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  1. Yeah I believe another user already mentioned it. I believe the 4.3 V6, 5.3 V8 and 6.2 V8 are all considered EcoTec now. Someone can correct me to but believe they all have two cylinders that can be deactivated when not needed to save fuel economy. What I forgot to mention is the recent truck that I posted is a 4.8 V8 which is exactly the same one I have now. I love the engine and is an extremely reliable engine. However, it gets worse gas mileage than the 5.3 V8 even before it became an EcoTec or whatever. I am certain I would get better mileage commuting with it, especially considering it has cruise control. Also not to knock the 4.3 V6 because when I test drove it I was surprised to say the least. I got the pedal down a couple times and it did accelerate really nicely. However, I cannot explain it, when I accelerate in the 4.8 V8 you can tell it is a V8 engine. I guess what I am saying is I could tell I was driving a V6 regardless of their ratios being very similar. So this dealer is approximately a two hour drive from me. So it is going to be difficult to get this one inspected by a third party before purchasing. Like I said a family friend mentioned it at a family reunion and since I was there I decided to check it out. For the record, the first truck that I mentioned would not let me get it inspected by a third party. It was very strange because they said we could discuss an "extended test drive" but did not want it in another shop. They told me that they would be more than happy to put it on a lift at their garage and allow me to look at it with one of their mechanics. She made excuses like "liability" and such. Like I mentioned before I am happy that they sold it so it is over. I have had bad experiences with this place in the past. Just they had a nice truck I was interested in so I considered doing business with them again. I honestly cannot believe what these salesmen will say to try and get you to buy. I literally said to the first one "I think you guys are asking too close to sticker price for this truck". He responded by saying "you are mistaken, sticker price on Silverados start at $40,000 minimum". I called him out on it, and as soon as he realized I was the slightest bit researched he was seriously done with me.
  2. Thanks for the response. I still have some concerns about the 4.3 V6. No offense to you or anything, just it bothers me a little bit. I always told myself in the past "if I am going to have a truck, it will be a V8". Now that I have learned that the 4.3 V6 is one of the best on the market my opinion has changed some. I just do not like the idea of it backing off two cylinders to increase fuel economy. I have honestly been told to steer clear of them by more than one person. Again no offense to anyone, just it makes me nervous. Anyway, if there is one thing I have learned from this thread, it is that prices definitely range from place to place. In my direct area, a 'fair' starting price for a 4.3 V6, 4x4 regular cab is about $30,000. Now I would imagine being able to get at least a couple thousand more off of that price. So prices definitely vary based on time and location. My concern with this truck is it is basically eight years old but has only 15,000 miles on it. I filled out one of his credit applications and now he is definitely interested in selling me a truck. I got 4.59% at 60 or 72 months and he already lowered the price. However, my family friend honestly told me he lowered it to $16,000 before he left the lot. If I could get this truck for $14,000 or even $15,000 I think it would be a done deal. I am going to easily sell my old truck privately for half that and a brand new truck would probably cost me double that. So in my mind it is a win. I have been looking at a dealer that is about an hour away from me that frequently gets in regular cab trucks. I think they have in about half a dozen right now or more. It is also one of the places that I am getting my figures mentioned above from. Do you guys think since we are close to getting the 2020's in that they would be willing to drop prices to get rid of their stock or do you think it will take longer?
