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  1. Is there a larger (Than Stock) one for a T1 that retains the storage for the jack and tools? Don't like them bouncing around and the extra rattling! I also don't like having another lid when the seats cover it anyhow.
  2. I'm looking to replace my stock storage box with a larger aftermarket one in my 2020 crew cab. I've looked at several that are larger but do not have the mounts for the jack and tools as the stock one. Anyone have any suggestions to which is a good replacement???
  3. I got the front floor liners. I had looked at the WeatherTechs and feel the GM liners are actually of better quality and they fit like a glove!
  4. Go ahead and buy that Toyota. That is if you can live with 15-16 MPG Highway!!
  5. Only if you allow yourself to be "Played". Anytime a dealer "Suggests" something, listen to what they say and make an informed decision after only after learning about the issue and don't make a spur of the moment decision. Difficult to do sometimes, I know!!
  6. Yeah its a great thing to have--Wonder how much GM added to the cost of the truck for basically a $40 AC/DC converter!!
  7. I'm no stereo expert but I do know enough to know that this isn't normal---Take it to the dealer!
  8. I agree--GO to another dealer!! If it still can't be fixed I would make a case with GM. Having multiple electrical issues at the same times spells more issues down the road!!
  9. My 2020 RST came equipped with the upgraded Bose package so it's not just LTZ and up!
  10. I ordered my S&B back in September, didn't get it until January
  11. I installed the FM Flow FX dual kit a month after I bought the truck. To me it isn't overly loud, especially at "Warm" idle. You can hear it going down the road and even better when you put your foot in it. I do believe that is the whole point of installing it---It sounds like a truck now!!
  12. I believe you are 100% correct. There seems to be a conductivity issue. I bet if you look closely at the area the buzzing is coming from a small arc can be seen at night and maybe even a small burnt spot!!!
  13. I too am using Android Auto. I also have an unlimited data plan for WiFi and the complete OnStar package. At times my Wifi will completely quit and I have to contact OnStar to get them to send a code to the truck. Also, from time when I use the wheel mounted volume buttons my instrument cluster screen will display the volume level but not on the radio screen. But when I use the knob on the stereo, the screen radio shows the volume but not on the instrument screen??? I have also had issues with my settings I chose going haywire. I hope GM gets all these issues fixed before my warranty runs out or I sell it!!
  14. When turning hard one way or the other and you hear a POP, more than likely a ball-joint issue. Many techs will check alignment and fix what they see at that time. When you have a out of center steering wheel issue the front end alignment needs to me completely redone from the start. Simply getting one side back into alignment does not fix all issues!! The problem with all vehicles shops these days the techs are required to go by the appropriate vehicle service manual which tells them step by step what the troubleshooting/repair procedure is. They are not allowed to deviate from the manual even though at times common sense tells them to do so! This is because GM, Ford, RAM, etc is footing the bill for a warranty repair and will not pay them to do something that is not in the manual. Most dealer mechanics are also paid "By the job". If it takes a mechanic 1 hour to complete what the book says takes an hour, he is paid for 1 hour. If it takes him 2 hours he is still paid for 1 hour. On the other hand if it takes him 30 minutes to complete it, he is still paid for 1 hour. All that being said, "Most" dealer mechanics will rush through jobs to get as many jobs completed in a day which in turn puts more money in his and the dealers pocket. So, what all that means is "Most" dealers could care less if the job gets the problem fixed or not. If it does great, if it doesn't the manufacturer will pay them to work on it again!! However, a "Non-Dealer" shop will do whatever it takes to fix the issue because once they are paid they don't want the vehicle back to be fixed again on their dime!! Sorry for the rant but having repeat issues with vehicles over the years, and knowing a GM Service manager, I know this to be fact!
  15. Just to help out---I too finally received mine last week after waiting 3 months and installed it this past Sunday. I did put the plug in mine as recommended but of course I don't have snow issues here in central Texas. I was worried about engine noise as others had mentioned in other forums but I did not notice anything different. I do however have a Flowmaster FlowFX kit installed which drowns out a lot of noise but still had no noticeable difference. Motor seems to be a tad more responsive and pulls a little harder. Hadn't drove it enough to notice MPG change yet, we'll see!
  16. You are correct about dissimilar metal corrosion on the GMCs but the Chevrolets are steel not aluminum, plus the fact that on either of them you are drilling holes which I and I'm sure others have a problem drilling into a new truck!
  17. I know it's a little late for some in me posting this BUT here it is anyhow. The trucks come with the "Fronts" only installed and GM does NOT offer "Matching" rear guards!!! To get matching guards you must order them both. Now keep in mind to install the guards that GM offers on the Accessory website, you must drill into the fenders. I found that the Weathertech No-Drill rear guards not only match must closer to the front stock ones but you don't have to drill holes of course!
  18. Following-----but may be a moot point (Mine are being made already) Would like to hear install dos and don'ts though!!
  19. Goobax--How did you remove the AC vent bezels?? I will admit I haven't searched anywhere to answer my own question but as I was attempting to remove them to wrap them with carbon fiber vinyl as I did all the others, I stopped before I broke one.
  20. I'm "ALMOST" sorry I started this thread "ALMOST" LOL---It has been entertaining to say the least. I especially like the posts that say there is no proof that a CAI works and in their second breath make claims that a CAI doesn't work without providing proof to their claim???? I ordered the S&B CAI not long after starting this thread and finally received it this past Saturday and installed it Sunday. It was not difficult to install (but I am a retired aircraft mechanic) but I feel some will have difficulties with a couple of the steps on removal and installation! Some reported having more engine noise than before--I have not noticed anything different in that department??? I have noticed better throttle response than before and it seems to pull a little harder. As far a MPGs go I need a couple weeks to see if there are any gains no matter how big or small! The true MPG test is to see what I get pulling my boat. Before it was around the 13.5-14 MPG mark. I'm hoping that will increase but we'll see!!
  21. I wrapped my cup holder ring, trim around the stereo and all 6 of the trim pieces on the doors and center console with a black carbon fiber, I hate chrome inside a vehicle due to the sun glaring off them. The 6mil stuff from Vivid is probably the best. You can buy it direct off Amazon pretty cheap. Lots of "How To" videos on YouTube.
  22. I'm no expert on Plasti-Dip but I have lots of experience being around vinyl wrapped boats all the time. They hold up pretty well, but keep in mind it is vinyl. You can expect them to last 5-7 years barring any excessive handling/misuse!
  23. I recently discovered what you wrote on my own. After I installed a Flowmaster kit I could really tell when the DFM was doing what it does. Coming to a stop it sounded like the motor completely shut off then fired back up when it shifted into 1st gear. I tried what you posted and it wasn't doing it.
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