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  1. No I don't think so, not without cutting it just before it curves up to the tail pipe outlets and redoing it straight to go under the valance:
  2. I'm very pleased with the Rotofab I installed about 3 months ago! I've seen no noticeable improvement in fuel economy but I have a heavy foot and love the deep growl of the intake. It feels stronger to me but hard to really measure other than seat of my pants and sound improvement under the hood, but I absolutely love the way it looks.....especially compared to the stock bread-box intake!
  3. Went in for my first rear window leak repair job last week, service rep said they've done a few now with success. The work invoice shows they applied hi-tech sealer to top of rear window and redid the spoiler bolts...per Chevy Bulletin 18-NA-383. Still leaking as much now (if not more) when I washed it a few days later. Scheduled to return next week for round two! THIS SUCKS CHEVROLET, IT"S A DAMN SHAME....YOU ALMOST BUILT A GREAT TRUCK! Considering all the comments and failed repair attempts I'm losing more confidence in CHEVROLET with every post!! I'll be spreading the word to be on the lookout with every Silverado owner I speak to! GREAT MARKETING CONCEPT, CHEVROLET!!!!!
  4. I like these and so far they are doing a great job, though its fair to point out I've only got about 6500 miles of mostly highway and city driving! Are they like what you are running?
  5. This happened to me Saturday morning, it installed the update then the radio would not turn off after shutting the truck off. I cycled it a few times thinking it would correct itself, never did so I took it immediately to the the dealership. The mechanic said he hadn't seen them do that before but finally got it to correct itself after a few on/off cycles. Said he was goin to disconnect the batter if that didn't work. All seems fine now but a weird experience, didn't know there was another update coming either!
  6. Wish I could have you work on mine...or at a minimum train the guy who ends up doing mine! Sounds like you are well versed on the repair, thanks for sharing your knowledge and results
  7. I paid $89 back in August, that was direct from Autostop.
  8. I tried the rubber seal that was suggested earlier and there is no way I can fit anything between the spoiler and the roof line. Some areas maybe... but the gap quickly narrows and even prying the spoiler up wouldn't give enough room to squeeze in the seal. So, I'm going to leave it for the dealer to repair and that has me worried about the quality of their workmanship and if it will do the trick??? So disappointed with this design flaw, Chevrolet!!!! I hope you have people monitoring this thread and that the dealerships are soon given solid repair procedures, but my confidence in you is declining by the day!
  9. Maybe I'm seeing things wrong but it looks to me like both sides of the cap rail are bent upwards near the tailgate! I have a GatorTrax and my rail caps are perfectly flush to the bed all the way back to the tailgate!
  10. What's your verdict after two weeks of running this thing?
  11. So, it's been over a month since you installed this and no leaks? Must be leaking from the spoiler bolts and running to the top of the window from the inside. Goin to order this and try it myself!! FYI- I ran a similar rubber seal between the window and window frame on the outside, across the entire left side of the window and it didn't stop the leak....so I think it is coming from the spoiler bolt! Washed my truck yesterday and it's still dripping inside on the driver's side, at the plastic piece on the top of the window, still just a few drips but dripping nonetheless! This picture was a few months ago, but that is the spot, right on the corner of it!
  12. Probably right if you're a GMC, the Silverado's have no fender flare:
  13. I'm stock at 39-3/8" front , 40-1/2" rear (same on both sides).
  14. Mine is called a "Midnight Edition" and the "6.2" on the hood is black!
  15. I went with the RotoFab and I'm very pleased with it, great growl under the hood, performance feels great and IMO is one of the best looking units! I had an S&B on my 2012 F150 EcoBoost and it was good quality also, but after finding out it was on back order for over a month I went RotoFab, no regrets whatsoever!!
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