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  1. Your 5.3 is a tried and proven power train more than adequate to do what you need it for but you’d definitely feel differently if you drove a 6.2 for a week. Sent from Above
  2. It’s a SuperChips tuned 2018 and I don’t have to give it to much gas to go, it’s a beast. So far, I’m still loving it, I live in the city and most of the time I don’t even pay attention to the mpg’s but it’s definitely an excellent motor/transmission combination. I’ll never switch back to a smaller motor. Btw, I switched from a 2016 DMax to the 18 6.2 and never looked back. Sent from Above
  3. Forgot to mention, I’ve got a lifted truck, 33” KO2’s and a 6.2, I get consistent 19-20mpg @70mph highway speeds and 12-14 city. My last 2014 5.3 gave 15-17 mpg highway and 3-4mpg towing a 7k# trailer. The 6.2 is a much better fit motor for those that want the max out of their trucks. Sent from Above
  4. I’ve had both the 5.3 and 6.2, the 6.2 gives better mpg’s and overall better driving experience. The 6.2 runs much better on premium fuel and a whole lot more smiles per miles and you cannot deny that the 6.2 is much better at towing. Sent from Above
  5. Good luck with this project. Sent from Above
  6. You’re preaching to the choir. IMO, I’d put it at 80% of the time to getting what you paid for. Customer got new ones alright, upgraded models too. I’ve got a $120 made in china 150 watt in grill light bar that’s definitely been torture tested, still going and great lighting. Rigid makes an awesome product, especially “Made in America” and definitely backs their products. Sent from Above
  7. Warranty or not, that’s not the point. Separate purchases which wasn’t a package purchase so it couldn’t be blamed on that specific batch. Point as stated, “You don’t always get what you pay for!” Sent from Above
  8. The last year of every model is the best year to buy cause everything has been worked out and best deals too. Just keep it well maintained and should last you a very long time. Sent from Above
  9. Difference with you is that you’re respectful of everyone’s truck, being lifted or stock, stock engine or modified. There seems to be a lack of education coming from one that feels the need to enter a truck forum and show his/her intelligence or lack of. Sent from Above
  10. Hey there Sammy boy, how about you posting a pic of your little truck and we can all post judgement as to your anatomy or lack of, oh come on, it’ll be fun! [emoji12] Sent from Above
  11. Your 6 speed has been a rock solid transmission, the 8 speeds, different story. Sent from Above
  12. 2018 GMC SLT Standard Bed with a CST 4.5” Lift on Fuel 20x9 +1 offset, wrapped with 33” KO2’s, EXCELLENT RIDE QUALITY! Sent from Above
  13. They have but mostly seen small individual led lights installed. They sell small individual or in a pack waterproof LED kits, either mini rocker lights or others. Sent from Above
  14. Don’t trade’er in, fixing it will be much cheaper than buying another headache. Can’t do without a truck [emoji6] Sent from Above
  15. I really like the Trail Boss and topped off with the 6.2 [emoji1303] Sent from Above
  16. Even with a taller rear block you’re still going to drop in the rear, I did the add a leaf, helps when I’ve got a load in the bed. Sent from Above
  17. Looking forward to more pics. This truck may just become your new bug out vehicle lol. The virus seems to be tapering down in most states but rising in dumb ass states where people just don’t care. Lots of ridiculously stupid and selfish people in the world. Sent from Above
  18. Unless you intend on being limited on suspension kits, I wouldn’t! They do ride well and love the 6.2 but have failures for many years with their dampening suspension. If you do decide to lift one you’d be limited to a mid range lift. Sent from Above
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