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  1. Probably right if you're a GMC, the Silverado's have no fender flare:
  2. I'm stock at 39-3/8" front , 40-1/2" rear (same on both sides).
  3. Mine is called a "Midnight Edition" and the "6.2" on the hood is black!
  4. I went with the RotoFab and I'm very pleased with it, great growl under the hood, performance feels great and IMO is one of the best looking units! I had an S&B on my 2012 F150 EcoBoost and it was good quality also, but after finding out it was on back order for over a month I went RotoFab, no regrets whatsoever!!
  5. Looks like the same series as my 06/20 build: ?
  6. Great info on the "Dr. ColorChip", I ordered one for all of my vehicles!!
  7. That is very disappointing to hear, I struggle with understanding how they justified that call! The leaking window issue is probably closely related to this issue. I love my new Trail Boss but have to admit this issue has me concerned and doubting my Chevrolet move! Good luck w/replacing and fact is that you will probably be better off with a glass company doing the job!
  8. Installed my Roto-Fab intake, I'm pleased. Looks great, with good quality components and R&R instructions. I like that it's not obnoxiously loud when I step on it but you can tell it's there, it's more of an aggressive intake sound now...like it's growling! The truck feels strong under heavy acceleration, still stock exhaust but you can note a slightly deeper note at idle and rev! Fuel economy....we'll see! I like it!!
  9. My wife's Explore offers basically the same service for no fee, in light of that I say "Nay"!
  10. Washed my truck last night and observed water leaking slightly more than when I previously discovered it. This time I found several drops running down the inside of the window (driver's side rear window, and yes it is a slider). I hoped this would not get worse but it clearly is, and it's only four months old with less than 3,000 miles....and we haven't even entered the rainy season yet! I am really upset with GM about this, they seriously need to to come up with a fix for this that doesn't entail a shoddy seal job from the outside of the window...the world is watching and this is your top selling vehicle!! Frankly, I'm still not convinced that it is coming from the window seal, thinking it could possibly be the roof spoiler??? GM, get your sh## together and get this resolved, it seems the only people that haven't had an issue with it are the ones who aren't looking for it!
  11. Pulled the trigger on one of these today, looking forward to installing and the subsequent gains in performance, sound, MPG and of course aesthetics, it's a great looking intake!
  12. Decided that I needed the matching front guards too!
  13. This is the TSB you'll want them to perform: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10165102-9999.pdf
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