  3. I hope this thread is not too old to revive and discuss other trucks. This community has been great and made my decision to not get the previous truck easier. Having that said I was visiting my mother today and a family friend mentioned a nearby dealership selling a truck that I might be interested in. He said he was only there for a short time and the dealer lowered the offer to $16,000 so he would probably take less for it. To make a long story short here is the truck I am referring to. As always any criticism would be greatly appreciated. https://autodealz.com/inventory/31817/view/2738V/Shenandoah-VA/2012-Chevrolet-Silverado 1500 So after the family get together was over I was able to go check out the truck in person. There is definitely some wear on the truck, such as some minor rust and scratches. It also has a couple small dents in the bed. So some major factors. Say he decides to take $15,000 for it, which it sounds like he probably will, it will be half the price of a new one. 1. The rocker panels and all other parts of the body seem to be in excellent cosmetic shape and there is no visible rust or paint peeling. There seems to be some rust on the frame and on the chrome bed rails that were added to the truck. To be straight, the rust condition on this truck is considerably better than mine. Also there seems to be some kind of coating on the frame of the truck. It could be good or bad considering I cannot see how good or bad the rust may have been on those places. 2. I am having trouble getting my tailgate latched and is difficult to remove the tailgate all together now. This tailgate is in much better shape, you can easily close it and it latches which I like. Mine has been difficult since I was rear ended and had to have it replaced. 3. This truck has cruise control and power windows, something I greatly miss in my truck. 4. This truck is white....... I know some people go crazy over white, but I am personally against it. If I bought it I would put a bed cover on it immediately and either chrome or anodized (black) rims soon after. Anyway this is already becoming a flood so let me know what you guys think.
  4. Sorry for some reason I was not notified of this message. So according to the dealer the truck sold a long time ago for right around $25,000 after everything was said and done. The dealer said someone just came in and basically paid what they wanted. In my personal opinion the truck was just not worth anything close to that. My friend that is a Chevrolet dealer (five hour drive) said they are selling the 2019 version of that truck for $29,000. My buddy is just too far for me to justify driving to him to purchase a truck. Having that said I am happy I did not let this garbage dealership bully me into purchasing the truck. Just like Don Star said it has been a learning experience for me to say the least. These people will say anything to sell you a vehicle. Anyway like I said I personally do not think the truck was worth it. I mean I know pricing has changed on vehicles with the digital age. However, you could probably still get at least $1,000-$2,000 off of the $29,000 right? So for a few thousand more dollars you could get a brand new truck with actual warranty. For the record, my final offer for the truck was $19,500 and they informed me that "we were not close". I may have been upset if I would have paid that much, because that was before taxes and other fees.
  5. I can second that newer vehicles are more likely have electrical or computer issues before mechanical ones. Thanks for the recommendations too, Donstar pretty much summed it up when he said this would be a "nice refresher" from my current truck. My current truck is as base as it gets. I miss having cruise control and power windows very much. This truck (I am interested in) has cruise control and I am looking at making some kind of commute in the near future so it definitely interests me. Also no offense to anyone but do not think I would buy a truck without 4x4. I do not use it often, but when I do it is most definitely worth the extra money and little bit of impact to fuel mileage. Also I like that the 4x4 sits a little higher than their RWD counter parts. This truck is definitely going to need new tires pretty soon and would still like a more reasonable offer. So like others have mentioned if they get closer to what I want to pay and I can talk them into new tires then we might have a deal. Plus I am going to put a nice bed cover on it right after I get it too. Probably the new Revolver cover from Bak Industries. I have the F1 Bak Flip now and have been happy with it overall. My main complaint is having the long bed means more cover. So when I have to flip it all the way to the cab it becomes heavy and blocks my rear window. The Revolver looks like it solves all those complaints.
  6. Yeah definitely going to try, just going to give it some time. If they sit on it and it does not sell for say maybe a month, I might have more leverage???
  7. Yeah definitely, a learning experience that I will not soon forget. I am anxious to see whether or not it is sold into the near future. If it is, that is okay with me. I cannot remember what user recommended speaking to the sales manager awhile ago, but that is what I should have did. It may have been you. Like I said he seems more easy going and less like failing to sell the truck will send him to the gallows.
  8. Yeah it makes me very uncomfortable to say the least. I just did not want to talk completely bad about them, the only reason I have put up with them this long is because I am interested in the truck. The entire atmosphere they create just makes me get out of there as soon as possible. Not to mention they just lie through their teeth. I can say I now know why people use the line "it was like a used cars salesman" etc etc.
