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  1. Thank you. Sorry I didn't respond to this as I missed it at first. I'm running 285/70/17 tires on a 17x8.5 +0 Method mesh.
  2. I replaced the end links because supposedly the Moogs are way better than the ac delcos and they were only around $20 for the set. The truck has 40k miles on it and the end links had to come apart anyway so I figured why not. They do seem nicer but can't comment on how much it helped since I did it all at once. I went with the Rough Country forged upper control arms. For $250 they seem like a good deal and look a lot better than stock and the ball joint angle is flat. I ended up running them on the lowest setting of 2.5". It gave me a total lift of 2.75 at the time of install so they might settle a little. It sat mathmatically level but looked nose high so I'm really glad I went with the rear block as well. When I got done with the rear I was showing a good half inch or so of rear rake which looks perfect for me. I will say everything I did to it made the truck handle a million times better. There is no slop in the steering and it soaks up bumps and rebounds infinitely better than the stock setup. As far as the struts, I did not do them myself. I took the old ones to a guy I know at a shop and had him take apart and assemble the new ones for me for $50. They have a nice wall mount one and I'd rather pay the few extra bucks and not worry about messing with auto store rental compressors.
  3. Eibach Pro Truck lift, Rough country upper control arms, Moog end links, and motofab 2inch block. Then got my Method mesh 17s ceramic coated and wrapped in falken wildpeak atw3 285/70 and an alignment. Busy few days. Next up is installing some infinity kappa speakers I just got in.
  4. Thank you for this writeup and video. I followed it for my install. What a difference this kit made. I also changed control arms, end links and swapped in a 2" rear block.
  5. So I ordered my kit from Summit on 3/12. They told me it would be in by 4/6. After many delays they're now saying 6/28 at the earliest. I went and found the same kit on Autoanything and they shipped it the next day. It will be in this week. I also got a 2" rear block and UCAs. I'm trying to decide if I want to run this on the lowest setting or the next notch up. I want it to have around 1/2" of rear rake.
  6. Has anyone tried the shocks on the 3.2" setting while paired with the Eibach springs? Assuming aftermarket upper control arms would be used in this setting.
  7. I just ordered this kit and I'm thinking about doing the UCAs as well so I can do it all at once. I'm also ordering a motofab 1" lift block for the rear so I maintain a little rake and should pair perfect with these rear shocks. For UCAs I'm looking at the Rough Country forged control arms for 2.5-3.5" lifts. They seem like a good deal for $250.
  8. Is dual exit exhaust worth it? I think I've settled on a flowmaster delta 50 for my muffler on my 14 5.3. I'm trying to decide if I want to do the regular 3"in 3"out like the stock exhaust does or if I should get a 3"in 2.5"out dual exit exhaust to go out each side. I'm trying to decide if its worth the extra cost of the piping, time, and 2 tips instead of one.
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