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  1. When I set "maximum start-up volume" to a good level, it will hold for a couple of starts. then it reverts to a very loud start-up volume. Radio blasts loudly until we turn it down. Reset maximum start-up volume repeatedly but will not hold. always reverts to loud start up volume. service department has not heard this problem, but a friend with a 2021 silverado has the same problem, exactly.
  2. If we forget, start the truck, and start backing out of the driveway, the radio comes on very loud. Makes you jump. If I remember, I change the input to my phone before i shut the truck off. Then when we start, it is on phone, and no loud radio. Since the dealer hasn't heard of this problem, no use making a special trip in for it.
  3. talked to our salesman and the service manager. They never heard of the problem. A friend with a 2021 Silverado is having same problem. He's taking if in for service tomorrow. I will tell you what he finds out.
  4. when i start the truck, radio volume comes on VERY loud. In settings, i set the maximum startup volume to very low. That works for a couple of starts, but then it resets itself to a loud position. It doesn't matter what the volume is when i turn the truck off, it comes on VERY loud
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