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  1. Sure, see my previous comments (just above) and attached instructions (with my noted changes)!
  2. That's odd, the compatibility reference indicates they will fit a 2020 Silverado LT Trail Boss Crew Cab with the 5.3... but not the 6.2 Mine is a 6.2 but I missed the compatibility cross reference and went with these because it was on the "fits these vehicles" reference chart: 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Trail Boss Crew Cab Pickup 4-Door 5.3L 5328CC 325Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated I think they simply failed to list the 6.2 version and subsequently it doesn't cross reference. Anyway they worked for me, although I did trim off the bottom flip over pinch tab... and on the very bottom tab I drilled and used another rivet since there was not an existing screw hole as the instructions suggested. Scan0042.pdf
  3. Here it is!: https://www.ebay.com/itm/392148489997
  4. No, pretty straight forward, just made a few tweaks to the install to best work for me. You'll figure it out once you start trial fitting them!
  5. Ordered these off of Ebay last week and installed this weekend. Very happy with the install and overall quality and fit of these. Just did the back since there are factory installed front ones already!
  6. I've started hearing the clunking sound on my 2020 6.2 Trail Boss, particularly while backing in and out of the driveway, seems to be getting increasingly more obvious! I've also noticed it, but more, slight while driving slowly and turning left to right back and forth quickly. When I go in for my first service in the next week or so I will give them this TSB and hopefully they can address it. It is annoying, I certainly didn't have that issue with my previous truck! Thanks for the solution!
  7. Sounds great! Did you go with one of the available muffler delete pipes, or just have an exhaust shop do it?
  8. I had a 2012 F150 FX4 3.5 Ecoboost for many years before trading it on my 6.2- Midnight edition Trail Boss. Driving the 6.2 after first driving a 5.3 Trail Boss was all I needed to convince me that I wanted the 6.2. The 5.3 ran respectably but the 6.2 felt much more aggressive and responsive...authoritative. Coming from a stage 1 built Ecoboost the 6.2 swayed me to the other side!!
  9. I've got the same truck you have (black Midnight Edition, 6.2) and I've noticed a flaw or two in the finish but like most have suggested I don't want them to try to fix and possibly create other issues. Fortunately mine are less noticeable, as I have to look pretty hard to see them, but it is clear they tried to address it on the assembly line by buffing the spot...just didn't do a very good job!
  10. Yes, with the Gator closed it still opens remotely and closes snugly! Plus either the cover or the tailgate can open independent of the other!
  11. I went with the GatorTrax, very pleased!
  12. Very tempted as well, I've found an AFE for $110 (out of stock) at American Trucks) and a Magnaflow for $178 (in stock), debating on if the Magnaflow is the better option, but it's just a straight pipe???? Otherwise, just worried about the sound with the variable cylinder deactivation !
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