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  1. My RST came with front Splash Guards and guards in front of the rear tires but no "REAR" Splash Guards. I've been looking all over the web including Chevrolets Accessory site and cannot find rear guards that match the front ones Chevrolet installed??? The lower corners of my front and rear/front ones (LOL) are rounded not squared off like I'm finding in Part# 84649174. Will I have to buy an entire set to get the front and rear to match????
  2. For those that have Clazzio covers---Do the rear covers allow access to the storage in the seat backs?
  3. Diesel will be fine stored in your tool box as well as the DEF. I would not suggest transporting/storing gas in any confined space especially in this Texas heat. As another has said store the spout inside the can to avoid breakage. Treat you gas with an ethanol treatment not only to make it last without breakdown but it's not good to use in ANY small engine without being treated.
  4. I installed one on my 2020 just yesterday. When the DFM kicks in it does however sound kinda weird!! I am happy with the sound, no noticeable drone, but still up in the air on any gains it may have given as far as MPG or HP.
  5. I am not a person to throw money away so I have been doing my research on which CAI system to install on my 2020 Silverado RST (5.3) or if I should put one on at all. My Flowmaster Flow FX kit should be going on today. What I have read and watched on all the Youtube videos is that the manufacturers of ALL brands make claims that they work to increase HP/TQ and MPG. There are some videos of dyno tests that showed great and not so great results. Also some folks have done real world testing themselves and came up with vastly varying results. One guy shows he ran an intake temp sensor for 3K miles before and after which proved the intake air temps changed vary little and only improved his MPG by about 1. Some have even said their MPG were reduced after installing the system. I am looking for NO BS real-world experiences which include the type system, please limit responses to 5.3L motors and not the 6.0L (Don't want Apples to Oranges comparisons). Thanks In Advance!!
  6. I hear ya there---My Dealer installed Black Out kit, Tint, chrome/black steps, nitrogen and marked the truck up $3999!!!!!
  7. In all the photos I've seen of the GM system it shows at least some "accordion style" to the air tube which kinda defeats the purpose. Is the tube smooth on the inside to allow free air-flow?
  8. According to Dodge the new 2021 TRX Launch Limited Edition of 702 trucks sold out in 3 hours! Pictures and video look pretty good 6.2L Hemi W/Twin Screw Supercharger!! AND I bet the Sticker Price is WAY more than that of the Raptor!!
  9. I've had the felt liners on previous trucks without any issues at all. Yes, they are felt but a simple trip to the car wash or firing up my pressure washer will do the trick (They wash right out). My 2020 RST didn't have any so I opted for the Husky liner branded plastic ones because the OEM felt you must drill holes in the lower portion front and rear for 4 screws for the lower mounts. You will also have to modify the Husky Liners to mate up with the lower lip front/rear to make them look right but no drilling into your truck!! Some have sprayed with a bed liner product and that works but it does not cover up all the inner workings of the bed/frame/suspension which is obnoxious in my opinion, not to mention spraying does not prevent road dirt, grime, mud from entering areas that a plastic/felt liner will at least help in preventing. JMHO for what its worth.
  10. Is this the part number for the Carbon Fiber looking ones? I checked the website and it gives the names of several this one included but nothing says carbon fiber at least not that I could find??
  11. A friend just recently showed me the Waze app----Can I download the app to my phone and using Android Auto see the map on the vehicle screen??
  12. I just got a Undercover Ultra-Flex and love it. It was #2 in a Review I found of several hard folding covers. I chose it over the #1 because the review stated it was more waterproof than #1.----However, it comes with vehicles specific instructions that are for "GM" vehicles which states to add the spacers on the side of the bedrail before installing the cover rails---This DOES NOT work for at least the new body style. With them installed, as you tighten down the rail clamps the rails themselves will tilt inward. I took them off and they mounted up just fine???
  13. The question was for the person who posted the pictures of the "Lighted Shield"
  14. Went to a local truck accessory shop a couple days ago and asked about the In-Channel Visors. I was told they don't like selling/installing them because of the same reasons some above have mentioned. I will be going with the stick ons.
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