  9. They convinced me to bring my truck in today to see what a trade in would be and we were way off. They offered me $4,500 for it and I know it is easily worth $8,000 so that was a no go. I made them an offer of $19,000 and the saleswoman got very upset. It is not like I have not told her that before and that has been my highest offer yet. I guess she just thought she was going to talk me into it if she saw me in person. The first thing I asked her was whether or not I could bring it home for a day and she said it was probably not something they could do. Thanks for all the replies. For now I am going to stop thinking about this one and check back in about a month from now. If they still have it then hopefully they will be more willing to deal. I believe I talked to the sales manager and he was much more professional, he acted less like his life depended upon selling me the truck. So I am going to ask to talk to him in the future, if the truck has not sold in about a month or so. If you could not tell, this is a big move for me. The Silverado I have now was my first ever real truck and making the move onto something that costs twenty grand just makes me nervous. 1.) They keep using the lifetime power train warranty as a selling point, can anyone attest that they actually come through? A buddy of mine said they would not, especially if I decide to service the truck myself. 2.) Back on topic, can anyone tell me advantages/disadvantages of the 4.3 V6? Such as oil changes being more complicated on these models?
  10. I like having the long bed in my truck and to be honest I just like the look of the regular cab. It can be a pain in the @$$ sometimes since you are limited to your passengers. I have to admit that is a good deal for that truck. However, I would not buy one like that because of the limited rear seating, not sure what it is called but think it is a total waste. No offense to anyone that has it, but if I have a truck with four doors the rear seating should not be limited like that. My plan is to just let them sit on it over the weekend and contact them again early in the week. I am going to offer $17,500 for it and might consider it for $18,000 or even $19,000. I am in no rush, I have a truck right now that is fine, I have plenty of time to wait for an upgrade.
  11. If I get them down to $20,000 will you drive down and shake my hand?
  12. I am not wasting my life on this at all. Not only do I think it is worth my time I personally enjoy it, even discussing it. Also I have gotten some good advice from users that I can use now or in the future. Secondly, I have only been to the dealer twice. The first time I was there I was not even interested in this truck because I overlooked it because I did not think it was 4x4 and the 4.3 V6. Now that I know the engine is comparable to mine in performance and saw it is a 4x4 I am interested. Also I have only talked to them on the phone a couple times. My next move is going to be talking it over with my father, coming up with reasonable number, telling her what it is and asking if I can bring the truck home for a day.
  13. That is understandable. I plan to keep it and run the miles up on it. I may have to consider a job that is a considerable commute so the cruise control and fuel economy over what I have now is a big turn on for me personally. Many of the people I have talked to that know the subject have recommended the 5.3 V8 but said the 4.3 V6 will give better fuel economy. I think it will be very similar with both of them being EcoTec I hope to notice at least a couple extra miles to the gallon with the 4.3 V6 overall. I absolutely have to have a truck. I guess I could consider an SUV with a trailer but not something I even want to think about right now. She told me to text her anytime but I am scared to now. She does not have my cell phone number yet but has been calling the house a lot lol. So the main reason I am getting rid of my truck is because it was originally from Pennsylvania. So it is starting to show signs of rusting, it is not bad right now but my friend said I am definitely going to have trouble with inspection in the future. It is also coming up on needing new brake pads and rotors too. None of that is a huge deal to me just would rather not have to deal with it, especially the rust.
  14. I wish these Michelin's had a better ride to them. I will not doubt they are superior tires that will last but I had a softer Good Year Wrangler tire on it before and the ride was noticeably better in my opinion. However, I am happy I went with Costco and Michelin and did not get talked into something cheaper somewhere else.
  15. Yeah I know it varies from locality to locality. I did not know it was that much though. If it is the 5.3 V8 with 4x4 it is pretty considerable. Anyway, that is one reason I sent the link I did before, it should display prices in my area. I am just throwing this out there, but I would never have anything like a motor vehicle shipped to me. I just personally feel uncomfortable doing that. I could not justify paying for something like that without seeing it first. Just like I would never buy a vehicle with that much damage for any reason, whether it was a collision, deer, etc. When I bought my Ferris IS2100z (zero turn) I payed almost exactly $10,000 for it. I could have saved about $2,000 with free shipping if I would have bought if offline and had it freighted to me. I seriously considered it but decided to go with the dealer. Even though it would have had warranty I could just not justify spending that much money to have something arrive at my door step that I had not seen yet. Now that I like Ferris I may (as in probably not) consider buying my next one offline.
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