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  1. Hi, I have a 2020 with 2000miles and experiencing a 1-2 slip when cold it only happens on the first shift of the day...still trying to get it resolved dealer say "can't replicate the issue...I say BS!
  2. LOL ! I have rebuilt all but the last 3, favorite to build was the turbo 350....Harsh down shifts slipping 1-2 shifts are NOT normal the dealer uses the words its common. The only thing common is the complaint they need to fix the issues!
  3. First of all I don't nitpick! I'm a certified class "A" MECHANIC for over 37 years and specialized in transmission rebuilding if you think all these issues are normal then that's your opinion, I telling all the others that this is NOT normal for a new vehicle at any price. My truck has 1800 miles on it and a price tag of $60,000 the issues were not present when I test drove the truck and if they were I would never have bought it. This is not my first new GM vehicle but definite the first with all these issues.
  4. All I can say is my 2020 z71 didn’t start to have issues until I had it a couple of weeks, the first problem was or I should say is a noise coming from the rear suspension ( dealer said this is common) I don’t agree, next was the rear head rest rattled ( dealer said known issue) no fix yet, and on occasion a strange thumping sound from the front end (dealer can’t replicate) no repair, drivers side rattle in the door post and lastly the transmission has an intermittent 1-2 slip first shift of the day says it common I said maybe the complainant is common but the transmission should NOT slip at all. All this for $60,000 i only have 3000 Klm on my truck.
  5. Yes more info, I have 1800 miles on my truck the dealer is not being helpful a slipping transmission on a 60,000 truck is not normal if it did it on the test drive I would never have purchased it.
  6. Hi, Still looking for some help with my 2020 Silverado my transmission has a 1-2 shift slip this only happens first shift of the day after that good for the rest of the day. I am not experiencing a harsh 1-2...this started around 2000klm.
  7. My 2020 Silverado has 3000 klm. and I have an intermittent 1-2 transmission slip it happens only on the first shift of the day....
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