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  1. Happened to me on my trip last week, about 3 hours on the road and screen went blank and I couldn't do anything to reboot it. Tried shutting the truck down and quickly restarting but that didn't work either. Shut it down again and waited a few minutes (was going to disconnect the battery but found I didn't have the right wrench) so I started it again and it came back on. It only happened the one time, hoping it doesn happen again and that it was just a fluke... but after reading this thread I'm skeptical!
  2. Nearly 2-years and 20,500 miles and I contnue to be happy with my 6.2! No problems (other than the rear wondow leak..resolved), great peformance, reasonable mpg's and overall solid build, I'm well satisfied!
  3. I've ran oil'd filters for years with no issues. I have always found the initial factory oiling is good, people tend to have issues after cleaning and not properly drying and...then "lightly" oiling it again. Unless it was dripping with oil I don't think that's your problem. Tripple check the seal points & clamps of the intake and clean the sensors. Good luck!
  4. Check this out, had a similar problem (though not that loud and typically happened when going over the driveway curb), had the dealer perform this service (about a year ago) ....solved the problem and hasn't reoccurred since! https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2021/MC-10199240-9999.pdf
  5. I had one in my FX4, had to repair it twice due to cracking along the back side where it latches to the side of the bed (I repaired with a support brace and nuts, bolts & washers). It also broke at the hinge (the pin) and had to replace that which was pricey because it required you to purchase the entire mounting assembly. I had about 50-75lbs worth of gear (tools straps, etc., etc..) in it. Overall I was disappointed in the build and material quality! Obviously, I don't plan to get one for the trail boss!
  6. Installed them on my F150-FX4 (previous vehicle) because I towed a boat and wanted better handling. Loved it, the ride when not towing seemed better too! I spent about $400 on mine and installed it myself, pretty easy job! They held up well too, I had no problems from them the 3-4 years I had them before trading the F150 for the Trail Boss!
  7. Love my Rotofab, the gains may be minor but the looks and the sound of it deep-breathing make it worth it to me!!
  8. The dealership tried the required seal job on my back window leak first, that didn't work. A few weeks later they installed a new rear glass, that did the job! In and out in one day because I made sure they had the glass in stock before scheduling the work. Happy to report they did a good job and no other damage or screw-ups (interior or exterior) from either repair! Also, pleased to report that after driving through a few heavy rains and a couple of trips to the car wash it is dry, no leaks!! Problem solved, love my truck again!!
  9. Ran them on my 12 FX4 for over 100k miles, no problems?
  10. I put Powerstops rotors and pads on my previous truck (Ford F150 FX4), they were excellent! Of course you could just have the rotors turned and put OEM or similar pads on for less money!
  11. Going in for the back window replacement today, the seal job didn't work so they ordered the rear slider about two weeks ago. Hoping the glass company they use does a great job, anything less and they will definitely hear about it! Wish me me luck... better yet wish them luck!!
  12. No I don't think so, not without cutting it just before it curves up to the tail pipe outlets and redoing it straight to go under the valance:
  13. I'm very pleased with the Rotofab I installed about 3 months ago! I've seen no noticeable improvement in fuel economy but I have a heavy foot and love the deep growl of the intake. It feels stronger to me but hard to really measure other than seat of my pants and sound improvement under the hood, but I absolutely love the way it looks.....especially compared to the stock bread-box intake!
  14. Went in for my first rear window leak repair job last week, service rep said they've done a few now with success. The work invoice shows they applied hi-tech sealer to top of rear window and redid the spoiler bolts...per Chevy Bulletin 18-NA-383. Still leaking as much now (if not more) when I washed it a few days later. Scheduled to return next week for round two! THIS SUCKS CHEVROLET, IT"S A DAMN SHAME....YOU ALMOST BUILT A GREAT TRUCK! Considering all the comments and failed repair attempts I'm losing more confidence in CHEVROLET with every post!! I'll be spreading the word to be on the lookout with every Silverado owner I speak to! GREAT MARKETING CONCEPT, CHEVROLET!!!!!
  15. I like these and so far they are doing a great job, though its fair to point out I've only got about 6500 miles of mostly highway and city driving! Are they like what you are running?
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