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  1. I just finished a lot of research, unfortunately there is not much I can do for you because mine is a 2017 which means it falls into the 2014+ category. So the two that I did the most research on was Elite Engineering and UPR Products. Personally I think they are both great choices but I personally went with Elite Engineering. More bad news is I do not think either of these manufacturers make quick connect solutions for your truck. However, if I understand correctly your truck does not require a catch can as badly as the new EcoTec engines. The way I understand it is fuel is injected on top of your lifters (or fuel gets there) and burns off the access motor oil. So in my opinion the hype for catch cans is rising because of direct injection engines making a return in popular Ford and GM engines. Someone can correct me if I am wrong. Anyway if you still want one I would elect to save your money and go with a standard Elite Engineering can that is guaranteed to work with your truck. You will have to cut a couple hoses and might have to get creative to mount it but it should not be anything overly complicated. If you want to know more just email Elite Engineering and ask about quick connect lines and any other questions you might have. However, I do not see an option there to add it as in option but there may be other options available to you. This is what I would go with if I were you. It is old proven technology so you know it will work for your truck and again you will easily save $100.00 over what I spent. Sorry I forgot to post the link. http://www.eliteengineeringusa.com/standard-catch-cans/
  2. Way ahead of you, already ordered one. Looking forward to getting a little peace of mind when installing it. Thanks for stopping by.
  3. Thanks for stopping by. I just talked to the place where I bought the truck and I trust their head mechanic, he is a really nice guy and is quite knowledgeable in these trucks. He said the main issue with these trucks is they are burning oil and what is causing the failure is people not keeping the oil within the operating level. He said in his opinion the catch can would not do anything for me. He said I could put one on if I wanted and assured me GM would not try to void my warranty over it. So that is nice to know.
  4. I just purchased one from Elite Engineering. It is the new "E2000" that they make specifically for GM trucks. Yeah I have done a good deal of research and people have sort of come to the conclusion that it is too long for most to wait for a oil change before emptying it. I saw where people were emptying them every 1,000 and they were full/half full. That is crazy.
  5. Hey guys I saw there were a couple forums here along with someone selling what looked like a pretty cool catch can. So I have been hearing a lot about people having trouble with the EcoTec3 engines, especially in things like the lifters. I have been reading about it and talked to a friend that had a lifter fail in his truck. Anyway I heard that installing a catch can will solve a lot of the issues with these EcoTec3 engines so I wanted to get some feedback. I have never installed one before. So the way I understand it is they basically just prevent the vacuum line from sucking up oil into the intake? My truck has around 16,000 miles on it and was told that I am well past the break in period so it may not even do much for me. 1.) So basically I would like to get feedback on what ones people bought and what they think of them. They look pretty easy to install and if it helps my truck I am all for it. 2.) This truck still has about two years of warranty and plenty of miles from GM. Do you guys think if I have an issue and they see the catch can it will void my warranty? Basically I am totally new to this idea and have no clue what to expect. The actual install looks pretty straightforward.
  6. So to update on my situation, they driveshaft was supposed to get there earlier this week and never arrived. They said it has said "in transit" from one location and could be a problem. They said that no truck deliveries are made on weekends so they said hopefully they will get it in earlier next week and have it ready for me. Assuming they are correct I would have been without the truck for two full weeks. We are suppose to get a substantial snow storm where I live over the weekend. It sure would be nice to have a 4x4 truck so I could still get around in the snow if needed. It is not like I am paying $425.00 a month or anything for it or anything.
