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  1. anyone have any recommended aftermarket mufflers that will sound good on the 4.3L? Not looking for crazy loud. Just a decent rumble.
  2. I installed an amp and subs in my truck. i used the HVAC fuse On the passenger side thinking there would be no power after the truck is shut off, but it does keep power. The way i looked at it was id know if the fuse blew because my air wouldn't work. lol.
  3. Well i know there's different Silverado versions that have better/upgraded speakers that are different from the trail boss custom. Wasn't sure if it had the same sizes or not. Thanks for the help btw.
  4. Does anyone know the dimensions for the front and rear door speakers for the 2020 trail boss custom? Im looking to upgrade but im unsure of what size speakers to buy.
  5. Ok thanks. Thats what i was worried about, changing the angle of the ball joint. So a 1 inch should be "ok" ? Also would 1 inch put me close to being level with the back?
  6. I was thinking about doing a 2inch Readylift strut spacer on my 2020 trail boss custom to level it out. Most of what I've researched said it would work, but there was a few that said it doesn't work on the trail boss...? Anyone have any idea if it will work? Also would 2 inches be too much? Thanks!
  7. I figured id be stuck trying to find one for a 19 or 20 i couldn't get that lucky lol
  8. i have the 2020 trailboss, im looking to buy a trifold tonneau cover from craigslist or Facebook marketplace, are there any other years that will fit the 2020? I found a bunch that fit the 6.5 beds but its the width thats been an issue.
  9. Ok thanks. Do you have the subs under the back seat?(any pictures)? Also how did you run the rca's for the amp? On a different vehicle I used a line output converter that hooked to the speaker wires but kinda made the audio sound muffled
  10. Not sure if this is the right place but i have the 2020 trail boss custom. Ive noticed my audio is pretty quiet. I have to turn the volume almost all the way up to listen to music. Anyone else have this issue? Also would it be louder if i changed the speakers to aftermarket? I dont believe i have a built in amp. And my radio is the touch screen type. Not the knob type. Thanks in advance
  11. Nevermind i found a YouTube video. posting in case someone else needs it.
  12. Thats what it looked like to me. Any idea how it all comes apart? im assuming it snaps in, but not too sure
  13. i have a 2020 trail boss (base model) im installing rock lights and want to install a toggle switch. My question is, does anyone know how to get behind the spot i have circled in the picture?
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