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  1. i tore one down last year so its been a while but i didn't think you could install them backward on the lt ....but ?????
  2. this is gonna sound weird but see if your cap on the overflow tank is venting ... the bottom of the cap should be tight but the top needs to "wiggle" so it can vent ...just an idea to try
  3. oh sorry forgot to answer your second question.....the computer controls the injector pulse so a lose or wonky connection screws that up big time ...also you said in your vid that it goes away witch is suspect too but this is all my best guess so ..........?
  4. mine was the big plug in frt of the fuse box ....maybe the best place to start ...check the whole main engine harness for damaged wire also ...your gonna need a wiring diagram. Somebody on here might be able to help with a pin number for #7 and #8 injectors i don't have that info
  5. i had 2 trucks give me the same symptoms that you are saying and both had electrical probs. over by the main fuse box on top the fender. the rats nest wiring and plug may have a lose pin that causes funny ****** to happen. but idk i hope you get it figured out. i do think if you had a plugged cat you would know for shure
  6. i would check for a bad pin connector in the main harness or the "green crusties" in the injector harness
  7. 150k man that could be 500 different things...front end whore out, u joints, rear spring bushings
  8. you might want to check for broken exhaust manifold bolts
  9. welp ...don't know what kinda truck you got but sounds like a bad hub or cv
  10. yep.....12 miles isn't that far , transfer case don't matter ...more than likely you are over thinking it
  11. that's exactly where mine rides ..about 137 ..hard axceleration it will go to about 145 after pill flip
  12. i haven't heard of any complaints about ride quality as far as "buckboard or duce and a half goes ..in fact quite the opposite .i had a 05 and it rode ok but my 15 is much better imo
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