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  1. The Falkens are approximately $45 per tire cheaper. Sent from above
  2. They’re considered a notch above the SRA version. A step up from the standard oem sra’s. Discount tire has them as the same price as the Goodyear Ultra Terrain AT only difference is an 8 pound difference, the ultra has much more tread. The Falken Wildpeak at3’s have had great reviews in the forum as well. Sent from above
  3. Simple Fuel Cap

    Great idea drilling tiny vent holes. Sent from above
  4. It’s got to be safe for both the driver in the truck and incoming vehicles. Checked my lights early this morning, running them side by side with my Yukon aiming at the garage door. Looks like my lift installer must have already adjusted the lights cause they’re almost identical. I used to get flashed in my Yukon and it’s not lifted or leveled. Expect being blinded driving Small cars anyway cause it’s inevitable just being low to the ground. Sent from above
  5. Don’t lower them down to low, being leveled doesn’t raise them that much more unless you’re doing California squat. Good luck Sent from above
  6. I don’t have a 14, I’ve got an 18 with factory HID’s and a 4.5” -5” lift on 34” tires. You didn’t mention that you were flashed by a police officer, I’d have them checked out maybe at a state inspection shop or same place that did it for you. Sent from above
  7. Ummmm, you’re just leveled, not lifted. So I wouldn’t worry about it. Never ever had a problem when my truck was leveled before the lift, and now being lifted I still don’t have any issues. Maybe you’ve just got bright lights in general or could be that they’re gang members waiting for you to flash them Sent from above
  8. https://www.amazon.com/Supreme-Suspensions-Avalanche-Suburban-Trailblazer/dp/B00V9CP0A8 Sent from above
  9. My experience with the tire sizes and wheel Offsets I mentioned was after being leveled. I have no idea what will work just stock. The good thing about shopping for tires is that most tire shops will let you do a fitment test so you can make sure the bigger size will clear. I’d be very careful on the route you’re going making sure you don’t spend anything without being 100% positive. I would not strictly take strangers advice, I’d test it myself. Make sure that if you’re going with a bigger tires that you turn them left and right and imagine if you’re bouncing from a speed bump that you don’t want to rip your fender off or damage it by not having enough room for travel. Good luck Sent from above
  10. Ummm, ok. You better go out and get yourself whatcha want then. Sent from above
  11. Btw, 20” wheels will ride slightly rougher than 18’s. In addition, you can get tires cheaper for 18’s rather than 20’s “AND!” You can find C rated in a lot of 18” tires with 33” tires Sent from above
  12. My first was 275/60/20 they rubbed with 2.25” level. Second rub was with +18 offset. Switched to +1 offset and all was good with 285/60/20 but slight rub on felt, zip tied it. Now I’m lifted and running 295/60/20 with same +1 offset wheels, Good luck Sent from above
  13. what are my exhausts?

    No worries, I’ve had a couple vehicles with FlowMasters. Recommend Get rid of it all, start fresh, switch to a full stainless steel Borla or another high end brand or go back to stock. Sent from above
  14. what are my exhausts?

    Getting stuck in an elevator is bad luck but asking complete strangers to look at a picture of exhaust tips and advise what exhaust is on the truck based on exhaust tips is actually completely hysterical [emoji23. Sent from above
  15. Everyone’s Suspension moves one side during backing up. Recommend strapping back liner or I’ve heard heat gun will do it too Sent from above
  16. Crap happening all over again on this site Sent from above
  17. Crap happening all over again on this site Sent from above
  18. Control arms and rear felt liner only when backing up Sent from above
  19. My rubbing was the uca and liner while backing up. Sent from above
  20. My rubbing was the uca and liner while backing up. Sent from above
  21. My rubbing was the uca and liner while backing up. Sent from above
  22. I did the +18 20x9 and they still rubbed, I’m very happy now with my 20x9 +1 offset zero rubbing Sent from above
  23. what are my exhausts?

    Didn’t even need to post this question, all you had to do was get underneath and look lol Sent from above
  24. Range device or Tune??

    SuperChips does all that and more, I’m very happy with my tuner. If I wanted to speed I can leave my truck in a custom performance shop for about a week, come back and be hell on wheels. You’ll be very happy with SuperChips. What’s your setup 5.3 6spd or 8spd? Sent from above

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