a stop but nothing that’ll get it traded in for the Raptor lol Sent from above
  15. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/buying-maintenance/a27182434/how-oil-catch-can-works/ Make sure to watch the video Sent from above

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