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  1. I wrapped my cup holder ring, trim around the stereo and all 6 of the trim pieces on the doors and center console with a black carbon fiber, I hate chrome inside a vehicle due to the sun glaring off them. The 6mil stuff from Vivid is probably the best. You can buy it direct off Amazon pretty cheap. Lots of "How To" videos on YouTube.
  2. I'm no expert on Plasti-Dip but I have lots of experience being around vinyl wrapped boats all the time. They hold up pretty well, but keep in mind it is vinyl. You can expect them to last 5-7 years barring any excessive handling/misuse!
  3. I recently discovered what you wrote on my own. After I installed a Flowmaster kit I could really tell when the DFM was doing what it does. Coming to a stop it sounded like the motor completely shut off then fired back up when it shifted into 1st gear. I tried what you posted and it wasn't doing it.
  4. Can you explain your statement about not having to hit the start button to start your truck????
  5. I was just about to make the comment concerning the cooling issue. I have a relative that is a 30 year Certified GM Mechanic that says they are they to assist in cooling.
  6. I think you should read the link you provided a little closer---No Where in the article did it say that a CAI doesn't do as a company may claim. It simply said that this particular company misrepresented their product! I can only assume that the competitor that started the suit tested the Spectre product and found their claims to be false. In a Spectre Performance lawsuit lodged by a competitor, it was alleged that the company made false claims concerning its air filters and intake systems, specifically the products’ fuel economy, air flow, filtration, horsepower capabilities and approval from the California Air Resource Board (CARB).
  7. I understand the Auto-Stop is a pain but nothing more than an annoyance than anything and can be disabled by the push of a button. I personally can't see spending $200 to disable it when all I have to do is push a button. Before I installed my Cat-Back I hardly notice it at all. Now that it is installed I only notice it when driving in slow city traffic and/or coming to a stop. The exhaust sounds like the motor actually shuts off then refires when it downshifts into 1st gear. The DFM of course is another matter. I know what the system is there for but wonder what the MPG difference is when it's disabled??
  8. I have limited experience building V-8 4 stroke engines with big HP. I do however, have extensive experience with 2-stroke outboards for racing applications. Along with putting a "Tune" in the ECU, the main things we always did was to change reeds, cut & polish both the intake and exhaust sides, and opened up the front of the cowling to make them breath better. On your trucks you notice very little change due to ambient air temps but if you are an outboard boat owner you see a very noticable difference when the weather is hot or cold. That being said, a CAI as it's name implies does much more than reduce intake air temps. Getting rid of the stock airbox streamlines the airflow to the intake, the increased area of the filters and design increases air volume which is a must to increase HP. Increased intake volume is no good if the exhaust is restricted, so we add cat-back systems, headers etc.. These 2 mods alone help any motor "breath" better and only stands to reason that HP will increase. However, this increase is limited to what the computer tells the fuel system to do! The folks that build these systems know this fact and build them to stay within the parameters set by a stock computer which eliminates the requirement to add a "Tune" which will void your factory warranty. Some of the CAI folks will actually give and "Claim" what their product will do some will not, but I highly doubt that these systems would have such a high degree of popularity if they didn't work at least to some degree. Someone here mentioned back-pressure. A 2-stroke motor has a "Tuner" or header which is designed to increase back pressure which gives the motor low end torque. Due to EPA restrictions todays motors are required to have catalytic converters on all vehicles. Catalytic converters already create back-pressure (Restriction) as does the flapper valve and mufflers. Removing the flapper valve and doing a muffler swap relieves some of this restriction but the CCs still allow for some degree of back-pressure. I know there is more involved when we talk about building HP in a 4 stroke motor such as fuel systems, cam duration, lift etc.. but they are all still related to a motors ability to "Breath" which is what a CAI and a cat-back systems is designed to help a motor do!
  9. With the information you've provided and all things being equal "EXCEPT" weight would be my guess.
  10. I just bought my RST a month ago and haven't had any Transmission issues but doing my "Pre-Buy" research, I found that the issue was somehow related to the type fluid used from the factory---Fluid changed no more issue???
  11. VERY NICE!---But be prepared for Sticker Shock from Hell!!! https://www.motortrend.com/news/2021-chevrolet-silverado-yenko-sc-is-an-800-hp-muscle-truck/
  12. I too came here to discover if the Stillen Scoop was worth the $200 price tag and didn't really learn much about it but have been entertained nonetheless by the thread. Cool air is a must for HP increases in a normally aspirated engine. ALL normally aspirated engines perform better in the cooler months of the year, that is a given! Although Stillen hasn't given any claims or Dyno results on their website, it only stands to reason that the scoop will do as advertised. I know a guy who builds and sells a simple mod for 2-stroke Mercury outboard engine covers which allows for more air to be forced in from the front instead of the rear. Although the gains are very minimal, people snatch this thing up as fast as he can build them. All motors, stock or modded are limited to how much air they can ingest and expel. Without modifying these aspects do not expect that ANY bolt on aftermarket part is going to give you any real noticeable gains. Of course a supercharger/turbo are the exception here but don't expect a stock motor to last long without modding the internals as well, but it wouldn't be normally aspirated or stock then would it??? LOL These new 5.3/6.0 motors are not so different than previous GM offerings. GM has had small blocks producing well over 300 HP, and big-blocks well over 400 HP off the assembly line since the 60s. Where these new generations differ and performance increases come from is the new 8/10 speed transmissions. No motor is worth a dime without a way to put the power to the ground. Think of a 80 HP diesel farm tractor. It's gearing is what allows it to pull a load that no stock pickup could ever pull. Many farm tractors from even the 60s have a transmission not only with multiple speeds but multiple gear ranges which allow it to put most of the engine HP to the ground with minimal loss that even an 8/10 speed transmission still cannot do. Most new vehicles lose 20%-25% of available HP by the time it reaches the ground. I have been saying for many years that until manufacturers create a transmission with more than 4/5 speeds that vehicle performance would not change. Case in point: Ford Explorer ST (3.0L) vs. Dodge Durango SRT 8. After the Explorer had the tune completed it walks off and leaves the V8 even though the tune brings the little 3.0L up to near 500 HP the 392 Hemi is at 485 as well. What is everyones opinion as to what made the difference?? By the way I just got rid of a 2020 Explorer, why? Transmission issues with only 14K miles????
  13. As I said in my post I already have Android Auto. My question is can I see the Waze map on my trucks infotainment screen as I do with google maps?
  14. The only True way to prevent door dings is as someone already said "Defensive Parking"! BUT being disabled I must try to park in a Handicap parking space to avoid a long walk into a business. Therein lies the problem. I live close to a large Army base where there are thousands of others like me that have DV plates so "WIVES" who aren't the tag holder, park in handicapped parking because it's convenient for them and others who don't even have handicapped tags park there to avoid door dings on there BMWs, Mercedes, Jaguars, Vettes etc... Local law enforcement does NOTHING about it!!
  15. My RST came with front Splash Guards and guards in front of the rear tires but no "REAR" Splash Guards. I've been looking all over the web including Chevrolets Accessory site and cannot find rear guards that match the front ones Chevrolet installed??? The lower corners of my front and rear/front ones (LOL) are rounded not squared off like I'm finding in Part# 84649174. Will I have to buy an entire set to get the front and rear to match????
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