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  1. Good information to know. I know I should have did research to figure something like this out. To be honest, I just thought it would be a cool project and would add some extra light. Now I am going to want my lights to include J583 lol. Anyway, I was surprised to see that there is not a lot available when it comes to these lights. I thought there would be several after market people making them but it looks like this type of fog lamp is rare. If anyone finds anything let me know. I am not certain if mine are called something specific or something and that is what I am missing or wh
  2. I just now noticed this. I do not know if I missed the email or what. Thanks for the response. By wire dongle do you mean like an open coupler I could plug and play these lights directly into? No, I tried to look but it was a pretty cold day, I know there were a lot of covers and crap at first glance, I will take a better look next time I am out there. I cannot find any videos or guides to help with this specific install. I just want to make certain that something seemingly simple does not turn into the front of the truck torn apart and two months of work if you know w
  3. Again post #6 by user Silverado-Hareek on the first page of the following thread. Anyway, I am just trying to figure out whether there is any truth or anyone else has had a similar experience. Also yes, after I get done with my next free oil change I will probably do it myself for the life of the truck. I have read a lot of people post about having problems all types of problems with the AFM shifting rough. Every now and then mine will give a slight bang, stutter or something similar. However, I have been told it is nothing to worry about and it does not particularly bother me and
  4. 1.) I am no oil expert but all the ones I have ran into so far (Mobil 1, Amazon Basics, Castrol, Kirkland Signature) have always looked very thin/transparent. I try to use full synthetic in any modern engine as I think it really helps. However, my biggest gripe with it is I sometimes have trouble seeing where it is on the dipstick as opposed to traditional oil for this previous reason. 2.) So this truck calls for a full grade synthetic 0W-20 correct? I guess I could always call them and ask what they used, but if they used a 5W-30 blend or something I doubt they would be honest wi
  5. This is what I found. I could not locate it anywhere online.
  6. Hey guys, I know there are several threads on this already, including one that is several pages long. I believe that I first read here that many people (including GM dealers) are using a synthetic blend by ACDelco for their pickups. So I just got one of my first free oil changes done at my local dealer and I noticed the oil definitely does not look like full synthetic. Also I have noticed that the oil level is getting a little on the low end of the safe operating level on the dipstick. So now I am wondering what type of oil to put in it. I know this is a hotly debated
  7. Hey guys, I was looking at a way to make my lights broadcast a little further and just basically have more visibility at night. I noticed my truck is not very similar to many others out there, not sure if I would call it 'rare' but definitely a lack of information on it. I will leave some pictures of my truck here so you guys can see what I am talking about. These lights are more rectangular horizontal shapes and the ones that I see being installed and more common are the square vertical ones. To be clear, this is something I want to add to my truck and looking for feedback and rec
  8. Yeah I figured I would determine what my maximum towing was and do my absolute best to stay about a ton or so under the rating. This is something I am trying out with this guy and do not want to purchase a truck without knowing if this is something that is truly profitable or will last.
  9. Yeah I also need to check the warranty on this truck. I know it was extended from being a CPO dealer sold truck. So what I am scared of is pushing this truck to the max on a regular basis and something bad happening. However, I guess now is the time to do it ever since I know it is still under warranty. This is a opportunity to make good money and would probably be a no brainer if I had a 2500. However, is it just me or do the ratings for the 2500 trucks on that chart seem low? If I ever bought a truck for primarily pulling a trailer I think I would look for a decent looking used diesel.
  10. Yeah I came across this once before and it is complicated for me. I don't understand all the ratings, deductions etc. It says that my truck is rated for 12,500lbs, but only with the Max Towing package, which am pretty certain I do not have. So looking at the chart with more data on it, it looks like my truck with the 3.42 rear end and 4x4 is rated to pull a maximum of 9,500lbs? Now is that the final amount? I do not have to add the weight of the truck or deduct anything else? So having all things considered I should be able to pull a max of 9,500lbs with my truck? I also did not no
  11. Sorry about that guys, it slipped my mind. I didn't think I had the 3.42 rear end. However, on my RPO codes it clearly says "GU6" which comes back to the 3.42 rear end. Also I think this truck like most full sized 1500's have the 6L80E transmission right? Either way I edited my initial post to include all information.
  12. Greetings again gentlemen, I thought I asked this before but I cannot find anything other than where I asked about recommendations for a after market transmission cooler. By the way I am still seriously considering going after the Mishimoto route and having the bigger cooler and bypass included. I am also still considering just going the cheap route and bypassing the thermostat. It is not a decision I have to make immediately, have not been towing much with the truck. Anyway that is not the major reason I am here today either. I wanted to know how I can find out exactl
  13. After having mine installed for about eight months now I can say without a doubt it catches a considerable amount of crud. I have probably emptied it about every two months for a total of four times since I have had it. Honestly the can has never been full, more like about 1/4 to 1/3 full. Having that said, I do feel better about having that crud in the can and not the top of my engine. Another thing is I can attest that I have been absolutely driving my truck with a gentle nature in mind. My Nationwide agent talked me into installing one of these Smartride monitors on my truck to
  14. Thanks for this. I found the catalog for the specific body panels of my truck. I am waiting to hear back from the company now. If I only need cab corners and outer rocker panels it will cost me about $400.00. I am still considering buying a cheap flux welder and doing it myself. I could probably have a complete repair for around $600.00 after paint and clear coat. I mean is it possible to make a irreversible mistake? Like I could always take my grinder and grind down the welds if I use too much flux or something. I am torn gentlemen. I had a guy look at the truck the other day and
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