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  1. At what mileage do you think you’ll be looking to see what your engines internals will look like with catch can and will you ever tear down your engine or run scope through to see what your engines internal look like?? “Maybe” you’ll be the first to actually show proof that a can helps keep a cleaner engine and if not, just more he said she said. I’d follow your post if you were to start one on it! Sent from Above
  2. How many miles do you have on your vehicle now? Sent from Above
  3. That’s never going to happen. Instead, the bickering begins lol Sent from Above
  4. Very well said, this is why I don’t answer everyone for their inconsistencies. It’s the internet, I’ve learned to not waste my time any longer, just move on. Sent from Above
  5. On another note, I found this automotive website with outstanding prices on oil, filters and all sort of name brand automotive parts for cheaper cost https://www.rockauto.com/ Sent from Above
  6. Each and every manufacturer has problems, yours are minimum. You should look at the forums of other manufacturers, all manufacturers have problems and though we can all see your frustration, your issues are considered minimal. I’d get a tuner, read your codes, turn off you AFM, etc etc. My sister in law “HAD” 2019 $100K navigator, massive electrical issues, buy back was done and 6 months later they traded the new one in for a LandCruiser. Saw her last week, asked her how she’s liking her LandCruiser, SHE LOVES IT! Reliability and safety over performance and over done electronics. Sent from Above
  7. You’re absolutely correct, it’s made a big difference for me as well. Sent from Above
  8. Wooohooo! 4K miles, time to change oil [emoji13] Sent from Above
  9. Had issues with my 16 XL too. In the end, traded it in for German Technology [emoji6] Sent from Above
  10. Mileage getting you down? Sent from Above
  11. Sorry, crazy day today, just got home. It looks to be about 1.25” but the gap is larger behind the grill, it’s actually laying on the bottom pc of plastic. Hope this works for you. Sent from Above
  12. Remember now, boutique oils are not all alike as no over the counter oil is alike but the highest amounts of additives is the most important. Will a boutique oil save everyone’s motor? NO! But one things for sure, you just cannot cure stupid! Last I checked, Mobil1 Annual protection was $12per quart at Auto Zone which is more than Amsoil Signature Series and $49 for a 5 quart jug which makes it same price as Amsoil and that’s a no brainer there. But, in the end, everyone is different, most buy based on price and not quality as Full Synthetics are not real 100% synthetic, thinking everything is the same. In the end, Buy what you can afford and what works for you. Sent from Above
  13. I like Grumpys idea, Techron Fuel System cleaner, seems to be easier on the environment too. Sent from Above
  14. No worries but the Chevy (if my memory serves me correct) May have a larger gap but I’ll check tomorrow and post a pic Sent from Above
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