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  1. Correct me if I am wrong. Are the 1500 and 2500 tailgates the same? I was notified of a Multipro tailgate off of a 2500, and I was hoping to put that on my 1500 if it will work. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks everyone. I have taken the tennis ball route, and it works great for the tight space. I would just like to do the camera install if possible. Not only would it help with the garage, but it would help with parking so the back end is poking out too bad.
  3. What would the best Front Camera System for my Silverado. I had hoped to go with an OEM part(s) but I wan't sure. Saw a video system from MVi, but I have no idea on this. Looking for something pretty much easy "plug and play."
  4. I have a 21 Silverado RST, and I have a tight garage. I was hoping to add a OEM Front Camera System to help park right up close so there is no worry with the door shutting. I want to say I saw a thead at some point where a member added OEM cameras, but haven't been able to find it. In any case I would need to know the correct parts and numbers to order. Any advice from those who have gone this route would be great as well. Thanks!
  5. My son has a nice little regular cab short bed 4x4 with a 4.8. It's an old fleet truck with a lot of miles on it, was very well taken care of. His interior is actually in really good shape as well, but the seat foam has seen finer times. It has the standard interior with the fold down center seat. Are there any later model Silverados where the interior can be swapped easily? I was hoping for something with the same floor bolt pattern. That or any other ideas would be great.
  6. Does anyone have the GM Part Number for the LT Trail Boss Grill "Bar"? I don't need the entire grill. I just need the "bar". I have a white RST, and I would just like the grill bar in black instead of white. THANKS!
  7. Wondering about the outcome of this as well. Particularly interested in if there would be anything that might require me having to take it into the dealership to "tune" something to keep it from tripping some kind of damn sensor I have no idea about LOL.
  8. Have the same truck and the same miles. There was a little rattle that ended up being the jack and straps on the rear seat that I assume are for child seats. Tightened that all, and quiet as can be.
  9. Love to hear it if you have some audio. Been looking into this exhaust setup for mine.
  10. My 2021 Z71 RST didn't come with it either. All that tech involved and they took off a whoppin $50. As I have looked at MPGs on different stickers, I haven't noticed more than 1-2 MPG difference. I've actually averaged between 16-17 and that has been all in town for just under 600 miles. I was actually glad it didn't come with it. We have a 2011 Tahoe LTZ and I thought that was the most techie truck I'd ever been in. I do have the AutoStop, and I cannot say that I am a fan of all that. I think I might like it for more highway driving, but not the stop and go I'm in so much. 2021 with NO DFM 2021 with DFM
  11. Picked up my 2021 Z71 RST three weeks ago. Couldn't find a Trail Boss. Only 2 new 4x4s in the area with 3 dealerships. I still got about $4-$5K below MSRP with incentives in Myrtle Beach, SC.
  12. Looking at a new Cold Air system for my new Silverado. Been looking at so many and there is a lot more out there than there ever used to be. I don't want anything that is going to require a tune, and that was leading me to the GM factory upgrade. However, I have seen so much on the S&B, CAI, and K&N filter systems, and I just need some advice from folks who have actually pulled the trigger on some of these. If you've purchased one of the following below, and could share your experiences, it would be greatly appreciated. The following is what I have been looking at the following: Cold Air Inductions 512-0105-B S&B 75-5128 Cold Air Intake Genuine GM Cold Air Intake 84561597 K&N Cold Air Intake 63-3109 Cold Air Inductions 512-0105-B S&B 75-5128 Cold Air Intake Genuine GM Cold Air Intake 84561597 K&N Cold Air Intake 63-3109
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