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  1. You quoted the wrong person. He stated that it was a tire brand store like a Goodyear.
  2. You guys are focusing solely on powertrain differences, Dodge may have given you some good experiences while being a GM owner but it’s far more than this. I don’t want to beat on Dodge, or any other manufacturer but it goes far beyond drivetrains, it’s about everything else as well, body, trim, interiors, safety recall issues, past safety issues, customer support and one of the biggest is the ability to easily personalize with lifts, tires, and so much more and last is just the way business is run and how the employees are treated which says a lot about how a customer is treated. It’s one of the best things about this country, Freedom of Individualism, wish the best for all Dodge, GM, Ford and even Nissan and Toyota. God Bless The United States of America and all those who stand to defend The Constitution of The United States of America! Let Freedom Fly!
  3. My last one was a 2008 King Ranch 4x4, Trans problems. There’s good and bad in all, reasons why we have so many Consumer Protection Laws ;)
  4. Nope, I’ve had a few, had some engine and trans problems but not bad trucks at all.
  5. Exactly, IMHO, some people are just at awww when something new comes around with great marketing but as I’ve stated, dressing up a monkey doesn’t change what it is, it’s still a stinky monkey lol. Duramax is King with Excellent built motors and Allison Transmissions.
  6. I bought a 2500 Dodge Laramie Cummins some years back for the motor. Truck was by far the worst put together vehicle I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned lots. The truck was falling apart, literally. Had the injectors swapped out at least 6 separate occasions on the Cummins, constant overheating issues, huge pc of crap! Two years ago a buddy bought a 3500 to pull his large car hauler, both axles broke, they freaking broke! I don’t think any of the auto makers should be put on pedestals but for God sakes, please stop thinking that Dodge has magically re-emerged from the depths of Hell to take the lead in reliability, never going to happen. The only thing positive I’ve heard is the interior is more plush, as nice as plush is, I didn’t buy a truck to fall asleep in. Give it another year or two and you’ll start hearing more negatives about these new dodges than you can shake a stick at. Go check the Dodge forums, you’ll see lots of negatives. You know what they say, you can put a suit on a monkey but it’s always going to be just a monkey.
  7. There’s not one truck maker out there that doesn’t have any problems or any recalls. Even the untouchable Toyota and Honda’s have fallen. Dodge reputation has the worst resale value and though they may have smoother running transmissions, they’re still dressed up junk!
  8. Here’s a range loading from BFG KO2’s https://www.bfgoodrichtires.com/upload/bfgoodrich/specifications/specs-all-terrain-t-a-ko2.pdf
  9. Well I wouldn’t want to have donut size tires on my Lifted truck, would prefer the smoother ride of the P rated though. You can actually get C rated as well in lots of LT tires too just not a lot of them out there. As far as the adding of belts, you could be right, maybe it’s because of requirements for stronger sidewalls for added off-roading but you’re correct, you CAN have identical towing capabilities from a P to an LT, just check the load range numbers. I’ve found C rated in LT tires too which may be smoother with the added LT construction for off-road use. I don’t tow but do off-roading often in fields while hog hunting so I’d love a 35” P rated tire any day over an E or F.
  10. The top reasons most people choose P rated tires would that it’s smoother, sticking to stock size OEM is MUCH cheaper and more mpg’s conscious. Though you can haul much more with LT tires as well as they are much more durable but much more expensive too especially for a higher quality manufacturer. If you tow standard and not often, stick to P rated. If you tow often and want more security, get LT tires cause the hauling will completely smoothen out the ride and IMHO it’s a much better security especially when hauling your irreplaceable family members and friends. Not saying this is the golden rule and I’m sure there’s going to be others that are fine with what they’ve got but in all my years with enormous amount of 4x4’s from 1500-2500’s Pickups, Yukon’s, Tahoe’s, 4Runners, LandCruisers, Land rovers to Range Rovers....it’s my experience, your vehicles shoes make all the difference.
  11. You’re mostly correct but LT tires do have additional ply’s and not necessarily for puncture resistance but for added weight capacity. A 125 rated LT tire far exceeds the capabilities of any P rated tire but depending on the weight your tires are having to haul around, P rated tires are good to go. I’ve owned a huge amount of both, had countless flats on my P rated tires, never ever on my 34” -35” KO2’s or Ridge Grapplers and not saying it doesn’t happen but the added ply walls help tremendously against punctures. Btw, no off-roading will be done with a P rated tire, for good reasons too. If lifted trucks, good luck finding a 35” tire in a P rating, I’d love to have one. One thing is for certain, P rated tires are much more comfortable than E or F rated tires.
  12. Oh Boy, I bet that is what’s giving you the scalloping problems. Hurry up and toss those installed! I be it’ll fix the issue. Good luck
  13. Wait your turn lol. Not all the 18’s are going to have recalls. After checking 3 separate times, I haven’t had one yet and I’m in an 18 as well.
  14. That RC Lift has been known to do that. Just a little bad angle will over stress your components, 50/50 chance on warranty work depending on the dealership. If this is something you do off and on, I’d look at either replacing that overstretched crap RC with a real lift, even a RC 5” Bracket lift or start replacing your components with aftermarket parts. Good luck
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