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  1. Looks good! Amazing what an 1" - 2" will do for looks. Any noticeable improvement in ride yet?
  2. Thanks, it was the exact look I was going for as well. I have a 1" rear block coming, but not totally sure if I will put it in or not. I need to do some more measuring. I'll put a jack under the rear hitch and raise it that inch and see what it looks like first. From one angle, the front is noticeably higher than the rear, but other angles it looks good. It rides significantly better with the Bilstein 5100's, the difference was instantly noticeable. I believe I have the 4 ply tires? I went with the cheaper, lower load rating if that helps. I wanted 285/60/20, but that meant spendin
  3. Please post a photo once it's done! Are you doing anything with the tires?
  4. Had Bilstein 5100's installed in the front and rear. Front set at 2". Swapped out the stock tires for Ridge Grapplers, 275/60/20. Also had a Flowmaster FlowFX Muffler installed. 1" rear block on the way to level out the rear and give it a touch of rake again.
  5. 2021 RST Z71. 265/60/20 Ridge Grapplers. Stock wheels. Bilstein 5100's all the way around. Front set in groove #5, 2" setting.
  6. I had my oval Flow FX muffler installed yesterday, 3" inlet/outlet, offset inlet/center outlet, ordered from here: https://realtruck.com/p/flowmaster-flowfx-mufflers/v/chevy/silverado-1500/2020/ Initial thoughts on the 5 mile drive home are as follows: It is quite a bit quieter than I expected. It has a stock/slightly higher sound level than stock with a deeper tone. When you get on it, you can tell something is there, but I can't say that someone that didn't know you put the muffler on (ie: wife/neighbor) would notice. I honestly was expecting a little more
  7. Got my front Bilstein 5100's installed on my 21' RST Z71 5.3L yesterday. I did the front and the rears both. I did the install for the rear's myself but didn't feel comfortable with doing the fronts. First impressions - Quite noticeable difference/improvement in ride quality over the stock Rancho's. I understand the "more planted" feel that other guys are saying now, but I was confused about what that really meant, but the 5 mile trip home I caught on. I was torn between going with the 1.5" or 2" setting. I went with the 2" setting. Measurements from level cement to top
  8. Thanks for the clarification. How hard are they to change the setting once installed if I want to go up or down a notch?
  9. My front 5100's are getting installed later this week. I'm looking for about a 1.5" front lift. It sounds like you went with the #4 and that gives almost an inch of lift, correct?
  10. Those look nice. I like the outline of the black. Happen to have a link?
  11. I'm doing the Bilstein front adj. shocks on my 2021 RST z-71 along with Bilstein rear shocks. I'm only looking to raise the front 1.5" and leave the back as is. Any photos of trucks w/a 1" rear block incase I need to go that route incase the front looks too high?
  12. I ended up ordering a set of front & rear Bilstein shocks. They are to be installed next week along with stock size Ridge Grapplers. I'm wondering if I will need a 1" block for the rear or not? I figure I'll see what it ends up at first. Looking forward to it.
  13. It definitely has a shade of blue/maybe purple tint to it depending on the light. I think the post above yours highlights that.
  14. I was unaware that Bilstein has not confirmed that the 5100's will work or not with the 2021's? I was about to order some 5100's for my 2021 RST Z71. Is there are part number or link that will for sure work with the 2021? This is what I was looking at: https://www.bilsteinlifts.com/shop/chevy-gmc/silverado-1500/2019/bilstein-b8-5100-0-2-5-front-lift-shocks-for-2019-2020-chevrolet-silverado-1500-2wd-4wd/
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