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  1. Thanks for this. I found the catalog for the specific body panels of my truck. I am waiting to hear back from the company now. If I only need cab corners and outer rocker panels it will cost me about $400.00. I am still considering buying a cheap flux welder and doing it myself. I could probably have a complete repair for around $600.00 after paint and clear coat. I mean is it possible to make a irreversible mistake? Like I could always take my grinder and grind down the welds if I use too much flux or something. I am torn gentlemen. I had a guy look at the truck the other day and he was super excited to see it but once he seen the rust he said it was a deal breaker for him. In case anyone was wondering here is the link to the body panels for my truck. https://www.lmctruck.com/1999-13-chevy-gmc/body-panels/ce-2007-13-steel-cab-repair-panels
  2. The miles are actual miles. The truck is honestly in excellent overall shape. As I said before the frame has very little rust for a truck this old. That is why I have been considering having the rust on the cab repaired. It is the only flaw in this truck. However, even putting a couple thousand dollars into it might be difficult to get back.
  3. I am going to take it to a local body shop that I trust. The last person that I let look at it was the friend of a friend. I have put it off because I have almost no doubt it will not be worth doing. I might have to just keep lowering it until it does sell like the previous user mentioned. I hate biting the bullet so to speak. I thought there would be a lot more people that would know what this truck is and be interested in it.
  4. Thanks this website looks like they are probably going to have what I need. So now the question, from looking at these parts and from looking at my truck my only option is going to be to weld them on correct? My friend told me on the earlier models there were literally bolt holes to remove and install new panels. It does not look like that is any kind of an option for me.
  5. Yeah I have already seen a couple. The one I saw I think they remove the thermostat completely and then replace it with some kind of plug. I will do some more research on it. Does anyone know why it is like this in the first place? Like will it put more strain on the pump or something and possibly cause that to fail prematurely? Do you guys still think I should consider an aftermarket transmission cooler even if I decide to do the mod? Also wouldn't an aftermarket transmission cooler be sort of redundant if the thermostat forces the radiator to hold the fluid until it reaches a certain temperature?
  6. I am not sure how close your last post was to mine but no I am not proficient in welding. I was pretty good at it back in high school, I got a feel for how difficult it was. However, tackling a job like this one while getting right back into it probably is not a good idea. Just it is an option for me and I could also try to find the panels that are already cut to fit into here. Then I could remove the rust and cut the panels to fit. I realize that is probably not going to be the easiest job either. So I guess buying sheet metal from Home Depot is not my best bet. It is why I asked. Does anyone know where I could find the sheet metal panels for a truck like mine that are made to fit? That is if they exist? That might be a better option, I would like to see what I am working with though.
  7. This is what I was thinking. However, I was also thinking if I buy a $100.00 Flux Welder from Harbor Freight and some sheet metal from Home Depot I am looking at a couple hundred bucks at a repair attempt. I have not welded since high school either, so not sure if it is the best decision. The rest of the truck, including the frame is honestly in excellent shape. I have no clue how this rust got this bad with the rest of it holding up pretty well. I mean the frame has rust on it, but definitely not what you would expect to see when comparing it to the pictures here.
  8. Hey guys, So I have posted here about this before, but my problem has progressed pretty severely in the past year. As many of you know I bought a new truck and decided to test my luck on selling my old truck myself. I thought it would go well having less than 100,000 miles on it and the heavily sought after LS based engine in it. Well long story short, I was wrong. Anyway, now I am trying to figure out where to go from here with my old truck. I have been trying to sell it for several months now and think the rocker panel rust is keeping it from selling. I took it to a friend yesterday and he said I should be able to purchase the cab corners and rocker panels then cut away the old rotting stuff to weld in the new sheet metal. I am not apposed to purchasing a cheap flux welder or something and trying to do a half decent job on it. However, I do not know where to start, I do not even know where to look for the new sheet metal for my truck. According to him I might be able to find stuff that is an exact match for my truck. I am now down to asking $8,000 for the truck and hoping to get at least $7,500 out of it. My friend told me that if he did it I would be in the $2,000 range for the repair and a body shop would be a lot more. I am thinking he is probably right. So I might be looking at trying to do this myself. I was thinking maybe I could get my sheet metal from Home Depot or something, cut away the rust until I see shiny metal, weld the new sheet metal in and paint it with a rough bed liner like material. So then it will not even look like I tried to cover it up and the repair might look half decent. I will post pictures here too. So what do you guys think?
  9. So what exactly does deleted mean? You mean you are bypassing the thermostat? Also by a kit you mean you would get like a new thermostat assembly and just change them out?
  10. All I know is my old truck had the 6L80E and it got super hot when towing just around a ton. Like if I had my windows rolled down you could feel the heat coming up into the cab. I changed the transmission fluid on it around 95,000 and I think it did more harm than good, but it still slips a little.
  11. I just went to the B&M website, when I put my truck information it says there is no compatible items. I thought about going with another cheaper solution like Tru Cool or something but I have watched two YouTube videos and both of them had trouble with it leaking. I am sure they got it figured out in the video but it immediately turned me off. I think the big marketing advantage for Mishimoto is you do not have to cut factory lines for installation. The most invasive thing I think you have to do is drill some holes behind the grill for lines to come through. In my opinion it is still a ripoff at $400.00 though. It is literally a piece of aluminum that you bolt behind your grill. I guess if it a better job of keeping your transmission cooler I guess it is worth it. Not trying to stroke any particular brand or anything because I know very little when it comes to aftermarket transmission coolers.
  12. Thanks I will check out the stuff you guys mentioned. I already looked up a YouTube tutorial on how to bypass the thermostat like Cam mentioned. Also I looked at the Mishimoto transmission coolers again and they have a couple for my truck. I was looking at a "performance" one that was $800.00+ and the one that I have seen others recommend is around $400.00. I think it is still heavily overpriced but much more affordable than I originally thought.
  13. Do they put those same transmissions on these newer trucks? Does one of the codes on that sticker in the glove box tell me? I will Google the thing for the thermostat mod. Never heard of this. So are you saying if I do this mod I should not seek an aftermarket radiator for the transmission?
  14. Greetings Gentlemen, I was hoping you guys could recommend a transmission cooler for my truck above and give me some advice. From what I can see there is not a whole lot of literature available for the newer trucks. I remember always wanting an aftermarket transmission cooler for my old Silverado which I believe ran the notorious 4L60E or close to it. I know they were notorious for getting hot and failing, especially when putting them under load. To be completely honest I am not sure if my truck has the same transmission or a transmission from the same family or what. I am probably going to start looking under the hood today. However, I expect to see the one of the tiny radiators connected to the transmission just like before. Anyway I have never done this before and have a lot of questions, like what goes into it and what all I should add. For instance, I hear people talking about upgrading/calibrating the thermostat, adding a deeper pan for more transmission fluid capacity and other stuff like that. I was wondering how much of this other stuff I should worry about or if the main thing is the bigger radiator? I saw one that peaked my interest from Mishimoto but after I saw the price tag being close to $1,000 I was immediately turned off. Can I expect to pay this for all aftermarket transmission coolers or are there other more affordable solutions? I am interested because this truck will be used to tow sometime in the future. I plan on getting a tandem axle trailer on the smaller side 12' or 14'. So I figure going ahead and doing the upgrade now can only help extend the life of my oil and transmission even further. I occasionally towed a trailer with my old Silverado and I remember the transmission getting extremely hot even with the trailer being empty. So as always any advice and feedback is greatly appreciated in advance.
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