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  1. I have searched repeatedly, but still cannot locate the annoying "clunking" sound coming from under the dash. The area where I think the sound is coming from is near the parking brake. It sounds like a loose bracket that rattles around whenever I drive over bumps in the road. I have checked for the loose screws hidden under the knee pad that people have suggested here, and found they were all tight. I placed a wrench just about any fastener I could find, and they were all tight. I checked on the top of the dash near the light sensor and all appeared good. Can anyone suggest checking somewhere that I may have missed? I appreciate any wisdom you guys can share. I have searched this topic on these forums and went through most of the suggestions there. Truck is a 2017 DC. Thanks! Steve
  2. I have read about this somewhere on this site. I believe the TSB you mentioned was also posted there as well. If memory serves right, the TSB stated that no attempt to repair this condition should be made, as it is "normal". Although fairly minor in nature, this issue is annoying for a truck with only 15K on the clock. It has done this since new. As diyer2 mentioned earlier, would a tranmission fluid/filter change have any affect on this issue? Maybe an aftermarket fluid other than the factory fill? Thanks for all the replies so far!
  3. My problem happens after my truck (2017 5.3/6sp DC) has been sitting overnight or longer than 8 hours. After I start the truck and drive, the 3rd to 4th gear shift will hesititate and buck a little at low to part throttle. If I add throttle, the issue will smooth out somewhat. This will generally occur once, and for the rest of the drive the truck will perform normally. The RPMs do not seems to be affected while this is happening. I took it to the dealer who could not reproduce the problem. They checked the transmission fluid level and said it was normal. This issue only occurs during the first drive and is not present at any other time. Would changing the transmission fluid/filter help any? The truck has 15K miles. Thanks for any advice.
  4. Styles, Just out of curiosity, where is the best place to access these wires if I run the sub under the rear seats? I know the obvious answer would be through the door panels, but are there "easier" areas to access the wires? Thanks!
  5. I am looking to install a 10" Rockford Fosgate powered subwooferm (P-300) into my 2017 Double cab. I do not have the Bose system or Navigation. Audio-wise, everything is stock. I understand how to run the power and ground wires for the sub. What I have questions on is how to obtain a turn-on signal for the amp, and how to locate/tap into a non-RCA source. I have read that you can use the rear speaker wires as a source. True? I'm curious to see how this is done, as I have the Rockford sub from another truck, and would like to use it in the Silverado. Thanks for any help or advice! Steve
  6. Eric, please let us know if the flushing helps with your issue. Thanks!
  7. Do you need a laptop/PC to install this tune? Not too computer savvy, lol
  8. Mike, You described exactly what I've been going through.I'm not really worried about it, but it is annoying. As I mentioned earlier, I was wondering if anyone had any positive results by changing out the trans fluid/filter. I figure it couldn't hurt. I was going to have the dealer do it on my next visit using fluid that I would provide. I was thinking about getting a tuner, but I honesly don't think it would help in this situation. I think this is a mechanical issue of some kind. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  9. Mine just hit 10K. I had this issue since day one. The software update helped smooth things out a little, but the cold start issue still remains. Other than this, I have zero issues with my truck. I was tossing around the idea of changing the trans fluid and filter to see if that makes any improvement. If I drive with anything other than light throttle, it will not do it. The problem only occurs when cold with light/part throttle. I hate just "living with it", especially since it's only a year old. (and still well within warranty) Thanks Ken.
  10. Mark, Sorry to hear of your troubles. I hope GM steps up and does right by you. With your truck, did they try replacing the trans fluid/filter? I was thinking of having the dealership do that on my next visit to see if it helps. Maybe aftermarket fluid? Again, sorry about your experience. That is unacceptable, in my book. Thanks for your input. Steve
  11. Hey all, 2017 Silverado, 5.3/6spd. My transmission issue only happens when I first drive the truck for the first time in the morning. The truck has to have been sitting overnight for this to occur. After starting the truck and driving, the trans will "fish bite" or stutter when shifting from third to fourth. It will do this once, (maybe twice) and be good and problem free for the rest of the day. Has anyone else experienced this? It only happens when the truck is first driven after sitting overnight. It's not really a major issue, as it doesn't happen again after the first time, but it's pretty annoying. This issue only occurs at light/part throttle, and my speed is around 25-30 mph. I do not notice any variances on the tach while this happens. Also, if I drive with more pedal/throttle, I will not experience this stutter. I spoke with the dealer about this when I went in for my second free oil change, and they could not replicate the issue. During my first trip to the dealer, they downloaded a program update for the transmission. It helped overall, but the isolated problem is still present in the morning. I have read somewhere on this forum, that this was a "normal" occurance, and attempts to remedy should not be attempted. I believe that post mentioned that transmission fluid temperature played some part in this. Any ideas or input? Thanks in advance! Steve
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