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  1. just my opinion but go 2018 .....that l83 and 6 spd is the shnizzle ....but i think i'm the only one on here that believes that
  2. i can agree with that seat belt chime ...that sucker on my 15 silvy will blow your ear drums out ...i have a 19 tahoe that the chime is nice and soft
  3. idk but i wouldn't go by tow ratings for the 1500... the 6 spd gear ratio's are widely spaced and weezy even with the 3.42 gear , if you are thinking of a travel trailer over 5000 lbs you might be better off to get a 2500....... just my opinion tho
  4. when you start it warm wait for the fans to shut off then see if you hear the clicking sometimes they make weird sounds ..but these engines make a ton of racket when they idle and i think if you have trouble with a lifter you'll know right away
  5. it will whine and shift funny and sound like crap when its idling ...all is well ... someone soon will post that your torque converter is bad and AFM is the mark of the devil ...bla bla bla
  6. exhaust "flapper" sticking or a little mouse built a nest in the tail pipe
  7. welp ..just read thru this thread ...boy ...gee wiz ...idk ...i guess
  8. idk but that b pillar took it hard plus air bag deploy they might total
  9. do you mean to tell me you didn't know everyone on this forum be assholes...geezz ....da
  10. ok i give up ... i just don't see anything oh... wait ...inspection sticker to high !
  11. i hope its something simple and cheap.. let us know what u find
  12. i had a misfire code on a 12 siverado a 14 taho and a 19 tahoe and all three were an electrical issue .. bad pin connector or green crusty broken wires in the injector or coil harness
  13. i did all my own work on my 2012 ..just sold it and the guy that bought it never asked for any paperwork or proof.......i think if you take good care of something it shows and people will see it
  14. might be a shift solenoid ...you'll have to get someone to plug it in and test it
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