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  1. Again post #6 by user Silverado-Hareek on the first page of the following thread. Anyway, I am just trying to figure out whether there is any truth or anyone else has had a similar experience. Also yes, after I get done with my next free oil change I will probably do it myself for the life of the truck. I have read a lot of people post about having problems all types of problems with the AFM shifting rough. Every now and then mine will give a slight bang, stutter or something similar. However, I have been told it is nothing to worry about and it does not particularly bother me and usually anything like this would bother me. So far I feel a lot better after getting a catch can on it and the AFM does not bother me personally right now and would hate to change that with my oil choice. Also I am sort of making this ahead of time, as if I put something in there that is full synthetic and a problem does arise then I can consider swapping it over to something else. I also remember the same guy (Project Farm) found that Amazon Basics and I think Kirkland Signature "beat" Mobil 1 in his tests. I know I can get either of those much cheaper, I see the Kirkland ones on sale at Costco all the time.
  2. 1.) I am no oil expert but all the ones I have ran into so far (Mobil 1, Amazon Basics, Castrol, Kirkland Signature) have always looked very thin/transparent. I try to use full synthetic in any modern engine as I think it really helps. However, my biggest gripe with it is I sometimes have trouble seeing where it is on the dipstick as opposed to traditional oil for this previous reason. 2.) So this truck calls for a full grade synthetic 0W-20 correct? I guess I could always call them and ask what they used, but if they used a 5W-30 blend or something I doubt they would be honest with me. 3.) I am certain you have seen the post Grump unless you are referring to something else. Anyway it is post #6 on the first page of this thread by user "Silverado-Hareek". https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/191403-best-oil-for-the-53/#comments
  3. This is what I found. I could not locate it anywhere online.
  4. Hey guys, I know there are several threads on this already, including one that is several pages long. I believe that I first read here that many people (including GM dealers) are using a synthetic blend by ACDelco for their pickups. So I just got one of my first free oil changes done at my local dealer and I noticed the oil definitely does not look like full synthetic. Also I have noticed that the oil level is getting a little on the low end of the safe operating level on the dipstick. So now I am wondering what type of oil to put in it. I know this is a hotly debated topic and hope I do not start anything. Also I remember trying to find the "ACDelco Synthetic Blend" and did not have any luck for 0W-20. I have a catch can on my truck that is removing a good deal of crap and making me feel at least a little better. I remembering some people saying they have had better luck with different oils and such. I have always just used Mobil 1 over the years. I think I remember reading someone claiming that the full synthetic based oil was making the AFM transition rough and after they went to the blend it was smooth again. Anyone know if there is any truth to this and where I can purchase this oil?
  5. Hey guys, I was looking at a way to make my lights broadcast a little further and just basically have more visibility at night. I noticed my truck is not very similar to many others out there, not sure if I would call it 'rare' but definitely a lack of information on it. I will leave some pictures of my truck here so you guys can see what I am talking about. These lights are more rectangular horizontal shapes and the ones that I see being installed and more common are the square vertical ones. To be clear, this is something I want to add to my truck and looking for feedback and recommendations. 1.) Is there an RPO code that tells me specifically about these lights? As in if it is prewired to install OEM or aftermarket lights? 2.) Can I install them and have the functionality I want? As in a separate switch, or will they only come on when my lights/high beams are on etc? 3.) Like I said I have not been able to personally locate an install on a setup like mine, does anyone know how difficult it is or what I can expect? Maybe even someone knows of a guide showing an install similar to that of mine? 4.) On an unrelated note I am planning to finally get remote start in my truck. I was told by the dealer that my truck is 'remote start ready', I think it is (AQQ). He said I could expect to pay between $350 and $400. I heard that you cannot program them yourself but you can purchase as cheaper kit and only need to pay labor. Anyone have any advice about this or anything else I should be aware of when letting the dealer do this? He said the kit also comes with a hood latch sensor so the truck cannot be running if the hood latch is open or something. Also forgot to mention I was doing some looking around and like I said was not able to find much. However, I did come across these. Does anyone know if there is a GM part number or could the eBay ones be okay? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pair-2016-2017-2018-GMC-Sierra-1500-LED-Bumper-Fog-Lights-Driving-Lamps-w-Switch-/132969104657
  6. Yeah I figured I would determine what my maximum towing was and do my absolute best to stay about a ton or so under the rating. This is something I am trying out with this guy and do not want to purchase a truck without knowing if this is something that is truly profitable or will last.
  7. Yeah I also need to check the warranty on this truck. I know it was extended from being a CPO dealer sold truck. So what I am scared of is pushing this truck to the max on a regular basis and something bad happening. However, I guess now is the time to do it ever since I know it is still under warranty. This is a opportunity to make good money and would probably be a no brainer if I had a 2500. However, is it just me or do the ratings for the 2500 trucks on that chart seem low? If I ever bought a truck for primarily pulling a trailer I think I would look for a decent looking used diesel. I need to be careful because this truck is basically my entire workforce right now.
