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  1. Update on this issue. Finally was at the dealer and they said it's definitely not normal and believe it's an issue inside the diff. They talked with GM and they told them they've heard of this happening with some of the newer G80s and advised them on what to do. Right now I'm waiting on materials to arrive to apply the fix. They were busy so I didn't ask for a deep dive on the issue. If this fixes it I'll ask for a technical explanation as to what caused it and update here. Whatever the issue is most likely was triggered by 500 mile trip towing a jeep. I didn't notice the sound before then.
  2. I can't get it to make the noise any other way besides putting load on the drivetrain and putting the truck in motion.
  3. Whatever noise mine's making definitely isn't normal. It just started doing it within the past 1k miles. I wasn't able to get into the dealer for over 3 weeks so I'm still waiting and the noise is driving me insane. Driving in traffic with the windows down its just constant clanks as I speed up and slow down.
  4. I made a video. From the outside I can now tell it's coming from the rear diff area. More on the driver side.
  5. I started gettting a clank (not a clunk) noise recently. It sounds like metal on metal. Wondering if anyone else has had something like this before I take it to the dealer. It's a 2022 LTD RST 3.0 dmax 10 speed. I'm not sure where the noise is coming from but it happens often when taking off from a stop or when accelerating to 2nd or 3rd gear and quickly letting off the throttle. It does not do it if I just sit idle and rev the engine. I have never heard any noises from the suspension going over bumps or anything. It makes me think it has to be in the driveline. Basically I can be sitting at a stop light, then hit the accelerator and a single *clank* right as I take off.
  6. You may have made me just realize something, I installed my dash cam right around that time. I will test unhooking that and see if that's what's causing it. Thanks!
  7. NOT that I'm complaining because I hated it but I noticed after a drive recently I forgot to disable it and it never kicked on. I've put about 500 miles on it since I noticed it not working and every time I don't disable it and it hasn't kicked on once. I have no CEL and it's been anywhere from 35-80f degrees. Wondering if anyone else has had this issue? As long as nothing is "wrong" I'm not going to report it because I'd rather it stay broken.
  8. I was told both the steering wheel and seats would be retrofitted on my '22 silverado ltd rst. I asked who would contact me and he said GM would directly and possibly the dealer would also be notified.
  9. I was looking at possibly an f250 with the 7.3 but after the glowing reviews for the 3.0 duramax I decided to stick with a GM 1500.
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