  7. I love the avatar by the way. Yondu was easily my favorite from Guardians of the Galaxy. I am not sure how it would work though. Because if GM decided to take the truck back does GM actually buy the truck back from you and leave the dealership alone? I have no clue how this works, but you would think they would have enough power to just make the dealership reverse the transaction and then resolve the issue with the vehicle to resale it. So today (01/13/2020) means my truck has been with them for exactly a week now. They have ordered a drive shaft and said the good news is that they did ship it late last week, so it has been in transit. They said that I should have the truck back at the end of the week. I am really hoping that this resolves my issue with it. They told me that the drive shaft was definitely in the "replaceable" range so I hope this will help me out. I was thinking about asking if they would provide a rental car for me, but decided against it. I guess the good news is that if this resolves my issue I can still be part of the class action lawsuit for time lost and my "pain and suffering" I have been through with this truck. I try not to let things bother me like I used too. Having that said, this is by far the most money I have ever spent for a vehicle and closest I have ever been to something new and I am pretty disappointed. I spent $27,000 that I did not have for a truck that has already been in the shop for nearly ten days total.
  8. I knew from the start you did not mean this to offend. However, I personally think it is the opposite. The Internet/forums have made things like this better. In the past before the Internet was big GM and their dealers could have just said something like "sorry we have never heard of the problem before and you are the only one having it". Then you would have just felt demoralized. Now with the digital age they (and other large entities) have no chance of covering something like this up. I do not mean just GM either, the digital age has granted instant access to all types of stuff like this. I also agree that it is every manufacturer. A few years ago full sized Dodge pickup trucks, and other Dodge vehicles, as in I think Jeep and Chrysler, could not pass crash test ratings. They did a lot to try and cover it up and scrub stuff from the Internet. However, nothing is ever truly gone, so just doing a quick Google search can generate plenty of material. I remember it being a pretty big deal, I think insurance companies got wind of it and jacked up the insurance for many Dodge vehicles. In my personal opinion Ford has had plenty of complaints over the years, but I believe since they are seasoned in this area they have learned how to cover up their errors better. Finally, Toyota has always been known for being decently reliable, but they seem to always have a problem with rust. Just my opinions. I have always really liked Toyota and not just for the Tundra's either. Like I said the only thing that bothers me about the Tundra's is that modern pickup trucks are easily getting between 15-20 MPG and the Tundra seems to average 13 MPG. I can see the logic behing "it is a pickup truck, so gas mileage suffering is given" but since I am going to be using this truck as a daily driver the few extra MPG's is very much welcome.
  9. So there is some light at the end of the tunnel for me. They got back to me today and said after inspecting the drive shaft and putting it under a PicoScope they found that it is well beyond what is considered faulty. So they ordered me a new drive shaft. He said to be honest with me, it could take awhile to get the new one in, because of how hard they are to get right now for the 1500 trucks. So it looks like in light of the lawsuit GM is replacing a lot more of these driveshafts. The "GM master mechanic" there told me that the problem with these driveshafts is not their quality, but how they were handled. He said something like when they were coming off a certain machine they were damaged. He said that is what caused the problems, nothing else. I am not sure if he is bull crapping me or not because it does make sense. Because if all of these drive shafts were faulty why are only seemingly small numbers of people experiencing issues? Obviously a lot of people are experiencing this issue, but there are hundreds of thousands of these trucks out there from 2014-2020 that people are saying are absolutely fine.
  10. So I do not want to bust anyone's balls but in my opinion larger corporations (like GM) usually laugh at stuff like arbitration. They might respond to it just to waste your time, but in my opinion that is all they are going to do. Because at the end of the day arbitration literally means to settle something out of court, which cannot force them to actually do anything about your problem. Again I am not trying to be an @$$, because I already found out the hard way that the Better Business Bureau cannot actually get anything done. They can be effective against smaller businesses that actually care about their ratings, but there is no way a corporation like Microsoft, General Motors, Comcast or any other "large entity" could answer every single one. Think about if someone used the BBB and GM agreed to take your truck back or actually do more than they are now. Word would get out and they would have to do that for every single person that complained to the BBB. I am not sure what you mean by not being able to contact the GM engineer either. Maybe you have escalated your issue beyond what I am currently doing? However, when I call my dealership I can talk to the "master GM mechanic" and anyone else who is actually working on the truck anytime I want. I just talked to him today.
