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  1. Yes I tried all the ez fixes jacks are tight. Emptied the glove boxes.
  2. The local dealer went for a test ride today. Definitely something loose underneath probably up front. He said it sounds like a 20 yr old truck . Has 720 miles on it. GREAT. Can't get an appointment until junec28th. Its a daily driver, and gets a 500 mile trip next weekend. Just turn up the radio I guess. My 2006 was quiter, not smoother but not a rattle trap. Totally discouraged. Feel slighted by Chevrolet. Dealer where I bought it was not too concerned guys on vacation and such.
  3. I've had my truck for 10 days. Many things are great , it's the 2021 Crew cab, 5.3ecotech v-8 RST Z71. I now have 670 miles, none off- road. I traded in my 2006 Z71 at 168,000miles. This new truck has alot of rattles, I wasn't expecting that. What is it? It's coming from the middle or rear of the truck. Maybe the back seats and or the tailgate. Another rattle is up front around the brakes or tires. Anyone else have this going on?
  4. I bought the same truck and same sticker no DFM. Unless I'm mistaken I'm happy without it. It seems to cause issues even engine failure.
  5. Yes. Call the dealer. There is a patch for the 2021. Took about 30 minutes. I did not leave it all day. Seems to be holding altho it is a patch. 1-2 months for the software fix according to my dealer.
  6. I just bought 2021 RST Z71 on June 30th in CA. Dealer advertised 4000 off GM incentive ending June 1st.went through all the pre sale paperwork. Credit report job history etc. They came back with the $5000 dealer mark up. No way. I,m leaving. Hold on.They took $1000 off.Asked for my keys and pink slip on my truck trade in. They took off the 5000 and also lowered the interest rate so I could afford it. Picked the truck up after detail due to the holiday and really enjoy it so far. Silver ice metallic looks great!
  7. Is the majority of 8 speed transmission reliable. I pick up my 2021 RST 5.3 Z71 Truck Wednesday June 2nd. Hope I didn't make a mistake. Getting rid of my 2006 Z71 with 168000 miles. It has hard shifts brake issues rear end issues. Transfer case has been replaced. Not a Ford or Dodge fan. Hoping to tow travel trailer 6000 lbs.
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