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  1. 150k man that could be 500 different things...front end whore out, u joints, rear spring bushings
  2. you might want to check for broken exhaust manifold bolts
  3. welp ...don't know what kinda truck you got but sounds like a bad hub or cv
  4. yep.....12 miles isn't that far , transfer case don't matter ...more than likely you are over thinking it
  5. that's exactly where mine rides ..about 137 ..hard axceleration it will go to about 145 after pill flip
  6. i haven't heard of any complaints about ride quality as far as "buckboard or duce and a half goes ..in fact quite the opposite .i had a 05 and it rode ok but my 15 is much better imo
  7. am i to understand the dealer replaced all 8 injectors twice and all the lifters ? test driving a few days? IDK sounds like you need to find a better dealer
  8. i had this same issue on my 2012 and i just unpluged the sensor and message went away...pluged it back in after a drive cycle and it was all good
  9. nobody makes a truck better then the one you have ....a new one might have more issues ...i feel its a big gamble when a new one is 50'0000 and up
  10. get a buddy to help i guess ....its tuff but a very good chance its part of your problem...check it before you fire the parts cannon
  11. maybe check for an exhaust manifold leak first ....if its sucking air the computer will dump more fuel in that cylinder and it will put fuel in your cats
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