  11. Like another user posted, you may have more luck now in light of the class action lawsuit. I do not know how old your truck is or how many miles you have on it but you may be covered under lemon laws. You should get all your documentation out and check the lemon laws of where you live and where you bought it from (if you went out of state like me). Because in Maryland the dealership only has four chances to resolve the issue or it is considered a lemon. Also if you are without the vehicle for thirty cumulative (not consecutive) days, you have a lemon. Most places will take the threat of litigation very seriously, because they realize that taking the vehicle back and reversing the transaction is going to be cheaper than battling it out in court and potentially losing. Again attorneys love class action lawsuits because any findings/evidence are considered admissible in a court of law, which means they can use them without having to put in the extra work. I know from experience that just having an attorney call them and say "hi this is so and so with so and so law firm that will be representing/hired by Mr./Ms. so so and looking to get some more information etc etc" will let them know you are serious. You can go to most attorneys and sit down with your documentation and get a free consultation.
  12. So no one is arguing this. By "return it" I mean the dealer agrees to take the vehicle back and reverse the transaction. Respectfully anyone that just takes the vehicle back to the dealership and says they are done with it has a couple screws loose. However, I wonder what would happen if you did that? Like my truck is in the shop right now and has been there for almost four days tomorrow (will update now). So what would happen if I told them I did not want the vehicle back, for whatever reason and told them I was going to hire an attorney to represent me? I wonder if they would take it more seriously then? Absolutely not saying that is what I am going to do.
  13. You might want to look into lemon laws for your state my friend. I have been researching the ones from Maryland because that is where I bought the truck. Most of them are similar too, saying things like "If your vehicle is this old and has these many miles, you may have a lemon". I know that in Maryland if the shop keeps your vehicle for more than thirty days as a cumulative total you have a claim. Also the shop has only three chances to resolve your issue and if they cannot you have a claim. Most attorneys will sit down with you for an initial consultation, give you some advice and let you know if you have a case or not free of charge. I do not think mine vibrates as badly as some of the others, but is only has 16,000 miles on it right now so it could get worse. Hopefully they will have some kind of answer for me tomorrow. It really sucks being in this situation. I am still in the process of selling my old truck, which is still a very nice truck given the age. I might try to push this shop to return the new truck and go back and put some more money into my old one.
  14. I hope that is the case. I do not think these dealers really care about all this. Because they are not the ones being held responsible, General Motors is. I was told by the head mechanic there that there is an "acceptable level of vibration" in their vehicles. So I am hoping in light of the class action and that I just purchased the truck, that something will be done. Basically, if General Motors says the shake is acceptable, they have two choices, pass that information onto me and say "see you" or try to resolve it at their cost. I took the truck in yesterday and have not heard back from them yet. They have had it almost exactly 26 hours. So we will see what happens. I am hoping that the class action will encourage them to resolve my issue with the truck.
  15. Thanks for the encouragement. I had another forum where we already talked about this. I decided to start a new one because of the class action lawsuit that just began. I figured it might be able to help more people. I already took the truck to a local GMC dealer and had the road force balance done. However, they are a pretty crappy and I am fairly certain they never even did the road force balance. I have an appointment coming this Monday to take the truck back to the dealer that I bought it from and have them look at it. I am going to leave it there for a couple days and hopefully they will figure out what is going on. They have all been really great so far. The only thing that I did not like is the head mechanic told me "GM has an acceptable level of vibration in their vehicles". So I am hoping that if they do not screw me and say the "vibration is acceptable". I would highly recommend Good Wrangler tires or Michelin Defender LTX tires. I honestly believe the Good Year Wranglers ride noticeably better than the Michelins. It makes sense because they are a softer tire. However, I think the Michelin's are the better overall tire for durability and traction. Just my two cents.
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