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  1. Any of course GM deletes Satin Steel from the 2022's. They continue to mess up colors every year. All we ask for is a nice gray color.. heck, you can't even get a true gray on a HD Truck from GM.
  2. For you guys that have had a 6.2L, how does the lack of power feel on the 3.0L.. the HP difference is really noticeable on paper.. wondering how it feels in the truck?
  3. I see some dealer sites have the 20's listed. But no diesels yet... I'd be interested to see if they are going to hit the lots soon. I feel like we've been waiting forever.
  4. You can, you have to click the "2020" option, it's small. Just use this link: https://www.chevrolet.com/trucks/silverado/1500
  5. Good point, but I'm afraid the ECM tuning restrictions the 17+ 6.6 Duramax has (and I'm assuming the new 3.0L ECM) will drive the cost way to high for tuning.
  6. 143 HP less than the 6.2... that one hurts my pride a bit. Same torque numbers though. Basically, the MPG increase is the only attractive selling point for this motor.. I can't wait to drive one to see how it feels.. maybe my next truck.
  7. Agreed!! I wish GM would see this though..
  8. Love this, but that grille and surround needs to be color matched... make it like the 1500 AT4's.
  9. Have they updated the OS/UI of the MyLink software? It's crap compared to the others out there. This new Ram system makes GM's look like a toy.
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