  8. Yeah I came across this once before and it is complicated for me. I don't understand all the ratings, deductions etc. It says that my truck is rated for 12,500lbs, but only with the Max Towing package, which am pretty certain I do not have. So looking at the chart with more data on it, it looks like my truck with the 3.42 rear end and 4x4 is rated to pull a maximum of 9,500lbs? Now is that the final amount? I do not have to add the weight of the truck or deduct anything else? So having all things considered I should be able to pull a max of 9,500lbs with my truck? I also did not notice you already answered the question for me as well.
  9. Sorry about that guys, it slipped my mind. I didn't think I had the 3.42 rear end. However, on my RPO codes it clearly says "GU6" which comes back to the 3.42 rear end. Also I think this truck like most full sized 1500's have the 6L80E transmission right? Either way I edited my initial post to include all information.
  10. Greetings again gentlemen, I thought I asked this before but I cannot find anything other than where I asked about recommendations for a after market transmission cooler. By the way I am still seriously considering going after the Mishimoto route and having the bigger cooler and bypass included. I am also still considering just going the cheap route and bypassing the thermostat. It is not a decision I have to make immediately, have not been towing much with the truck. Anyway that is not the major reason I am here today either. I wanted to know how I can find out exactly how much my truck is rated to tow. I have heard so many things from dealers and other 'opinions' 5,000lbs 7,500lbs, 10,000lbs 12,500lbs etc. I know that many factors make a difference, as in whether or not the trailer has assisted braking on it. As in I know the rating is on the lower side when you are talking about stopping the weight with the truck alone. So a friend of mine that I trust is offering me towing work with my truck. It is mostly a transport business where he helps people move, deliver firewood and basically anything he can do with the trailers. It is a good deal, he said he would take a small portion (about 10%) of the gross profit to put toward the trailer and wear and tear on it. As in he has more work than he can do with these trailers right now. So this is a opportunity for me to make good money over the Winter months while my landscaping business has slowed down. Now I have seen these trailers before, most of them are pretty big dump trailers. I have already talked to him about it and he said they all haul less then you would think. For instance, he said that the largest dump trailer was only rated for like 12,000lbs all together and that includes what is already on the axle from the dump trailer. As in you can only put like 8,000-9,000 more pounds in it before reaching the limit. Maybe they were not large but the sure did seem like it. Anyway he assured me that they mostly never get close to the limit. He said the only time he knows they do is when there are two cords of firewood on the larger dump trailers. He said if that is a concern, many people only order single cords and I could deliver those instead. So can someone help me figure out what my truck is rated to tow? Also even if my little 1,500 is rated to pull this much weight, should I consider pulling some of these larger loads and on a regular basis on top of that? He said there is always more work than he can handle, so if I start working on this on the regular, I might consider a loan on a certified pre-owned or used 2,500 or something. So let me guys know what you think, you guys are usually good for that, so shoot away! 2017 GMC Sierra 4x4, Regular Cab, Long Bed, 5.3l V8, 3.42 Rear End
  11. After having mine installed for about eight months now I can say without a doubt it catches a considerable amount of crud. I have probably emptied it about every two months for a total of four times since I have had it. Honestly the can has never been full, more like about 1/4 to 1/3 full. Having that said, I do feel better about having that crud in the can and not the top of my engine. Another thing is I can attest that I have been absolutely driving my truck with a gentle nature in mind. My Nationwide agent talked me into installing one of these Smartride monitors on my truck to get a discount. You keep it plugged in for like a year or something and then send it back in and I think you even do retain some sort of discount even after returning it if it deems you a 'safe driver'. So I have definitely been trying not to get into it too hard since around the time that I installed the catch can.
  12. Thanks for this. I found the catalog for the specific body panels of my truck. I am waiting to hear back from the company now. If I only need cab corners and outer rocker panels it will cost me about $400.00. I am still considering buying a cheap flux welder and doing it myself. I could probably have a complete repair for around $600.00 after paint and clear coat. I mean is it possible to make a irreversible mistake? Like I could always take my grinder and grind down the welds if I use too much flux or something. I am torn gentlemen. I had a guy look at the truck the other day and he was super excited to see it but once he seen the rust he said it was a deal breaker for him. In case anyone was wondering here is the link to the body panels for my truck. https://www.lmctruck.com/1999-13-chevy-gmc/body-panels/ce-2007-13-steel-cab-repair-panels
  13. The miles are actual miles. The truck is honestly in excellent overall shape. As I said before the frame has very little rust for a truck this old. That is why I have been considering having the rust on the cab repaired. It is the only flaw in this truck. However, even putting a couple thousand dollars into it might be difficult to get back.
  14. I am going to take it to a local body shop that I trust. The last person that I let look at it was the friend of a friend. I have put it off because I have almost no doubt it will not be worth doing. I might have to just keep lowering it until it does sell like the previous user mentioned. I hate biting the bullet so to speak. I thought there would be a lot more people that would know what this truck is and be interested in it.
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