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  1. ..p0420 is generic ,week spark ,exh. leeks even o2 sensors seem to get week after so many miles ' all can cause fuel to be dumped in a cat .i do feel it helps to put everything back to spec before we read into the code to much .When you find out what it is please let us know....im very interested
  2. it probably is a cat ...but sometimes you have to wonder what the cause is other than the symptom.....ohh the 4.8 thing was an inside joke for my buddy on the forum ... i guess he didn't wantto chime in
  3. well.. if your engine is tuned up to spec and no other codes maybe it is an exhaust leak ...could the upstream o2 sense to much oxygen making for a rich condition ?
  4. maybe check plug wires and other connections in area of battery .....might of got messed up when taking out bat ..??? sometimes its the stupid things
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