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  1. Didn’t get any good pics because of the rain....got some toyo RT 295/60/20 put on today
  2. Get them to install a solid glass rear window
  3. Yea I thought I was safe too. Especially after I noticed that the plastic frame In mine was wider and beefier than ones I seen in pictures of older frames with cracks
  4. Iv posted in here a few times before but now I officially get to join the club. 2020 RST with slider build 11/19. Bought 12/10/19 with 3400 Miles happened after a light hand wash Been checking after every rain and every wash since I bought it. This is the first sign of water I noticed
  5. It was your picture I put in my post. But the actual plastic sliding frames in our windows are different
  6. I think iv just found something. My E9 window appears to have a different wider shape where the track ends. this is my e9 Looks like the plastic goes outward Saw this picture of a cracked frame a couple pages back. Look where the track ends the plastic goes straight up
  7. Nope it’s a slider. No leaks yet. I hope that e9 means it’s a newer design
  8. What are these E2 and E-4 codes? And where to find them?
  9. I wonder if a dealership would agree to actually do it
  10. That’s exactly what I would want to do if mine were to develop a leak. Seems like It’s the best solution. Why put another slider in if it’s the same one bound to crack again
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